Elizabeth Burke Is Closest To My Real Self (January 17, 2012)

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Well, it's definitely a very fun show. The show's premise is basically an FBI agent who works with a con-artist to solve crimes every weekend. It's a show that shoots in NYC, in a very beautiful way. A lot of shows don't show NYC in its beauty. It's a lot of fun characters. It's a fun show. It's very fulfilling every week!

Coming into the new season, I'm just curious. The audience has grown, immensely, for the show. Where does the popularity come from?

I hope to say because it's a great show. We have good writers and amazing episodes and good actors and we have a lot of fun on screen. Hopefully that resignates with audience. I think we're very involved in the social media of it all. Our creators are very big on Twitter and the Facebook and all that so I think that really brings a lot of people. I think people are really getting into the characters and wanting to follow them every week.

What themes are we going to see for the season for the characters and specifically, your character?

We come back on a very big cliffhanger that we had for last season, so, you'll definitely get to see that a little wrapped up in the series premiere when it comes back on January 17. We actually get to see a lot more of my character which is quite fun.

Your character is the moral compass of your husband on the show. Is that true for your real life too or how do you relate to your character in real life?

I've said quite often that Elizabeth Burke is definitely probably the closest to my real self that I've played in my career, but there's a lot of things about her that I admire. She's extremely passionate and very smart and she has her priorites straight. She's career driven and all those are things I strive to be myself. It's probably been the most comfortable role I've played in my life.

What are the differences?

I think she's probably got a little more patience than I do. I think you have to be when you're married to an FBI agent!

Hi, I'm Tiffani Thiessen from White Collar. Please tune in January 15th for the second half of season 3 on USA.