Tiffani Talks About Motherhood and New Career (May, 2011)

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We all know and love Tiffani Thiessen for her character Kelly Kapowski on the 80's hit TV show Saved by the Bell, and for her vixen-like character, Valerie Malone, on Beverly Hills, 90210. But Thiessen is in her most important role ever right now: that of mother to her 10-month-old daughter Harper.

Thiessen and her husband, actor Brady Smith, welcomed daughter Harper into the world on June 15, 2010. The couple has been married for almost 6 years.

But she also is adding to her resume, too! After having trouble decorating her nursery just the way she wanted, Thiessen joined up with Design Star finalist Lonni Paul to create PetitNest, a new line of baby furniture, bedding and wall art.

Thiessen recently sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to talk about motherhood and her life.

On being a working mom, Thiessen says: "It's always a struggle to find time for anything it seems now that I am a mom. Between my time with Harper, shooting my TV show White Collar and then launching PetitNest, I hardly have any free time. But it's all worth it. I enjoy every bit of it. And I have always been someone who likes to have a lot going on. It's in my genes to be busy. You should meet my mother!"

On the subject of motherhood, she says: "Being a mom has put everything in perspective for me. How the little things don't mean anything anymore. My life is truly all about her and everything I do is for my family."

She also says her daughter Harper is "amazing": "She blows me away on a daily basis with the things she discovers and does. She's about ready to walk which is exciting and scary at the same time. And when she laughs it lights up my entire world. I can spend hours on end trying to make her laugh."

And are there going to be more kids in the future? "Yes of course. Not anytime real soon but we would love to have more kids."