Inspired by Baby from "American Baby" Magazine (February 2012)

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We loved her as a cheerleader (on Saved by the Bell) and a seductress (on Beverly Hills 90210). Now she's fun to watch as an F.B.I. agent's wife on White Collar. Off set, Thiessen is in her most demanding role yet: Mom. She told us about raising daughter Harper, 1½, with her husband of six years, actor Brady Smith.

"Sleep was our biggest challenge the first year. I was sometimes up every 90 minutes all night long! But I grew used to it.

I do love high-end kids' lines, but on an everyday basis, Harper wears a lot of BabyGap."

I enjoyed pregnancy. I didn't have to suck in my stomach. I felt pretty. I felt special. People smile more and are nicer to you when you're pregnant!"

Thiessen's family splits time between New York City and L.A. "My mother is a big help and lives with us in New York.

"Like a good California girl, Tiffani is all about natural. "Harper's food is usually organic. I take her to the set with Plum Baby pouches stashed in my diaper bag."

"Designer Lonnia Paul did our nursery. Now we create baby furniture together! It's not uber-modern, but contemporary. It flows with grown-up furniture." (

This gal goes the distance!

  • Thiessen was nearly two weeks overdue. "I went hiking through month eight, but that last month was not comfortable!
  • She aimed to breastfeed for a year — and made it a few months past.
  • Starting PetitNest stoked her design bug. She wants to create diaper bags, strollers, and more!