My Daughter Inspires Me (March 24, 2012)

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Tiffani Thiessen lent a helping hand on March 23 at a charity event for Do the KIND Thing, and she tells EXCLUSIVELY what motivates her to give back — her one-year-old!

Actress and mom Tiffani Thiessen, 38, joined with Baby Buggy, an organization founded by Jessica Seinfeld that provides families with clothing, gear, and services, and Do The KIND Thing to give diapers to impoverished families in New York City. "I started working with Baby Buggy pretty much right after I had Harper," Tiffani tell exclusively.

Earlier this month, Tiffani Thiessen challenged people to pledge to do one act of kindness for someone. If enough promised to follow through by March 6, Tiffani made a promise herself: To personally give out diapers to the families in need. People stepped up and accepted the challenge, so Tiffani lived up to her end of the bargain!

As a mother herself, Tiffani felt it was important to involve herself in this cause. The fact that Baby Buggy was working with Do The KIND Thing was icing on the cake. She calls herself a KIND "fanatic" who loves their chocolate-y bars. She claims she was "ecstatic" when asked to join the cause.

"My grandmother used to teach me when I was young that being kind is easier than being mean," she tells us. It's a message she passes down to her own daughter Harper now.

Tiffani was especially glad that this KIND project joined with Baby Buggy because "it's really kind of geared towards parents and really wanting to give back to parents and families who especially need it." Being a parent herself, Tiffani knows how hard raising a child can be.

Congratulations to Tiffani on involving herself with such an awesome organization and getting others to help complete her goal. As she herself put it, "It's nice and reassuring to know that people are out there doing it."

What do YOU think of Tiffani's involvement with the KIND movement, HollyMoms?