Speedway Junky (1999)

Speedway Junky movie poster Character: Wilma Price
Release Date: n/a
Director: Nickolas Perry
Writer(s): Nickolas Perry
Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: R
Cast Highlights

Jesse Bradford as Johnny
Jordan Brower as Eric
Jonathon Taylor Thomas as Steve
Daryl Hannah as Veronica


Running away from home to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional race car driver in North Carolina, naive young Johnny (Jesse Bradford) makes an ill-fated stop in Las Vegas, hoping to win a quick buck at the casinos. This bad plan turns out to be worse than Johnny ever imagined, when he gets a fast-track tour of the Vegas underbelly: in quick succession, he's robbed, propositioned by creeps, and beaten up. Penniless and depressed, Johnny meets Eric (Jordan Brower), a young gay boy who turns tricks to get by. Eric introduces Johnny to his posse of friends, who include Steve (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), a young bisexual who is also a hustler; and Veronica (Darryl Hannah), a former prostitute who used to be friends with Eric's deceased mother.

At first, Johnny has trouble trusting his debauched new friends; however, as time passes, he and Eric build a relationship and become very close. Eric helps initiate Johnny into the world of heterosexual street hustling, and Veronica helps teach Johnny how to give a woman pleasure. But problems arise as Eric's feelings for Johnny develop into something Johnny can't reciprocate: love and sexual desire.

Tiffani's Role

Tiffani has a small part in this movie. In her first scene, she's crying and Johnny stops to ask her if she's alright, assuming something tragic happened, but when she blirts out she just recently got married, they both start to laugh and think how funny it is. She invites him back to her hotel for some wine coolers. She tells Johnny that her husband won't be back until the next day, so they can have some fun! She takes off her top, expects him to do the same and when he does, her husband storms in, beats up Johnny and throws him out the window. That ends that!

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