NewsRadio (1999)

News Radio still Character: Foxy Jackson
Episode Appeared In: "Assistant" Creator: Paul Simms
Seasons: 5
Genre: Comedy

Cast Highlights

Dave Foley as Dave
Stephen Root as Jimmy
Andy Dick as Matthew
Maura Tierney as Lisa
Vicki Lewis as Beth


"NewsRadio" is a sitcom that explores office politics, relationships, and crises through a group of co-workers at WNYX NewsRadio, New York's #2 newsradio station. Dave Foley stars as the haggled news director, Phil Hartman and Khandi Alexander portray sniping anchor people, Maura Tierney is the ambitious supervising producer, Stephen Root is the station's eccentric owner, Vicki Lewis does wacky secretary, and Joe Rogan is a tech-happy electrician.

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