Other Reality Hopefuls

People (issue 16) 4/26/2004

With reality shows the rage, celebs by the busload are pitching their behind-the-scenes stories. You might not see her crawling out of bed, baggy-eyed and without a hint of makeup, but Britney Spears wants you to see at least some version of the real person behind the pop star.

The singer is pitching an unscripted, six-episode reality show series to the television networks. Tentatively titled OnTourage, it's being billed as a cross between MTV's Real World and the 1991 documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare.

Bobby Brown figures his colorful life could make great TV: He has hired a production company to follow him and wife Whitney Houston around to film footage for his proposed reality show. Production company exec Ben Silverman, who develops reality television programming, thinks the Brown show will really take off.

According to insiders: Anna Kournikova, Tiffani Thiessen, Tom Green, Jackie Chan, Tommy Lee, George Hamilton, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Andy Dick, Pauly Shore, Missy Elliot, Ross, the Tonight Show intern, Sylvester Stallone and Virgin CEO Sir Richard Branson all have ideas for reality shows.