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Maxim (french)

Please note: This article was transcribed by my friend, Dora. Some of the words were changed because of the context, but aren't exactly up to par.

In Fastlane, you are directing two unmanageable flicks in a crime mission. [the next sentence isn't translatable]

Tiffani: No, but in real life, they are guy characters. Assuming that all you men are all the same. You all want a mother and a mistress in the same woman. And thats a lot!

Your character of ambitious movie woman is super-organized, and even a foot-breaker. Is there a bit of you in there?

Tiffani: You know, I organize my CD's in alphabetical order and my underwear by color. So yes, it's a bit like me!

caption: "I'm a hyper maniac! At the anal state, like the psychologists say."

What pleased you most in this character?

Tiffani: Yeah, my character is a strong woman, very lucid. And I adore the fact that she is anal. Just like me.

Uh Tiffani, what do you mean by that?

Tiffani: Well, I'm a hyper maniac! At the anal state, like the psychologists say.

Whoah there! No confusion. In french, you know, we are first place with those things. You mean you're stuck up?

Tiffani: Yeah yeah. Don't make me say what I haven't said...

To go back to your career, you would have made a nice James Bond girl!

Tiffani: While I was filming Beverly Hills, Luke Perry told me that, one day, I'd be a James Bond girl. For fun, I passed an audition for "The world is not enough". Well, they didn't cast me...

Too bad, I would have seen you in a bikini by the beach...

Tiffani: Uh, thats Baywatch.

Yeah. but with your psychology stories from a while ago...