Tiffani Celebrates Baby Shower (april 3, 2010)

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With only weeks left before her May due date, Tiffani Thiessen celebrated with a baby shower on Sunday afternoon at her and husband Brady Smith's home outside Los Angeles.

The White Collar star welcomed about 65 guests to the outdoor party, hosted by former 90210 costar Jason Priestley's wife Naomi.

Guests enjoyed a cake from Hansen's Cakes and a gift bag that included goodies from baby company BabyBjörn.

Apart from stocking up on presents -- among her gifts was The Hot Mom to Be Handbook by Jessica Denay -- Thiessen has also finalized plans for the birth.

"I'm going to give a Girl Scout effort to hypnobirthing," the actress, 36, tells Pregnancy magazine about the method that uses hypnosis to promote natural childbirth.

"I'm really excited about it. That's my plan, but my husband and I are both very, very open to however the child is supposed to come out. Knock on wood it all goes well. I'm not one to judge any woman on how they choose to give birth. It's individual and I think everyone's different."