Tiffani on the Late Show with Conan O'Brien

Held on Tuesday, February 11th 2003
Tiffani on the Late Show with Conan O'Brien

Conan: Our next guest tonight starred in Beverly Hills 90210 and Saved by the Bell. She can now be seen every Friday night on the fox show Fastlane. Please welcome Tiffani Thiessen!

Tiffani: I hear you like to help the guests —
Conan: Yes I like to help the ladies with their microphone. Can you get that on? I'm gonna break out, no I can't. It's like defusing a bomb.
[crowd laughs]
Tiffani: Alright.
Conan: There you go. How are you?
Tiffani (smiles): I'm really good! How are you?
Conan: I'm doing really good. You look beautiful tonight.
Tiffani: Thank you! I haven't seen you in SO long.
Conan: I know.
Tiffani: Like 9 years I hear.
Conan: No, what are you talking about? Nine years since you've been on the show?
Tiffani: Y..eah.
Conan: That's back when we had a mustard colored set —
Tiffani: Yeah.
Conan: And my hair's all the way up here!
Tiffani: And mine was a little shorter.
Conan: And mine was like, no my hair was bigger, crazier.
Tiffani: I thought that it was bigger.
Conan: No, maybe that my head got smaller...I don't know. Um...that was just complete babble and we apologize. You used to be Tiffani Amber Thiessen.
Tiffani: Yes.
Conan: And then I notice, it's Tiffani Thiessen.
Tiffani: Yeah.
Conan: What happened to Amber? Where did Amber go?
Tiffani: I lost the Amber so if anybody knows where it is, please call Conan.
Conan: Yeah...
Tiffani: Um
Conan: Was that a decission that you made like 'I don't want the Amber in my name' anywhere?
Tiffani: Not really. It wasn't really that big of a deal to me. So I think that everybody else is making a big deal about it, you know?
Conan: Right.
Tiffani: I mean it was just a name and it's not like a stripper's name anyways, so it didn't matter to me!
Conan: So you got, you just thought that Tiffani Amber Thiessen was too much?
Tiffani:Yeah it was a little much, a little much.
Conan: And now you're just Tiffani Thiessen?
Tiffani: Yes.
Conan: Okay.
Tiffani: Tiffani Thiessen.
Conan: Right...
Tiffani: Do you like it better?
Conan: I think it's very pretty. I don't think it really matters. I mean my name is Conan so what do I know?
Tiffani: I like Conan.
Conan: Now I mentioned earlier in the show, I just mentioned Saved by the Bell, crowd goes crazy.
Tiffani: That's interesting.
Conan: There's this reaction to Saved by the Bell that uh, it's so crazy cause I have to say and this may seem creepy to people, but before I started doing this show and I was living out in Los Angeles I used to watch Saved by the Bell.
Tiffani: Oh I know.
Conan: You know? And I was a grown man.
Tifani: I know!
Conan: And I'd be there like shaving watching Saved by the Bell.
Tiffani: That was the reason why I first came on was because of Saved by the Bell and you were such a huge fan.
Conan: Yeah and I just wanted to —
Tiffani: You were a huge Screech fan.
Conan: Um...
Tiffani: ...from what I remember.
Conan: Everybody aww..he's not dead! I don't think! Uh...
Tiffani: I don't think either.
Conan: No, no, but the point is that I uh, used to watch that show and I —
Tiffani: Are you still watching it?
Conan: Well I don't see it anymore, maybe it's on reruns.
Tiffani: I think it is yeah.
Conan: But or else there's a Saved by the Bell: The New Generation.
Tiffani: Yeah.
Conan: With kids who are like you know—
Tiffani: Yeah there was a couple of ones afterward and then we just actually had an E! True Hollywood Story or something about us a couple of weeks ago.
Conan: When you have your own E! True Hollywood Story, you know you've—
Tiffani: You've made it. I think so too.
Conan: I can't get an E! True Hollywood Story because there's no tragedy in my life.
Tiffani: Well you need some drama!
Conan: Boring. So if they made one about me they would be like, "And then Conan lost his pudding, but then found some more pudding! You know? Then was happy.
Tiffani: True, true. There's gotta be drama behind the set, you know?
Conan: So were there other, so there were other adults watching Saved by the Bell. It wasn't just me. You got the impression that other adults were watching.
Tiffani: Well you, you know the fanmail we would get, we would get some prisoners and you know.
Conan: Did I mention I was in prison in Los Angeles?
