Fastlane (2002-2003)

Fastlane still Character: Wilhelmina 'Billie' Chambers
Creators: McG, John McNamara
Seasons: 1
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Cast Highlights

Peter Facinelli as Donovan 'Van' Ray
Bill Bellamy as Deaqon 'Deaq' Hayes


Two mistmatched cops, the angry and bitter Van Ray, and the brash Deaqon Hayes, are forced to team up by a shady vixen police lieutenant, Billie Chambers, into going undercover in the seedy side of Los Angeles in using a variety of police confiscated flashy cars, clothes, weapons and other items, kept in a large secret warehouse called the Candy Store, in order to nail various low-lifes and rich and powerful criminals.

Tiffani's Role

She's Billie, the cool, direct, armed police lieutenant.


• Each episode cost the two studios making it 2.6 million.

• The show was cancelled because of the high production costs.

Van: You know, Billie. I've bitten my tongue about a dozen times on this and I've really tried to take the high road, but it's finally official. You're a bitch.
[Billie shoves her badge in Van's face]
Billie: You see this gold, Officer? This gold means you're my bitch!
Van: Okay. Why me?
Billie: I need a hard charger who would drop his life and never look back, a face that can get past the rope and a body good to go all night. Weightless, smart, and motivated. This is the life of crime. Twenty-four seven. You don't drop cover, you never flash a badge. So?
Van: Can we trust her?
Billie: Ya know? I forgot to think about that! And now that you've mentioned it, no probably not. Oh well, we'll just have to ship her home.
Van: Do you know that sarcasm causes wrinkles? Right there.
Gavin: I'm a manipulative little mammal, aren't I?
Billie: Absolutely. But so am I.
Van: He's [Deaq's] a dick.
Billie: So are you.
[Referring to Cassidy]
Billie: You slept with her didn't you?
Van: Why does that keep comin' back?
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