Tiffani Loves Kronos Haircare Line

Tiffani: Being that I've been in a crazy entertainment business my whole life, the hairstylists are constantly blow-drying my hair and curling it and the hairsprays and products and stuff and — well, first of all: I had Dusty tell me exactly what this product was all about and I was like "Sign me up! I wanna definitely try this!", especially knowing Dusty completely endorses his products, I trust him with everything when it comes to my hair.

When I first tried Kronos, I took it home and I was like, "Okay, first of all: it smells AMAZING and I really, I'm a girl — I like things that smell good!" But it made my hair, almost completely, like I had a mask on it. Like I had gone to the hairdresser all day and I had brand new hair! It was smooth, it had a ton of volume. I felt like I had hair back when I was 13 years old again. Pre-perm, like really good, healthy hair.

And it's not that I haven't liked other products, but this product really does what it says it does. It completely repairs your hair.