Cyborg Soldier (2008)

Cyborg Soldier movie poster Character: Lindsey Reardon, a border patrol agent
Directed By: John Stead
Writer(s): John Flock, Christopher Warre Smets
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Cast Highlights

Aaron Abrama as Dr. Tyler Voller
Rich Franklin as Isaac
Bruce Greenwood as Simon Hart
Steve Lucescu as Commando #1
Simon Northwood as Commando #2


A lonely U.S. border patrol agent (Thiessen) apprehends a genetically engineered super-soldier (Franklin) and experiences the ride of her life when the soldier's creator (Greenwood) relentlessly hunts them down. The film is being produced by Joshua Gray and directed by John Stead, and is based on a screenplay by John Flock and Christopher Warre Smets. Executive producers are Jacqueline Kelly, Barbara Sacks, Kate Harrison and Lewin Webb. "Weapon" is currently filming in Hamilton, Ontario.

Tiffani's Role

Tiffani plays the border patrol agent.

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