A Peek Inside Tiffani Thiessen's Stylish Bathroom

September 27 2014

In actress Tiffani Thiessen's Los Angeles bathroom, one movable mirror does the work of two without blocking the view. Find out how to get the look.

Tiffani Thiessen's Bathroom
Kim Lewis (left) and Tiffani Thiessen (right) in the actress's bathroom

Bathroom Mirrors

After building a nine-foot-long window in this Los Angeles bathroom to let in more light, "the last thing you want to do is cover it with mirrors," designer Kim Lewis says. She realized she could get away with just one mirror for both sinks if it could be made to move. So she found the kind of track normally used for barn doors and had a Restoration Hardware mirror modified to fit it. (House Beautiful)


Another Restoration Hardware mirror is propped against the wall next to the curvaceous tub. "I was drawn to that tub because it feels so organic," Lewis says. "The stone-like surface is warm to the touch, and it's so deep that you can sink into it." When she spotted those Plank porcelain tiles at Ann Sacks that look surprisingly like wood, she got excited because she could use them in the shower as well. "They keep the aesthetic going. I wanted warm, earthy elements that would bring the outside in and make the bathroom feel less sterile. After all, you should walk in here and feel like you can finally relax."

Bathroom Vanity

Designer Kim Lewis liked the clean geometric lines of the Purist faucet and used it with two Verticyl sinks, all by Kohler. They're set into a vanity topped with Silestone in Yukon Blanco, "a great material that's virtually bulletproof," she says. In order to make the exceptionally long vanity feel more like a piece of furniture, the front of it jogs in and out. Barn-door hardware for the mirror from Rustica Hardware. Reed Industrial swing-arm lights from Rejuvenation.

Tiffani Thiessen's Bathroom Vanity

Plank Floor Tile

Porcelain created to look like natural wood flooring. In Cenere. $10 per sq. ft. annsacks.com.

Tiffani Thiessen's Bathroom Floor

Bathroom Elements

  1. Oblong Hanging Terrarium
    Bring the outdoors in! $28. target.com
  2. Swing-Arm Sconce
    Adjustable task light. Reed Industrial in Polished Nickel. $335. rejuvenation.com
  3. Moon Wall Tile
    Geometric pieces of stoneware. In Cotton. $75 per sq. ft. annsacks.com
  4. Ladder Magazine Towel Rack
    Solid maple in Green. $199. urbangreenfurniture.com
  5. Digital Shower System
    A wall-mounted device for controlling water, lights, music, and steam. DTV II system. From $1,915. kohler.com
  6. Hardware
    Metal sliding-rail system. Box Track in Flat Black. From $349. rusticahardware.com
  7. Freestanding Bathtub
    Lithocast acrylic. Abrazo in Honed White. $8,408. kohler.com
  8. Dip-Dyed Stools
    Teak with white paint. Small, $58; large, $68. serenaandlily.com

Inside Tiffani Thiessen's Glamorous Closet

September 27 2014

Check out the actress's organized closet.

Tiffani Thiessen's Glamorous Closet

For Saved by the Bell and White Collar actress Tiffani Thiessen, Kim Lewis designs a closet worthy of a star. Get inspiration for your own space with the designer's tips below.

Tiffani Thiessen's Glamorous Closet

  1. Workspace
    A large central cabinet holds sweaters and shirts, with plenty of room on the Silestone countertop to lay out an outfit or pack for a trip. "Every closet needs a workspace, just like a kitchen," designer Kim Lewis says. silestone.com. Cabinetry and accessories by California Closets. californiaclosets.com
  2. Jewelry Organizer
    Jewelry drawers along one side are fitted with inserts, to keep everything organized, and are also equipped with a lock. A glass top turns the uppermost drawer into a display case, so the owner can see the contents at a glance.
  3. Shelf Lighting
    Back-lit shelves show off the client's shoes and bring more light into the space. "She has amazing shoes, and they become the art," Lewis says. The top three rows of shoes and certain evening dresses are behind glass, to help keep them dust-free.
  4. Hat Stands
    Hat stands ensure that hats keep their shape. They're also a great way to utilize the space above the cabinets.

(House Beautiful)

White Collar Season 6 Airs...

September 27 2014

Well we have some good news and some bad news.

The Good News

The good news is the next season is only a month away. It airs Thursday, November 6 at 9/8c. Whoo!

White Collar

The Bad News

The bad news is that this is the final season of White Collar. Ugh, it's so sad, but I'm hoping it'll be a very exciting season (it sounds like it will).

The new season countdown begins!

At Age 40, the actress is urgent to have baby number two!

September 27 2014

Tiffani Thiessen's new baby may come way before fans expect it.

People reported that Tiffani's daughter, Harper Smith, is eager to have a brother or sister soon. People further reported that in an interview with "Sweden With Love," Tiffani planned to give Harper a sibling a long time ago. However, she halted the Tiffani Thiessen's new baby plans on when she learned that her another actress from her show, "White Collar" was expecting.

Tiffani Thiessen kisses daughter, Harper Renn

"We were going to try two years ago because I was thinking I'd like them to be three years apart, but my costar on the show got pregnant,"

"I thought I couldn't do that to the show. So we ended up waiting."

Harper may not have to wait for long for a new brother or sister. Tiffani and husband, Brady Smith, are definitely working on bringing another addition to the family.

The actress commented about the excitement her daughter brings about everyday for having another Tiffani Thiessen and Brady Smith baby soon.

As reported by People, Tiffani said:

"She puts more pressure on me than anyone! Every day she begs me to have a baby."

"Every morning she wakes up and says, 'Is there a baby in your belly?' She thinks it grows overnight while we're sleeping. Then she would look at me and would say, 'You're not growing a baby, Mommy!' "

The actress hoped her pregnancy would come easy as it did when she got pregnant with her first child:

"With Harper, it happened right away so I'm hoping it'll be as easy this time around."(KDrama Stars)

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September 14 2014

With the last interview Tiffani did, I had a bunch of questions for you and I made them into polls! Here's the latest questions:

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Interview Available: At Home with Tiffani Thiessen

September 11 2014

Whoo hoo! Tiffani's latest interview with Sweden with Love has been posted and we're oh-so-excited because there's a ton of new pictures and a healthy interview to keep you indulged :)

Head over to the site for the full interview!

Tiffani Thiessen with daughter, Harper Renn

Can you say adorable?! There's plenty more at the link!

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