Tiffani Thiessen Is In The Fastlane

January 21, 2003

Fans of "Fastlane" got quite an eyeful last Friday night in an episode that featured TIFFANI THIESSEN putting a lip-lock on guest star JAIME PRESSLY. The producers only gave Tiffani, who plays Billie Chambers, a few weeks notice that she would be going undercover as a lesbian.

"It wasn't like, 'Are you okay with it?'," the dark-haired beauty tells ET. "They were like, 'This is what we are thinking.' They always come to us with ideas that they want to do. I think because we have such a small cast, they want to collaborate with us."

Billie is a very mysterious character, who heads the deep-cover cop unit based out of the "Candy Store," . We don't know where she lives or what she does after work. So the truth of her character's sexuality is still up in the air. Even Van (PETER FACINELL) and Deaq (BILL BELLAMY) couldn't muster the courage to ask her for the truth at the end of the "Strap On" episode.

"I have limits as to what I'd do, but there is definitely not going to be a problem with TV," the former "Beverly Hills 90210" star reveals. "I think it would be more questionable in film. I didn't see what the big deal was about in this episode."