FHM Takes You Behind the Scenes


Tiffani: My first date ever was actually with my very first boyfriend. We ended up being together for quite awhile, four and a half years. But it was actually with his sister who was quite older — a lot older than him, kind of like a guardian and...my mother, that was my first date and we went to the movies. It was really funny because, you know, they were actually saying 'we'll let you sit away from us and we'll sit back' and I'm like 'okay that's gonna be REALLY strange. So why don't you just sit with us and we'll watch the movie and we'll go home.'

When someone can make me laugh from like the inside out, that's usually when I feel the most happy. And it's usually coming from my boyfriend, my family and my closest friend.

I mean there's things I'm embarressed about, but I don't think I'm ever ashamed of anyting just because. My family tried to teach me, when I was young, that I should never be upset or feel bad about the decisions I make, in my life, and that you learn from them and you move on. So I don't think I can honestly say that I'm ashamed on something. I've been embarressed about certain things, in my life, but never ashamed. We're all human, you know! We make mistakes, but we learn from them.

It's kinda weird, you know. You're tramping around half naked and people are wanting to take pictures of you — it's kinda strange, you know? It's nerve-wracking. Very, very nerve-wracking. Um...but the editor, Jodie, who actually was woman, also and photographer, made it a lot more comfortable for me.