Thiessen drops 90210 rides Fastlane


Tiffani Thiessen is back! In the 90s, the Saved by the Bell alumna wowed us as vixenish Val on Beverly Hills, 90210. Then, she took an unfortunate detour on ABC's unfunny Two Guys and a Girl — but at least she met fiancÚ Richard Ruccolo there. Come fall, she regains her cool as Billie on Fox's Fastlane.

"The director [McG] did Charlie's Angels," Thiessen tells TV Guide Online. "So it's very much like that, but with me and two guys — Peter Facinelli and Bill Bellamy — in an undercover agency that I run. It's very sexy, fun, high-speed action. The show looks like a movie."

Indeed, Fastlane is very slick, with all these smash cuts and slo-mo fight scenes, showy gunplay and saucy, tight-fitting outfits. And though Thiessen doesn't share any of Facinelli's sex scenes, the co-stars' chemistry is still off the hook. Are they destined to hit the sheets? "Oh, I don't want to hear that — he's my best friend's husband!" she laughs, referring to ex-90210 castmate Jennie Garth. "That's a little too weird. I hope [an onscreen pairing] never happens... or not for a long time."

Speaking of 90210, Thiessen admits "there's talk" of a reunion movie, "but we're not ready to do it yet. It hasn't been off the air for that long." Would she don Val's kitten heels to raise hell again? "It depends on what would be happening in my life," she hedges. "Who knows? We'll have to see in a few years."

Fastlane marks the ex-blonde Thiessen's return to Val-like brunette. "That's how they want me," she says. "Billie's just a very strong, striking character, so they want her very dark. She's so serious. She's doesn't wear any color on the show; she's always in black and white." Good thing Thiessen wears it well.