Tiffani Takes Baby Harper For A Stroll (June 29, 2011)

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Tiffani Takes Baby Harper For A Stroll At just a year old, little Harper Renn is already emerging as a mirror image of her famous mother Tiffani Amber Thiessen.

The toddler, whose dad is actor Brady Smith, joined the 37-year-old former Saved By The Bell on a stroll through midtown Manhattan yesterday.

The little doppelgänger, who has clearly inherited the star's heart-shaped face and brunette locks, took in the city's sights from her pink pram.

From the expression on her face, little Harper is going to break as many hearts as her mom did while playing beautiful high school student Kelly Kapowski on her hit show.

Thiessen, who looked chic in a black sheath and movie star shades, currently appears onscreen in the third season of USA Network's drama series White Collar.

There's even more proof that Harper may follow in her mom's footsteps: she spends a lot of time on set.

Baby, Harper Renn She recently told Movieweb, 'Oh, no, my child goes with me everywhere!'

'I made a little joke actually on a — I see you, sweetie — as you can hear her. But wherever myself goes she goes and she's pretty much attached to my hip these days and has been from day one.'

'So she actually, and my mom, who helped me a lot last year when I came back after having her, they came to the set with me every day because I was nursing and I'm still nursing, so she goes with me everywhere.'

'So, she's a definite little veteran already on set.'

Expect to see Saved By The Bell: The Early, Early Years in Harper's future!