Tiffani Tells Us What To Expect (January, 2011)

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THE VIDEOLAND VIEW: With "White Collar" returning to the USA Network lineup tonight (1/18), leading lady Tiffani Thiessen reports that viewers can expect "more face time with me this season, that's for sure, especially in the second half of the season."

Thiessen, who gave birth to daughter Harper last June, points out, "I missed a lot of shows last year."

She resumed work about seven weeks after giving birth, bringing her mom along to the set to tend TO the baby when she was busy before the cameras.

As for what's ahead for her Elizabeth Burke character, the high-end event planner who is married to FBI man Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) — who oversees the assistance being provided by reformed criminal Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) — on the sophisticated series? Thiessen says we can expect a storyline that involves one of Elizabeth's clients, as well as more interaction with the men.

"I think they love having my character work with all the guys on the show — more with Tim's character, of course, but they love having me with Matt as well," Thiessen says. "She is kind of the voice of reason on the show — the female voice, the female perspective."

Wouldn't want to be without that.