Tiffani Thiessen: My daughter likes to play tricks on me (September 2013)

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What has Tiffani Thiessen been up to lately? Wonderwall recently caught up with the "White Collar" star, who dished about fashion, teaming up with Eight O'Clock Coffee to support Dress for Success, her adorable daughter and how she balances it all. Read on to get real with Tiffani...

We've spotted you at spring 2014 New York Fashion week. What was your favorite experience from this year?

"It's hard to say a favorite. I had my girlfriends from Los Angeles fly in, so I got to experience watching them experience Fashion Week for the first time ... So, that was fun and just having a girl's weekend and just hanging out with my girlfriends. And, then my favorite show. I didn't go to a ton, but Vivienne Tam was pretty amazing. ... Her show was pretty spectacular. I was pretty much in awe of everything she had coming out."

You've teamed up with Eight O'Clock Coffee to debut the Red Bag Collection to benefit Dress for Success during spring 2014 New York Fashion Week. How can individuals support the cause?

"It's great. It started on Sept. 11 and goes until Sept. 21. People can go to eBay and bid on four beautiful handbags [from the Eight O'Clock Coffee's Red Bag Collection] ... and it all goes towards Dress for Success, which is a great organization that helps women feel empowered by re-dressing them and getting [women] out into the world to succeed. I've actually worked with them a few times and it's all sponsored by Eight O'Clock Coffee -- which as a working mom you got to have your coffee in the morning! [Laughs]."

How would you describe your personal style?

"It's funny. I have very different days and very different moods in a sense. Like, when I'm a mom, it's jeans, T-shirt, flip-flops or flats. And, then when I need to go out I throw on a blazer because I know that it will always dress it up a little bit. And, then when I'm having to work or wanting to do Fashion Week, or out and about and have an event, who doesn't like a good pump, heels and makeup and all those things? If I had to give myself an adjective, I would say probably more in the classic realm, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to try a trend here or there."

Your daughter, Harper is 3 years old now! What are some of her latest milestones?

"[She] doesn't stop talking! [Laughs]. ... Her big thing right now is being funny. Not so much jokes yet, but she likes to play tricks. Like, 'I tricked you, Mommy.' ... She likes to make people laugh, it's not us just making her laugh now. It's actually really cute, where she wants to make other people laugh."

Do you love to shop for her?

"I love shopping for her a lot more than I even like shopping for myself anymore. Yes! Because first of all, anything looks cute on a kid. There's a lot of cute clothes out there for kids."

Do you have any recommendations for kids' clothes?

"If you're on a budget, Target is awesome. Target is like one of those things, where you can buy clothes for school. Because I want her to go to school and be able to get dirty and muddy and paint and all those kinds of things and not feel like I'm worried about her ruining her expensive nice clothes. There are a lot of New York boutiques here that carry some beautiful lines of clothing. But those are for special moments. And, it's definitely not something that a 3-year-old should be running around in the park in."

What can you tell us about the new season of "White Collar"?

"It's definitely exciting! It's going to be fun for us to back in the fall where we had started our show. We have another month of shooting here in New York City. And then we'll be wrapping our fifth season, which is crazy to think that we've done this for five years already. We have a couple of new additions. ... Some new chemistry between a few new characters on the show, which is going to be fun. As always, we do a very big first episode back and we always do a huge cliffhanger at the end. I can tell you that you can expect that as well."

How do you balance working and mommy duty?

"Luckily, my husband [Brady Smith] is here with me in New York and my mom actually lives with us here in New York. And she is a huge help to us. I would not be able to really, truly do it without my mother. So I owe her a lot."

Do you chat with any of your "Saved By The Bell" castmates?

"Yeah, I do occasionally. I talk to Elizabeth, every now and then. I still talk to Mark-Paul. Those are the only two that I really talk to from the show. Mario, every now and then. But it's very rare. He's a busy, busy man as well. And, most of the time we're on different coasts."