Tiffani Thiessen and co-star Tim DeKay give their passionate kiss a thumbs-up on set of White Collar (August 3, 2013)

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Tiffani Thiessen kissing Tim DeKayTiffani Thiessen and her onscreen hubby Tim DeKay were having a thumbs up kind of day.

The pair spent an enjoyable day on the set of their series White Collar on Friday in which they got to hug and kiss as the cameras were rolling.

Tiffani, 39, who plays event planner Elizabeth Burke in the USA network comedy-drama, was standing on the steps of the New York City Supreme Court when she reached around Tim's neck and gave the 50-year-old a smooch to remember.

Tim was obviously keen on the kiss as he responded by wrapping his arms around the svelte actress.

Afterwards the pair were seem smiling and joking with one another while giving the thumbs up to onlookers.

Tiffani flashed her famous dimples but otherwise was dressed like she meant business in a pencil-line black skirt and matching blazer over an ivory blouse.

Her outfit was accessorised with a red and black handbag and a slim black belt, and black leather pumps gave the look an elegant flourish.

Tiffani plays the very understanding wife of Tim's character, Special Agent In Charge Peter Burke, a hardworking FBI agent.

Later Tiffani was seen taking a break and relaxing in a chair, no doubt taking a load off her feet in those high heels.

Sore feet aside, Tiffani loves working on this show because of her and Tim's successful onscreen marriage.

'It's one of the first scripts that I've read in a really long time, when I read the pilot, that it was actually a marriage that works on TV,' Tiffani told Starpulse.com.

'Because most of the time marriages on TV are filled with drama and affairs and distrusting each other and it's all the opposite with the Burkes, which is what I really, really enjoy about the relationship.'