Celebrities Talk About The Holidays (November 2011)

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From their favorite holiday recipes to stories about Santa, stars share their holiday memories and traditions exclusively with iVillage!

What's your funniest holiday memory?

"One year our ovens weren't working and so we had to use our neighbors oven to cook our entire meal. Thank goodness they were out of town and didn't need their oven for themselves. (We got (let) in by the housesitter by the way. No breaking in was needed, ha.)"

What is your most memorable holiday memory?

"My first Christmas with my daughter (Harper Renn Smith, 21 months). Being a parent makes the holidays that more special."

What's your most embarrassing holiday mistake?

"I mistakenly sent a holiday card to a friend and addressed it to her and her ex-husband! When I realized my mistake I was beyond mortified!"

What is your favorite family holiday tradition?

"Family wearing matching pjs for christmas morning and opening gifts."

What's the Thanksgiving food you absolutely must have?

"Mashed potatoes with sour cream, they are a yummy family tradition."

What will your little girl get for Christmas this year?

"She actually got her Christmas gift early this year. She got her first play set for outside! We wanted her to have it while the weather is still nice."

What's the best holiday gift you got as a child and why?

"My dollhouse as I remember having it for many, many years and it was always something I cherished."

What's the worst holiday gift you've ever received?

"Anyone buying you clothes is not a safe bet. It never works out — especially when you receive the wrong size, either you get a size that is too big and you take it as an insult or it is too small and it makes you feel fat! Bottom line is that I think clothes are a hard thing to buy for a woman and it's a gift choice to stay away from."

What holiday dish or recipe do you cook better than anyone?

"Seems like so many people don't take the time to make homemade cranberry sauce so I would have to say that. I was never a fan of the canned stuff so I always make it myself."

What are you going to be thankful for this year?

"I am always thankful for my family but now with my little one I feel more blessed and more thankful than ever."

What do you keep in your bag/purse/close by to survive holiday party season?

"I try to always keep gum in my bag so I don't eat everything in sight! There are always so many yummy treats. I also always have my iPhone close by in case I need a minute to myself — my phone is always a good distraction."