New Mom Rules! (October, 2010)

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Tiffani at Crest Pro-Health CampaignHer daughter is only 15-weeks-old, but new mom Tiffani Thiessen is already making sure Harper Renn lives a happy and healthy life.

That's why the "White Collar" star has joined forces with Crest and Oral -B with to bring attention to Gingivitis, a gum disease that affects more than 50 percent of American adults if left untreated.

CGL sat down with Tiffani in Greeley Square Park for an intimate chat about taking care of her baby's gummy smile, what she craved while pregnant, how she stays stylish as a new mom and Harper's favorite way to get around New York City.

As a new mom, having healthy teeth for you and your baby must be a top priority.

Healthy teeth are extremely important to me. I am a new mom, and now I want to pass on my good habits to my child. Your smile is the first thing that people see, so you need it to be healthy.

What have you learned about taking care of Harper's teeth and gums?

Half of adults have gingivitis. That's just crazy to me. It's going to make me run out and have my whole family checked. The baby's almost four months so I've gotten a little baby care package from Crest. You can take a soft washcloth over their gums so they don't get all crazy from using a toothbrush.

What type of diet do you and Harper follow?

I've always tried to follow as clean a diet as possible. The whole time I was pregnant I craved a ton of fruit. It's one of the biggest things you should be eating, so that was good. That, and I started eating red meat again when I was pregnant, but I guess I needed it. As for Harper, she's completely on breast milk right now, so she's doing well.

How do you stay stylish as a new mom?

For me it's hard. I have to wear shirts that are easily accessible to the eating child, that's something that's a little tricky at times. It has to be comfortable. I wear the Baby Bjorn a lot. Harper loves being in it, especially in the city. She walks around all day long looking at everything.

Are you seeing a lot of yourself in your daughter, even at 15 weeks?

Personality wise, it's hard because she's just starting to get her own personality by laughing, cooing and giggling. Looks wise, she is the splitting image, right down the middle, of my husband and I. She's my husband from eyes up, and below she's me.

What type of books are you reading to Harper?

I think reading to her is so important, and it's such an essential thing to do with your children. We've been reading to her since the moment she held her head up. We have books in her little baby bag and we read to her all the time. We love the board books. They are small, hard, bright and vibrant. She's already focusing on the colors and pictures, so they're the best.

Any advice on keeping our own teeth healthy?

Flossing is tough, but if you put the floss it in your purse, I bet you'll do it more often.