How Tiffani Is Losing the Baby Weight (October, 2010)

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Less than four months after she gave birth, Tiffani Thiessen vows to lose her baby weight before she even considers having Baby No. 2.

"It takes some time, but I'm doing my best," Thiessen, 36, told at the Juno Baby Celebrity Launch in NYC Saturday. "I had a really nice pregnancy. Knock on wood if we have others it'll be the same."

Losing the Weight

How does the White Collar star, who gained 50 pounds while pregnant, plan to drop the final 20 pounds?

"I work out with my trainer here in New York, and then soon as I finish the show next week, I go back to L.A. and I'll work out with my trainer there," she said. "My goal is to be back where I was at the end of the year."

To slim down, the actress — who exercises up to five days a week — began varying her workout routine after welcoming daughter Harper Renn with husband Brady Smith.

"I was a runner before and I just started running again," she told Us. "And I do weight training, yoga and Pilates. I mix it up because I get so bored. I like to do a variety of stuff."

No Pressure

Still, the new mom insists she isn't feeling any pressure to look a certain way.

"Give yourself a break! Give yourself time," she said. "They say it takes a year [to get back in shape], and sometimes it does, so don't stress about it."