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What is Tiffani thinking in this picture? 13 people commented!

Tiffani at the Giorgio Armani event

Paparazzi: "Hey! Tiffani! I heard you and Will Ferrell were going out!"
Tiffani: *touches stomach* "Uh, no? I'm gonna go now..."


"Wow I wish I could get out of this dress and go home. Why are they taking so many pictures of me? Well I'm getting tired of smiling so I'll give a half smile. I can get by with a half smile. Yeah that's what I'll do, half smile and hurry inside!," (touches her stomach) "Boy, am I hungry. I need to get something to eat..."


Paparazzi: Tiffani! Tiffani! Over Here!
Tiffani: Hmmm... I wonder if the paparazzi find my dress rather appetizing...I guess that gives new meaning to the term 'Scrumptious!'


"When's dinner? I'm starving! (stomach growls loud) Oh gosh...did anyone hear that?"


"Maybe if I put my hand right here it will keep my dress from falling...."


"Why is she holding my hand!!"

Alec Field

"Seriously, that b**** is getting on my nerves! soon her face will be even uglyer if she doesnt stop grabbing my ass."

Holocaust Animal

She wants to go.


"i fell good today and thank god every thing is good until now, i have to go where the publicist go's.i love this dress and i hope it-s not gonna fall down"

Alina Aldrich

"Why is she holding my hand? Doesn't she know I don't swing that way? Well there was that one time...."


"Man, i wonder how much they love me"


"Where the hell was I."


"I knew I should have gone to the toilet before I came out"


"I am an actress,I could of lied!I had so much to do like there was that blonde guy with the sexy blue eyes that were almost as captivating as mine these guys look and talk like they have all taken way to many drugs it's getting kind of scary in here! you think if these people go nuts that blonde guy will save me?..... yeah I am sure he would with... my smile, my eyes yeah, yeah he would be here in within minutes now that I am feeling safer I can go get myself a drink. woah what a thought!"


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What is she laughing about? What is so funny? 8 people commented!

Tiffani laughing at the Vail Film Festival

"If I knew I had to use the bathroom this bad I would have never ate all that Mcdonalds during the commercial shoot!"


"Tiffani! Boogley Woogley Woo!"


"jeez I feel constipated!"


"Dean, look at that guy! He's wearing toilet paper on his shoe! Ew and it has stains on it!"


"Can I look now?"

Rick Lee

She thinks that her boyfriend is the greatest guy in the whole wide world


"uugggghhhh !!! if only i could get this fart out."


"oh my god that is the funniest thing i have ever heard."