The Powers That Be (1992)

The Powers That Be still Character: Barbara
Episode Appeared In: "The Intern" Creators: David Crane, Marta Kauffman
Seasons: 2
Genre: Comedy

Cast Highlights

John Forsythe as Sen. William Franklin Powers
Holland Taylor as Margaret Powers
Eve Gordon as Jordan Miller
Valerie Mahaffey as Caitlyn Van Horne
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Pierce Van Horne


William Powers is a clueless senator whose career is run by his manipulative wife Margaret, his chief of staff/mistress Jordan and his political aide Bradley.

Along for the ride are the senator's shrill daughter Caitlyn and her suicidal husband Theodore, who happens to be in love with the Powers' bumbling maid Charlotte. Last but not least is the senator's illegitimate daughter, Sophie Lipkin, who takes a job at her father's office.

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