A Girl-Girl Thing

Published January 20 2003 / By: Lynette Rice

"Fastlane" treads into racier storylines. Tiffany Thiessen's character is after a lesbian criminal — and it requires her to get close... very close.

Calling all guys: Fox's ''Fastlane'' will get freaky in mid-January when it pits Tiffani Thiessen's Billie against a lesbian criminal! In a Jacuzzi! Wearing practically nothing!

Luring more male viewers wasn't the writers' primary goal (though ''Fastlane'' could use the help in that category, since it ranks only No. 40 among all shows watched by men ages 18 to 49): By sending Billie undercover to catch a gay burglar (''Not Another Teen Movie'''s Jaime Pressly), the ''Fastlane'' writers can finally explore her sexuality. ''We want to hint at something in Billie's character — is she bisexual because she's doing her job, or is she a lesbian?'' teases exec producer John McNamara, who says Fox's standards and practices department gave them major leeway to tell the story (so look for plenty of making out). ''One thing about the show that's worked is that it is not afraid to be outrageous when it needs to be outrageous.''