Tiffani Talks Fashion, Crop Tops, and What Really Gives a Woman Confidence (September 18, 2013)

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On the final day of New York fashion week last week, we took a breather from the hectic backstages at Lincoln Center and caught up with busy mom, White Collar star, and Saved By the Bell alum Tiffani Thiessen at Eight O'Clock Coffee's lounge at STYLE360. Thiessen shared with us her favorite fashion tips, her dislike of crop tops, and oh-so much more!

StyleBistro: On the weekend, we'd find you wearing...

Jeans, flats or flip flops, and a tee shirt.

SB: How would you dress up your jeans and a tee?

Heels! Pumps for sure. And a blazer.

SB: Any color preferences for the blazer?

It's funny I used to say I was more of a black, white, and gray girl, until I had (my daughter) Harper. I've embraced color a lot more because of her.

SB: What's your favorite fall accessory?

My purchase probably in the next few days will be boots. So I'd say my booties.

SB: Are you an ankle or riding boot type of girl?

I do both. I love them all! Considering I do most of my winters in California, I don't have to wear the tall ones as much. So when the booties became popular, it was kind of nice for us California girls because we felt like we could sort of still do the fall and winter thing with you guys here on the east coast and still not sweat!

SB: So what's your take on the crop top trend?

It's not for me! (Laughs)

SB: But you used to wear them though! *We're obviously hinting at her Kelly Kapowski days on 'Saved by the Bell.' Kelly was the crop top queen, after all. See above as evidence.*

That was before I had a kid. If I was in my 20s, yeah sure. I just don't feel it's appropriate for my age. I think also they look weird with girls with bigger boobs. We'll use that as my excuse, too. My boobs are too big for crop tops!

SB: So what's your biggest fashion disaster, then?

Oh God! You know, you could look at my whole entire '80s wardrobe. I think you could pick every single look. It was pretty bad.

SB: But they were classic!

(Laughs) I know..

SB: So we're here at the Eight O'Clock Coffe Lounge, which has created The Red Bag Collection. The bags from the collection will be auctioned off to raise money for Dress for Success, an organization that provides interview suits and career development for low-income women. Is this an important message for you?

Absolutely. I come from a long line of strong women. My grandmother, my mother, myself, and now having a daughter, it's important to me to make sure women—no matter what their background, where they're from or anything—can feel empowered and feel good to just take charge. It's a great organization!

SB: So what's your simple tip to boost a woman's confidence?

You know, just a compliment! A compliment says a lot. I know what it feels like to have my husband tell me that I'm beautiful or 'you look great today!' Everybody should have that kind of feeling when someone says something like. And also, I think people underestimate—especially here in New York City—smiling. I'm like 'people smile!' It's actually a good exercise for your face. They just don't smile enough. Even if you don't want to say anything, a lovely, encouraging smile can make someone feel so great.

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