Comic Con Interview w/Chuck The Movie Guy (August, 2010)

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Chuck: Tiffani, Hi! Chuck The Movie guy here.

Tiffani: Hi!

Chuck: I love the shows on USA Network, but I wasn't going to watch this one.

Tiffani: Why?

Chuck: Well, I don't know — can I add another show to my — (laughs) and then I saw you on there and then I was like, "I gotta check this out!"

Tiffani: Awww, you're so sweet!

Chuck: It's like "Where have you been?!"

Tiffani: I know! I've been a little busy. I had a baby (laughs)!

Chuck: I figured that with the tight shots and I was assuming.

Tiffani: Yeah, you'll see that for a couple of days.

Chuck: Are you back now?

Tiffani: I go back next week and then I finish off this season with everybody. You're sweet thank you!

Chuck: The thing is, you hardly have anything to do on the show.

Tiffani: I know! Will you tell Easton that please?

Chuck: I know. Get this girl more stand-alone episodes!

Tiffani: Awww, you're sweet!

Chuck: I mean you absolutely need that.

Tiffani: You know I really enjoy the scenes with Elizabeth and Peter. Like I had mentioned before, you don't see a lot of solid marriages on TV and I really like that we have that on TV on the show. I also love the diplomacy that she kind of has with between Neal and Peter's character. She really is kind of, the voice of reason between them. And then last season I got to work with Willie towards the end. It was really fun!

Chuck: I think the audience liked it.

Tiffani: I think the audience really responded to that.

Chuck: I think they made it more funny this season!

Tiffani: They did. Well, Willie's more funny this year! No, just kidding.

Chuck: Now, do you care to comment on Tim. I was talking to him and he was telling me how difficult it is pretend like he's in love with you because you're so homely (?) looking, you know.

Tiffani: Aww, did he say that?

Chuck: Do you have any comments on that? On him? Working with him?

Tiffani: Uh-huh. You know what's so funny is when we did our screen test or our chemistry read, it's funny — we had chemistry from day one. I mean who wouldn't with that guy? He's absolutely amazing.

Chuck: He's awesome!

Tiffani: He's awesome, he's charismatic, he's funny, he's adorable cute, he's everything. Who wouldn't want to be married to him?

Chuck: Yeah. I love the show and I just look forward to seeing you more and now that you've added your current predicament — (laughs) — it's a pleasure.

Tiffani: (laughs) Thank you!