Fastlane on 'Extra'


Get ready to buckle up for the wildest ride in primetime. Fox is kicking undercover into overdrive with "Fastlane." Peter Facinelli says, "It's kind of like ‘48 Hours’ meets ‘Lethal Weapon’ meets ‘Miami Vice’ with a touch of ‘Fast and the Furious’ style."

Only "Extra" got in the driver's seat with the cast as they revved thing's up on-set. And like a candy store for big kids, this place has every fantasy toy a guy could want, and everything an undercover cop could need.

Now the boys do have to share their toys, but for Tiffani Thiessen, who heads-up the elite undercover unit, she's not into the styling duds or high-rolling dubs. She says, "The snowboards; I'm actually wanting one of those."