White Collar Q&A: The Scoop From Mrs. Suit (August 5, 2011)

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Matt Bomer with Tiffani ThiessenWith the much anticipated White Collar summer finale next Tuesday, the always lovely, Tiffani Thiessen gave us some scoop about her character and all things White Collar. See what she had to say about her almost 30-year career in showbiz, a possible guest spot for Justin Bieber, and "Elizabeth Burke getting her groove on."

Is Tiffani similar to Elizabeth?

"It was kind of the first role that spoke to me in a personal way because I think she is very close to my true self where the other characters that I've played in the past are very different from myself."

Working on White Collar:

"It's one of the most fun shows I've ever been on and worked on. I've been doing this for almost thirty years, which is a long time and I've done a lot of different shows and a lot of different projects but this is one project that I say that I really enjoy. I enjoy working with the people I'm working with. And I haven't been able to say that about every job that I've had."

On Working with her Co-Stars:

"It's always fun to work with the other actors on the show. I love working with Willie [Garson]. It's always fun to work with Matt [Bomer]. I don't always get to work with Matt all the time. Even Sharif [Atkins] every now and then, which is fun. Marsha [Thomason] is really the only one I haven't gotten to work with yet and Hilarie [Burton] now that she is part of the show. So those are two girls I'd love to work with a little bit more. Hopefully, maybe next season."

On her husband Brady Smith's recent guest spot:

"Sadly, I didn't get to have one scene with him. It was great to have him as a part of the show for the episode. He really did have a blast and loved working with everybody. The one person he didn't get to work with was his wife."

A favorite scene with Tim DeKay?

"There's a scene you guys haven't seen yet. It's one of the last scenes in an episode in January or February, you kind of see the sexy side of Elizabeth and Peter, which you don't see often in our relationship. It was actually kind of fun."

Elizabeth in future seasons:

"We've started to see a little bit of it and you will see more of it in January. But I do love that they are starting to pull her back into the art world again, which is kind of where she started and where she met her husband. So I'd like to kind of see that go a little bit more, which would be fun and would help get me involved possibly with other characters in the show."

Stunts for Elizabeth?

"Yes, you see me do a few things [in an episode after the hiatus] . You won't see me jumping off bridges or things like that. But Elizabeth Burke gets her groove on in that sense."

On the White Collar opening credits:

"I was surprised because I didn't realize a lot of people were so invested in the opening credits but I have to agree. I wasn't crazy at all about the new credits. I was actually kind of disappointed because I liked the old ones better. So I was really happy to see that the fans spoke and got what they wanted."

Bieber on White Collar?

Recently, Justin Bieber wore a t-shirt of Tiffani's Saved By the Bell character, Kelly Kapowski to a music awards show and Tiffani responded by wearing a Bieber shirt to a movie premiere. So what did Tiffani have to say about a potential guest spot? "No talk about it but I think he'd be great on the show. We'd love to have him. Have to bring it up to the USA and White Collar people."

Would Elizabeth make a better FBI Agent or Con Artist?

"Well, I always believe that women are better actors than men in real life because I think we have an edge over men sometimes. So, that's hard to say but at the same time she's been married to an FBI agent for over ten years so she kind of knows that world really really really well. I would say probably a better FBI agent. Only because she is extremely close to her husband not that she couldn't be a good conman too."

Tiffani teases Elizabeth's role in the season finale & beyond. . .

"You see me in the season finale. Something very big happens in the season finale. I hope you guys will like it. It's definitely one of our better episodes. It's pretty exciting. Then you definitely see it unfold more of course next January when we come back. I'm very much involved in that as well as another episode that comes back after that. It's an episode where I kind of come up with a case on my own and crack it. You'll definitely see a lot more of Elizabeth which is quite fun." Looking forward to it Mrs. Suit!

Collars, make sure you tune into USA Network next Tuesday at 9PM ET to see what happens to Elizabeth on White Collar's summer season finale!