Tim Dekay Talks Kelly Kapowki (March 9, 2010)

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Your wife on the show is Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who will forever be Kelly Kapowski to us. Were you a 'Saved By the Bell' watcher?

I never did! I certainly knew who she was. I never watched 'Saved By the Bell' or 'Melrose Place,' but whenever I saw her I thought, 'Oooh, she's cute!' I had been cast originally prior to her on 'Collar,' so they were bringing in a number of women to do a chemistry read. She walked into the room, said hello and gave me a hug and I thought: 'Oh, here's my pretend wife.' She's smart, she read well ... it doesn't suck.

With 'Tell Me' or even 'Collar,' how do you go about explaining to your wife all of these romps with gorgeous actresses?

With Tiffani it's very easy because she and my wife get along well. I learned early on to tell my wife exactly what she's going to see, because you don't want to surprise your wife when she comes to see a show or play and in a scene there's something rather provocative. Then she says, 'Oh, when did you shoot that? I didn't know that was going to happen.' That's not what you want.