What I've Learned From My Kid (February 27, 2012 People Magazine)

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Cherish the little things...

Harper's smile makes me melt. And I love mornings with her: She wakes up bright and cheery, no grogginess.

But don't sweat the small stuff

My husband (actor Brady Smith) is definitely more of a worries than I am. He worries about every step she takes, whereas I'm like, "She's okay! Let her walk!"

Go ahead and look silly

Boy, was I the queen of baby talk! We would have constant babble conversations. I'm sure people were laughing at me!

Sing! (Even if you can't)

If she's having a hard time, I'll rock her and sing her this little hymn. Not that I have a great voice, but for some reason she loves it.

Separation anxiety is inevitable...

I just left her for the first time. It was not easy! I nursed her for 15 months. She was slow to get into food, and I'd been home since then.

So are a mother's instincts

I was walking down the stairs holding [Harper], and I fell and broke my fall on myself and didn't let go of her. You don't even care about yourself; it's instinctual.

Create happy traditions

My grandmother gave me the middle name Amber; my mom gave Harper her middle name Renn. So I'll pick the middle name for Harper's kid!

Indulge in little luxuries

[In New York city, where I shoot White Collar] I ordered room service and went ot o bed at 7:30! [At home] sometimes I'll get a massage. You've got to recharge your batteries.

The days are long but the years are short

I want a video diary of everything she does. She learns [something new] every day. It goes by fast!

— Aili Nahas