WOW Country 104.3 Interviews Tiffani about Camp Rainbow Gold

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It's Don Jarrett in the Morning 5 and we have a very, very special surprise guest in the studio. I am HUMBLED in her presence, the one and only: Tiffani Thiessen otherwise known as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and good morning!

Tiffani: Good morning!

DJ: I am, beyond excited that you're here!

Tiffani: Oh, you're sweet.

DJ: I remember you from 90210, Saved by the Bell, and you're in town because you're talking about something very close to your heart: Camp Rainbow Gold.

Tiffani: Yes, it's a cancer camp for kids that we do in the summer and it's just outside of Ketchum, Idaho up north.

DJ: Beautiful up there.

Tiffani: It's amazing, yeah.

DJ: So we're big supporters of St. Jude, so this is a kind of thing that's close to our heart, kids.

Tiffani: Yeah.

DJ: Fighting cancer and finding a cure for child cancer and cancers in general.

Tiffani: Yes.

DJ: Tell people about Camp Rainbow Gold and what it does for these children.

Tiffani: It's a week long camp, which actually next year, it will be 2 weeks long that kids from 6-17 come up. It's completely paid for. We have an amazing week where these kids come together with all different types of cancer and they get to have a week free of not really worrying about anything. They can be with kids that kind of know what they're going through and some of these kids have life-long friendships with each other and it's pretty amazing.

I say it all the time, I feel like I get more out of it than I could ever give these kids. We take them fishing, we go hiking, we have campfire every night. It's just a really unbelievable place for a week.

DJ: Thank you. Kids get to be kids!

Tiffani: They get to be kids for a week and not —

DJ: Not cancer patients.

Tiffani: Yeah and some of them are still going through treatments. We have full medical staff and doctors and so even though they maybe have to go through a little treatment, they still get to leave and go and have a week that's just amazing.

DJ: Well I am a big camper, I'm really big into camping.

Tiffani: Me too. Me too!

DJ: You can pretty much ask anybody who stayed in Idaho and what's one of your favorite things to do and camping is in the top 5.

Tiffani: Yeah, exactly. Mine too, mine too.

DJ: And as far as supporting causes to find childhood cancer, I find that's really close to our heart too, with the St. Jude thing and the children's miracle network with the things we do.

Tiffani: Absolutely, yeah. I'm apart of Make-A-Wish as well.

DJ: We have a local wishing star as well. Anything we can do to raise the awareness, get the word out, we're 100% behind you on that.

Tiffani: Oh thank you so much! We're celebrating our 25th anniversary this year so it's a pretty big thing and there's a few things that's we're looking for if anybody can help.

DJ: Okay! What?

Tiffani: We are needing, especially this year, we are needing some equipment. We are needing camera equipment, and a laptop, and some great editing software to be able to do what we do every year is that we edit a video for all the kids to be able to take home. It's kind of like their yearbook for the week and it's something that they really cherish and get to take home and have a little piece of camp throughout the year.

So, we are needing those things right now so if anybody —

DJ: How can they get in touch with Camp Rainbow Gold?

Tiffani: I'll let Elizabeth, our lovely lovely —

DJ: Elizabeth, Hi!

Elizabeth: Hello!

DJ: And you're with Camp Rainbow Gold.

Elizabeth: I am. I'm the director of the program.

DJ: Awesome! Thank you for coming in and bringing Tiffani with you. Now, if people want to just make a straight up donation or if they want to actually donate some equipment, maybe there's a local business out here that can help you out with a laptop, a camera or editing, or all of it — how do they get in touch with you?

Elizabeth: The easiest way, probably, is going out to All of our contact information is out there or the phone number: (208) 422-0176.

DJ: Perfect.

Tiffani: And there's also a link on my website and if they can't seem to remember it, then go to mine. And there's a link right there and they can also go there.

DJ: I was just Googling you!

Tiffani: Yeah? *laughs*

DJ: That sounded... kinda odd. I don't get to say that everyday! I googled Tiffani Thiessen. And the good news is you've got a lot of things on there to Google.

Tiffani: Yeah, it's crazy. I've been doing this —

DJ: Very impressive!

Tiffani: Well, I've been doing this for awhile and — now you're making me feel really old. *laughs*

DJ: Hey, I'm older than you! Don't you worry about that! This is the old foggy show right here. But you look fantastic by the way and you're as beautiful, obviously, as on the inside as you are out with that big heart of yours helping out Camp Rainbow Gold.

Tiffani: Awww.

DJ: And it's

Tiffani: Correct.

DJ: And if people want to just volunteer, can they sign up to volunteer to actually go out to the camp and helping?

Tiffani: We are needing TONS of volunteers for next year, yes.

DJ: Awesome.

Elizabeth: Because we're adding a new week of camp, so we'll have 2 full weeks. We really need volunteers for the 2010 summer. And applications are on the website. They can download it, fill out, send it in.

DJ: Well I'm going to check it out.

Elizabeth: Great.

Tiffani: Yeah, no bad background sheets in the back people. They do background checks.

DJ: I am, I gotta completely clean record. I promise. Maybe a traffic violation, uh.

Tiffani: That's okay *laughs*

DJ: Tiffani Thiessen! Thank you so much for coming in you guys.

Tiffani: Thank you for having us! We really appreciate it.

DJ: It's been a joy having you in. Support Camp Rainbow Gold again, we're looking for a camera, editing equipment, a laptop, donations, and volunteers.

Tiffani: And volunteers for next years as well. Just know: any of those, good karma people, I believe in it.

DJ: And you can go on your website.

Tiffani: Yes! Or the Camp Rainbow Gold website at

DJ: And I'm gonna put it on my website.

Tiffani: Perfect. Thank you so much!