Tiffani Talks Beiber on White Collar and More (August 2011)

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Actress Tiffani Thiessen and the cast of White Collar head into the summer finale on August 9 at 9pm on USA Network with the episode "Countdown," in which Neal and Mozzie have their own agenda with stolen treasure worth millions. Although Tiffani Thiessen's White Collar character, Elizabeth, has words of wisdom for her husband Peter, Neal and Mozzie appear to be working with the FBI while in possession of the treasure.

[White Collar] Ahead of the Season 3 summer finale of White Collar, TheDeadbolt spent a few minutes with Tiffani Thiessen to get the scoop on the latest with Elizabeth, how she contributes to the White Collar investigations of her on screen husband, and whether Tiffani thinks that Justin Bieber will make an appearance on White Collar given her recent T-shirt exchange with the young Bieber.

THE DEADBOLT: Where does Elizabeth stand on the latest developments in the relationship between Neal and Peter?

TIFFANI THIESSEN: I always try to think that she really tries to stay right in the middle. I mean, of course her first priority, and she always stands by her husband, I've always thought that Elizabeth really kind of has a soft spot for Neal and sees the good in Neal probably more often than Peter's character does.

The questions that are surrounding the whole scenario with the treasure, I think she's kind of in question, as well and you'll see in the episode in the finale. I love as those questions get answered that some new drama unfolds with it.

THE DEADBOLT: Although Elizabeth isn't part of the FBI or a professional con artist herself, what is it about her character that allows her to contribute to certain investigations that help Peter and Neal?

[White Collar] THIESSEN: Well, I've always said that Elizabeth kind of is the voice of reason. She's got a woman's intuition that I say plays greatly into the show. She is definitely kind of the middle person between Peter and Neal at times when they are butting heads. So I definitely believe that she kind of helps bridge the gap at times between the two of them.

THE DEADBOLT: After the Justin Bieber t-shirt thing, has there been any talk of getting him to guest star on the show?

THIESSEN: [laughs] You know, there actually hasn't been any talk. But actually, he would be a great. I think he'd be great on the show. We'd love to have him I'm sure. I can't imagine we would say no.

THE DEADBOLT: I thought he did great on CSI. So, why not?

THIESSEN: Why not? We'll have to bring it up to the USA and White Collar peeps. I will. Thanks for the idea.