4th Annual Much Love Animal Rescue Celebrity Comedy Benefit Interview

By: Ryan D. Brinkhurst of Events Quarterly

Tiffani: Absolutely I've been an animal, I guess activist or ya know per say I said since I was a little girl so I've had a lot of rescue dogs in my house since I was young for my dad who worked in the apartment, he was landscape architect so this is very much what I love to do.

Interviewer: Why do you...?

Tiffani: Because there's so many dogs that need homes and people are still bringing in animals and if people would just s? to their dogs, then we'd actually be able to fix the problem.

Interviewer: And do you have a dog?

Tiffani: I have two dogs: Buck and Pearl that are a brother and sister team and then I have two cats that I've had for a long time, they're all rescue.

Interviewer: So what do your dogs do for you?

Tiffani: You know, being that I don't have children, it's probably from what I've heard, the closest thing to what a child does for you and that is that unconditional love that you'll just never have to question.

Interviewer: And what are you doing these days?

Tiffani: Um, well I'm still in the film festival circuit with my movie that I directed and so I just got back from Tribeca and I'm going to Palm Springs and Seattle. Lots of other festivals and it's been great.

Interviewer: Has it been getting into many festivals?

Tiffani: Yeah, it's been getting into some really nice ones and I got into three academy qualifiers so very excited about it, thank you!

Interviewer: So, is this gonna be your career now?

Tiffani: I'm not sure, just another avenue. :) It's nice to see the women go out there and do a little bit of that, so!