The Guncles Interview with Tiffani (September 30, 2011)

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It should come as no surprise that Tori Spelling's BFFs are rubbing shoulders with fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Tiffani Thiessen! At the recent ABC Kids Expo, Bill Horn and Scout Masterson (a.k.a. The Guncles) caught up with the White Collar actress and her business partner, Design Star finalist Lonni Paul, who created PetitNest. Read about Simone and Harper's playdates in The Guncles' interview with Tiffani and Lonni below...

While at the recent ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, we had the opportunity to catch up with PetitNest's Tiffani Thiessen (star of TV's White Collar, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell) and designer and former Design Star finalist Lonni Paul, who gave us a look into their beautiful collection of infant and children's room furnishings.

Guncles: Being parents ourselves, we'd like to start off by saying we think your pieces are so hip, clean and fresh. How would you describe PetitNest's style?

Lonni: "PetitNest is best described as modern classic chic. It's modern but with a classic influence that makes it work for baby or any other room in the house."

Guncles: Lonni, we love that PetitNest was formed by your working with Tiffani to design a nursery for her daughter, Harper. What are some of your design inspirations for creating new pieces for PetitNest?

Lonni: "Yes, it was while designing Harper's nursery that we decided to form our own company. From working together on the HGTV show (Design Star) and Tiff's kitchen and playroom we knew that we worked really well together and had very similar taste. It was such a natural evolution. Who knew it would be so much work!!! But it's definitely rewarding.

What inspires me? I love clean lines, fresh design and anything modern and classic. I love to travel and I'm always looking to architecture for inspiration. Having worked in the modeling industry for so many years, high fashion excites me and has a major impact on my design sensibility. My 5-year-old twins Jett and Sophie inspire me on a daily basis! At the end of the day they are my motivation to be the best in all I do."

Guncles: Tiffani, being a well-known actress, do you find it challenging to be in a city like Louisville and to conduct business while maintaining your privacy? It's not every day that TV stars are strolling around here.

Tiffani: "I have to say, Louisville was a very welcoming city. Everybody was so nice and easy going. So I loved that about the city. The hard part of being in any city that's not L.A. or New York is that people definitely recognize you. And now having a kid my privacy is even more important. So when traveling it can be challenging but I try and keep her out of areas that might be too crowded. She spent a lot of time by our hotel with well as fun playdates with Simone of course."

Guncles: We know last year's ABC Expo in Las Vegas was your first. Now that you're "pro's" at showing your line at the trade show, what was it like being here in Louisville, Kentucky for year No. 2?

Lonni: "We enjoyed the people in Louisville, there is definitely a small town feel here and the people are kind and helpful. Logistically, Vegas is much easier for us being from California but the show itself felt more organized in Louisville. Maybe it was just because we'd been through it once already."

Guncles: Your booth is quite impressive and the big tree is an amazing statement piece. How do you get all of this stuff here and get it set up?

Lonni: "Thank you! We love the tree, it's 16 feet high and 16 feet wide! It's our logo so we thought making it the centerpiece of our booth was a great idea. We ship it in a huge crate and then assemble it on site. It's very time consuming — we were at the expo until 4 am packing it all up!"

Guncles: Tiffani, how do you juggle representing your line at the expo and your mom duties at the same time?

Tiffani: "It's hard to say how any working parent juggles work, kids and home but you just do. I do say that one thing that allows me to "try" and do it all is my mom and my husband. Without their help I wouldn't be able to do any of it. And I have an amazing kid that is so easy-going as well. She's an amazing traveler and adapts to her surroundings quickly and with such ease. I feel that it's super important to have her with me at all times so having my mom with us makes that possible."

Guncles: What's new for PetitNest this year at the ABC Expo?

Lonni: "We showed a new crib and dresser, The Remy Collection, that we're quite proud of. The dresser has beautiful hardware and the legs on both pieces are really hip and have never been used on children's pieces before. The design on the crib ends appeals to a classic sense of taste but is definitely "of the moment." It would work well for either a boy or girl as most of our designs do."

Guncles: Where would like to see PetitNest in 5 years?

Lonni: "We are expanding into every area of children's products and plan to bring our distinct design aesthetic to each product line."

Guncles: Can you share with us the eco-friendliness of your line?

Lonni: "All our products are made with nontoxic glues, dyes, fabrics and wood products. Our paint is No-VOC. Our designs work in a nursery but work equally well in a teen or adult room. To be able to keep a piece for many years benefits our planet by reducing our carbon footprint."

Guncles: Lonni, If you had to pick, what would you like to see you and Tiffani release next under the PetitNest brand?

Lonni: "We are working on new designs for our bedding line and that's what you'll see next from PetitNest!"

Guncles: Tiffani, which has better food — Louisville, KY; The Peach Pit, or the diner from Saved By The Bell?

Tiffani: "Oh, definitely Louisville KY. Hands down. Much better burgers. Ha!"

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