Pregnancy Magazine - Pregnancy's Strange Little Quirks (May 2010)

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"I love how courteous people are; [pregnancy] makes people nicer. And I don't have to suck in my stomach anymore!"

She cracked us up in Saved by the Bell and rocked the role of vixen in Beverly Hills 90210. Now starring in USA's White Collar and expecting her first baby in May, Tiffani's taking it all in stride

As a couple... I'm a wing-it kind of, and I'm not one to stress. My husband's a little more of a worrier (laughs), so it will be interesting to how [fatherhood] works for him. But one of the reasons I married that guy is because I knew he was going to be great with kids.

I can't believe... I've been craving a lot of red meat. I haven't eaten red meat in 20 years, but I definitely has been eating it during pregnancy. The baby must need it, so I'm going to give the baby what it wants.

And, not to be too graphic, but the hair growth! I've had to shave my legs every day. I didn't realize it was going to be so drastic and so much. And all these little baby hairs on my stomach? Most of it is little fuzzy blond hairs, but every now and then I'll get a black hair coming out of my button -- that's really pretty (laughs).

I've decided... I'm going to give a Girl Scout effort to hypno-birthing. I'm really excited about it. That's my plan, but my husband and I are both very, very open to however the child is supposed to come out. Knock on wood it all goes well. I'm not one to judge any woman on how they chose to give birth. It's individual and I think everyone's different.

I hope my baby is... Long and lean (laughs). I dream about it because my husband is 6'4". I also hope the baby has his artistic side. My husband's an artist and painter, and he is so talented. I hope that comes through in our child.

And I hope the child has my laid-back personality, because I think it will help us as parents (laughs) if the child's not too high-maintanence and just loves life.