Tiffani: Yeah, we did it was you know. It might have been one of the only ones that I actually know abou
Conan: Right, right. Who talks about it.
Tiffani: Yeah.
Conan: Yeah, cause I'm like "I watch it all the time! I have no personal life! That's all do everyday in and out."
Tiffani: Yeah okay Conan. Right.
Conan: Fastlane. You have this show Fastlane?
Tiffani: Yeah.
Conan: And this show is —
Tiffani: Have you gotten to see a little bit of it?
Conan: Yes I've watched Fastlane. It's extremely slick, very sexy slow. You were making out with a woman on the show a couple weeks ago.
Tiffani: Yeah, yes I was.
Conan: What uh..was that...have you done something like that before on film or was this like a —
Tiffani: On film no. Um no. It was the first time I had ever done that. It was Jaime Pressly who I'm sure a lot of you guys know who that is. And uh, very attractive woman so it wasn't that hard, I have to say, the first time.
Conan: Right.
Tiffani: But I felt very manly next to her because she's so petite. I felt like I was really, you know, kind of a lot bigger than her and I kind of uncomfortable —
Conan: I don't know what would make you manly. I can't imagine —
Tiffani: I don't know.
Conan: I can't see, I don't care who they'd put you next to —
Tiffani: I really did [feel uncomfortable]. I felt like I was overpowering her you know, it was a little hard.
Conan: Now there's some edgy stuff on this show. Have they asked you to do anything, cause you do amazing stunts on the show on the show and it's — have they asked you do anything where you said "No, I'm not gonna do that?"
Tiffani: Well I have to say, you know, besides the thing that I love to do, like I got to jump off a bridge a couple of weeks ago which was really fun and and which was really —
Conan: We all love jumping off bridges — what are you talking about?
Tiffani: It was so great! I got to —
Conan: Jumping off a bridge...
Tiffani: I got to jump off a bridge 35 feet into a trash can, huge trash can.
Conan: Every person's dream— yeah.
Tiffani: It was awesome— so much fun! But uh, they did come to me one time actually. It was an episode that was just aired last week that they wanted me to do to a prison fight and they wanted to shoot it in the shower.
Conan: Mm—hmm. So they wanted you to be naked for a fight?
Tiffani: Yeah, which I find —
[ crowd claps ]
Conan: Well clearly —
Tiffani: That's fox's zero shift right there! (?)
Conan: Clearly the voting is in...
Tiffani: Yeah the voting is in. But um, we couldn't figure out a way to shoot it so you wouldn't be able to see anything and then fighting in it was just a little too much cause they were actually trying to make it work.
Conan: And so you said "No, I'm not gonna have a nude fight in a prison shower—"
Tiffani: Absolutely not! I mean what is this Oz for woman or what? I can't do that.
Conan: The crowd's leaving enjoyal town (?) But you actually know Karate, don't you?
Tiffani: Yeah I do. I've been doing it for quite some time now.
Conan: How good are you? Could you drive the cartilege in my nose into my cortex, seriously?
Tiffani: Um, I'm guessing I probably could, but I wouldn't wanna try.
Conan: No, I mean uh tune in folks! uh..No, I don't want you to drive the carltilege into my cortex, but they do teach you, in theory, ways to drive a nose into someone's brain?
Tiffani: Yeah, it's self—defense. Absolutely.
Conan: Do you ever kind of wish you could openly whip ass on somebody?
Tiffani: Um...I think there's a part of you that feels very empowered when you know those kind of things, absolutely. And it's been great to actually use them it on the show.
Conan: Right.
Tiffani: Which is great. But I think in the spur of the moment if something were to happen, I think your adrenaline would just really kick in. And I think yeah it would be great! Yeah, absolutely.
Conan: Right. I would run away if there was any sign of trouble.
Tiffani: Yeah screaming, right?
Conan: Yeah! Shrieking! And I would go home and eat pudding and watch the Saved by the Bell reruns.
Tiffani: Right.
Conan That's sadly my reaction, as a man. Fastlane — Fastlane airs Friday nights at 8:00 on Fox. Tiffani thank you so much for coming.
Tiffani: So nice to see you!
Conan: Yeah, nice to see you! Tiffani Thiessen everybody. We'll be right back!