Ryan's Story #3 (December 22 2011)

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Ryan pictures with Tiffani! Thank you by the way for informing me that Tiffani Thiessen was scheduled to appear at the Grinchmas Holiday Event for the Celebrity Reading on December 22, 2011 at Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA. In doing so, I was able to meet her again for the third consecutive time! I know that earlier this year in January she was supposed to appear at the event, due to circumstances with the weather unfortunately she was unable to show, however this time around the weather was great this December and she was able to return this time with two of her castmates from White Collar, Tim DeKay and Willie Garson. I actually have a four minute video of their celebrity reading of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas prior to the Christmas Tree lighting show, so I would please ask if you would be kind enough to upload it on your site.

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From viewing the video clip, it may be a bit blurry when playing it at first only due to the fact that the cold weather from when I was recording it from my camera had caused me to shake it a little bit. Other than that, the quality of it as well as the audio is good, maybe you can fine tune it somehow when you upload it. Let me know if you have any problems with it. I will actually put it up on my Facebook as a status report and please see if you can download it and post it onto your site.

When I first showed up at Universal Studios I was real excited because not only was I going to see Tiffani again, but I was also going to get to see her other castmates from White Collar as well. When I fell in line before the 7:00 pm reading I realized too that Florence Henderson from The Brady Bunch series, was scheduled at the 6:15 pm reading so I stuck around for that, I actually saw her walked past the line where people were waiting in line through the gate and people didn't notice it was her until I waved hello to her and she greeted me right back. The reading for her's was just the same as when the White Collar cast did their readings so it was no different. Anyway I went back in line for the 7:00 pm show for Tiffani and the rest of her White Collar co-stars, as they were already in back of the stage when the announcer had introduced them and they made their way onstage in front of the audience. From there, I will leave everything else up for what you see on the video clip.

After they were done doing their reading, I thought they were going to leave backstage, but instead they made their way down the stairs of the stage through the darkness of the open lighting of the Christmas tree, and they sat in the left hand corner of the front row center facing toward the stage of the VIP audience section, with Tiffani, Tim, and Willie sitting with the rest of the audience. I was actually sitting in their section just three rows behind them only a few feet toward the right side. When the lighting of the trees began and they continued with the live performance of the Grinchmas, I was observing them from where I sat, when the performers were onstage singing and dancing. It looked as though Tiffani was having a good time and I could see the expressions on her face just smiling and saying things while sitting next to Tim DeKay. They had a good time and when the performers spent a good ten minutes concluding the story of the Grinch and helping him feel the true spirit of Christmas giving, We all witnessed the spectacular lighting effects of the Christmas trees illuminating onstage changing in colors ranging from an array of blue, green, pink, and yellow to a sparkling white light to make the star above the tree shine so bright on the night sky.

A lot of music and engaging performances onstage which entertained the audience and did for Tiffani, Tim, and Willie who were having so much fun taking part in this yearly Grinchmas spectacular. Tiffani had pulled out her IPhone and took some pictures of the lighting of the Christmas Tree, The Grinch, and one of the cute performers that were dressed as their Whoville characters. After it was over and the announcer thanked the White Collar cast for participating in the reading, security was telling the audience to leave accordingly and it looked like Tiffani, Tim, and Willie were lounging around for a few minutes just chatting next to some of the audience members who sat next to them. Well I didn't want to leave yet without seeing Tiffani in person yet again so I made my way down there and asked my brother who I brought with me to have him use my camera so I could have him take a picture of me with her. First off, I had to walk boldly right past event personnel where one security guard said, "Not tonight pal." as I was trying to walk around the front of where she was sitting toward her. When that didn't work instead I made my way around the crowd, and just ignored the guard, and casually just made my way around and casually walked through the audience standing in back of her and was finally able to approach her.

She was talking to a young lady who was chatting with her while some other people sitting next to her were just taking their cameras and their phones out and just snapping pictures away of the Tiffani, Tim, and Willie standing together. When I did approach her, I gently put my hand on the back of her shoulder, and she turned around and we looked at each other, and her face lit up and she was smiling right back. I said, "Hey, How are you?" to which she responded "I'm good, are you having a wonderful time?", "Yes, I am." Then I asked, "Can I have a really quick picture with you?" she said, "Oh sure." Then my brother with my camera was getting ready to take the picture before the security guard was telling everyone left in the audience to leave the staging area for the next show at 7:45 pm. As she was getting ready to take the picture she put her hand on my shoulder and I put my arm next to hers and we knelt our heads together as my brother took a quick picture of Tiffani and I in front of the camera, she said as we took the picture, "Happy Holidays! Smile!" Flash the picture was already taken, to which I said, "Thank you, Tiffani! Merry Christmas to you" after I touched her hand and she responded, "Merry Christmas to you too. Goodbye now! Take care and have a happy safe holiday!" Then afterward she smiled and I smiled right back and turned around and went on my way.

What a good way to end the night, by seeing her again after the third time, I'm quite sure she knew already it was me, by the way she made eye contact and based on her facial expressions. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture with either Tim DeKay or Willie Garson even though they were near her when we took the picture, however if you look closely at the picture you will notice part of Willie's face behind her, and Tim standing a few feet behind her to the right where he is seen chatting with a young gentleman who sat near him in the audience. Other than that, I was happy that things went as expected. I guess as you say when you see someone for the third time it is a charm! It was indeed when it came to seeing Tiffani, that's three times a lady! Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoyed reading this.

- Ryan Q.

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