The Today Show Transcript

October 7 2003
Tiffani on The Today Show

Interviewer: Many of you know our next guest as Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell or possibly a Valerie Malone on Beverly Hills 90210, but now Tiffani Thiessen is the fiesty new boss trying to shake things up in the Good Morning, Miami news room.

[show a clip of Good Morning Miami]

I: Sounds like Fear Factor, Tiffani Thiessen.
Tiffani: Yeah it does!
I: Hi, how are you?
Tiffani: Thank you.
I: Well first I have to ask you, you know I've always known of you as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen...
Tiffani: I know...
I: What happened?
Tiffani: You know, it's...a few years ago some friends of mine and some people who, my agent and my manager just kind of looked at me and like 'Are you kinda done with it?' And I'm like, 'I guess so'. And they're like 'Why don't we retire the Amber?' And I'm like, 'Alright, I'll do that.'
I: Now Amber was your real name?
Tiffani: It was my real middle name, yeah. My parents always believed in two names. My parents actually gave me Tiffani and my grandparents gave me Amber. So -
I: Well, it's nice to see ya - Yeah, it's still there without the -
Tiffani: I just don't use it professionally, I guess.
I: So tell me a little bit about this role on Good Morning, Miami. You play this news director and who is, uh, obviously pretty tough.
Tiffani: Yeah, pretty tough to me. Absolutely.
I: And pumpin there in her mind. She won't take any prisoners.
Tiffani: Exactly, you're absolutely right. You know, Max and David, who created Will & Grace who also do Good Morning, Miami, came to me and asked if I would do this character and they explained this character as being you know, completely um...very direct as I would say and she says what's on her mind and she's very smart and witty, and funny and I was like 'Absolutely! Of course I would!' So -
I: She really does take the news room by storm.
Tiffani: She raises a little havoc, absolutely.
I: So did you do any research for this at all? Did you talk to any real life news directors at all or any news stations?
Tiffani: No... I really didn't. I mean honestly [Tiff watching herself on GMM], That's so funny hah! I did not because you know, when it comes to sitcoms and stuff, it's not so much real life. It's comedy. And so I just went in there and made it as funny as I could. The writing was so brilliant that I tried to put as much as I could to make it you know, funny, but the writing is so there, it was just amazing.
I: Given your background, is it nice to be part of a series again? You're only doing this for three shows, right?
Tiffani: I'm doing actually 7.
I: Seven shows?
Tiffani: I'm doing 7, yeah.
I: So much for that reason (?)

[the girls laugh]

Tiffani: I'm doing just for a little while. I've got some other stuff that I have to do afterwards and um, it's been a wonderful run and the cast has been a dream. They're so brilliant and so professional in season and been really wonderful. It's been a great, great time.
I: Now I know that in tonight's episode, there's a guest shot with the guys from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy".
Tiffani: Ohhh, can I tell you - hysterical.
I: Really? I would enjoy working with them!
Tiffani: Reallly great guys.
I: They are really funny, they've made a huge flash. I mean so many people adore the show -
Tiffani: They're all over the place!
I: They better not get over exposed. I need to learn that about them.
Tiffani: Yeah, I agree.
I: How much fun were they?
Tiffani: Well I didn't actually do the scene with them, but I of course was there that week when they came in and shot the scene and it was unbelievable. I mean, they you know - they're not actors. I mean they, this is not - they come from reality, mostly. And they came in and they just did an amazing job. They're so funny tonight - they're gonna be great.
I: Some tells some - tell - me what else -
Tiffani: It's okay! I know! It's really early here!
I: Tell me what else you've been up to? I know that you were in a Woody Allen movie.
Tiffani: Yeah! I was in a Woody Allen film.
I: Which one was that?
Tiffani: Amazing! That was in New York and Hollywood Ending, yes.
I: And now you tall, tell, Tiffani [laughs]
Tiffani [laughs]: It's okay! [talking to the tv/producers of The Today Show] Get this woman some coffee!
I: I'm afraid I say too much, I don't wanna go back to sleep.
Tiffani: I know!
I: You're producing your first film?
Tiffani: Yeah, I'm producing my first short film, that I'm actually doing next month with a dear friend of mine and I'm very excited about it. I'm playing one of the roles in it and producing it myself so -
I: And what about other, other movies that might be on the run -
Tiffani: You know, it's all - of course, absolutely. You know I'm still doing Good Morning, Miami right now. So I'm doing that for a little bit longer, so I still have some more time there.
I: I had fun reading your bio.
Tiffani: You did.
I: And I just wanna tell people a few things that they probably don't know about you.
Tiffani: Yeah.
I: You have three tattoos.
Tiffani: Yeah, I do.
I: And a daisy on your shoulder, a green heart below your nabel -
Tiffani: No, actually that's a lotus flower now!
I: Okay, okay. A lotus flower below your nabel and an angel ankle.
Tiffani: Right.
I: And you're a vegetarian.
Tiffani: I, well somewhat. I used to be.
I: Yeah -
Tiffani: You got some really old information there.
I: Really?? [laughs] We gotta update it!

[both laugh]

I: Is this true - your first commercial was - your first, I guess showbiz experience -
Tiffani: Yeah.
I: ...was you did a commercial for Peaches and Cream Barbie?
Tiffani: Yeah, I was the Matel girl. I was!
I: How old were you?
Tiffani: I was gosh, 8 years old, I think I was.
I: And I understand you were quite upset that you had to hold Ken and not the whole Barbie.
Tiffani: I had to hold Ken - you're right.
I: I think holding Ken would have been more -
Tiffani: I was a brunette and so the blondes, they had cast a blonde girl to hold Barbie and I got to hold Ken and at 8 years old, I could really care less about Ken. I mean now it would be totally different, but you know at 8 years old - you really want to hold the barbie doll and I was very disappointed!
I: You know when I was little, my mom never got me Barbie. She got me a little -
Tiffani: What was it?
I: She got me Barbie's little less attractive friend, Nidge.
Tiffani: Awww.
I: And it had a lasting impact on my psychi (?)
Tiffani: I bet it did!
I: Just kidding!
Tiffani: I have some left over, I can give you some.
I: Okay good! Anyway, very very nice to meet you.
Tiffani: Thanks for having me!
I: Tiffani Thiessen without the Amber.
Tiffani: Thank you, right.
I: Good luck!
Tiffani: The Amber is up for grabs if anybody wants it!
I: On Good Morning, Miami, we'll look for you!
Tiffani: Thank you!
I: Alright, Tiffani. And you can see Good Morning, Miami tonight at 9:30 eastern time right here on NBC!