VC Pacific Asian Film Festival - Video Transcript

August 29 2008 • Watch the video here

Interviewer: What brings you to the festival?

Tiffani: Actually, a producer on the next film that I'm directing, actually produced the film tonight that's actually airing and screening called "Ping Pong Player", so I'm here to support her.

Interviewer: Is this the first time you're going to be directing a film?

No, it's actually my second time. The first film that I did was a short film that did the whole festival circuit, so this will be my first full-length feature, but my second time directing, so.

Interviewer: The film that you're directing, is it going to be Asian based?

It's actually gonna be the front running cast is an Asian family, Vietnamese family, it's a - the title of the movie is called "Hung", so.

Interviewer: Did you do any research in Vietnam or do you have close family friends?

No, actually it's a comedy, a teen 80s comedy. [laughs] I didn't have to go anywhere, but you know the lifestyle that I've actually lead my whole life in the 80s and growing up in Southern California, so.

Interviewer: Do you look forward to anything else coming up in the festival?

You know, it's, I'm honestly just here to support this movie. It's something, you know, I've been wanting to see since, you know, I've heard about it and I'm excited to see it tonight, so. [smiles]

Interviewer: Wonderful!

Tiffani [later]: Empower the Desi in you.