Tiffani Thiessen: Crew should love me (July 27, 2011)

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Brady Smith on White CollarTiffani Thiessen was "OK" with her husband appearing on her TV show once the crew promised not to love him more than her.

The actress is best known for appearing in American teen shows Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210. She can now been seen as Elizabeth Burke in White Collar, about a conman who agrees to help the FBI catch other criminals.

Tiffani loves the job and was thrilled when her husband Brady Smith was offered a small role. He plays a bad guy who ends up fighting on the programme, and Tiffani insists it wasn't strange having him at work.

"I wasn't nervous at all because he's such a good guy. But it was really funny. Afterward, everybody kept coming up to me saying, 'Oh, your husband is so nice. We had a great time.' And I said, 'You're allowed to love him, but you're not allowed to love him more than me.' So the crew said they didn't. So I was OK with that."

Elizabeth is married to FBI agent Peter Burke, played by Tim DeKay. The couple have a strong marriage which is one of the linchpins of the programme and something Tiffani feels passionately about. The pair are devoted to each other and she and the show's writers have spent a long time discussing how their relationship will grow in time.

"It's probably the same reason I fell in love with the show. A lot of times on TV and even in film, a lot of the marriages that are portrayed tend to be the ones that don't work well," she explained to EW. "They've been married for more than ten years and they really, truly are each other's best friend. They know how to talk to each other. I also like how they're a bit of a modern family. They don't have kids… I like that.

"My aunt and uncle don't have children, and I have a lot of friends who don't have kids. Their priorities are themselves and their careers — and that's OK."