New Mom Tiffani Thiessen's House Is 'Full of Animals' (July 29, 2010)

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New babies are a lot of work, and no one knows that better than actress Tiffani Thiessen, who welcomed daughter Harper Renn on June 15. But just because she and husband Brady Smith are busy with baby doesn't mean they've neglected their three furbabies, two dogs and a cat.

"Here's my philosophy: My husband is so wonderful, and he will wake up with me and help me with whatever I need," Thiessen tells PEOPLE. "But ultimately, I'm the one who needs to feed [Harper], so I can use his help during the day with our dogs and running errands. I want him to get a little more sleep because I think it's important that at least one of us is sane!"

Though Thiessen and Brady have "a big house full of animals," their L.A. home is feeling a little emptier these days following the loss of one of their two beloved cats. It happened "the day I started to go into labor and had [Harper]," Thiessen explains. "She was the pet I'd had the longest, so that was really sad. It was kind of surreal, almost spiritual. A cat that I had for 17 years...then knowing I was going in and giving birth to my daughter, it was interesting."

But despite that loss, Thiessen's life is "full of love," she says. "You haven't known this person for very long, but you love them so, so much. It's such pure love for something so little. It's pretty amazing."