Tiffani Thiessen reveals passions, Eight O'Clock Coffee and Dress for Success (September 13, 2013)

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Upon meeting Tiffani Thiessen one not only sees her beautiful exterior in her poise and attire, she exposes a true inner beauty as well. Talking with Tiffani is a pleasure. She smiles with grace speaking about her wonderful family and life and talking about the importance of helping women not as fortunate as her have a chance at a new life through the Dress for Success organization. Tiffani may be well known for her roles in Saved by the Bell, 90210 and White Collar but she is so much more than just another actress.

A cup of coffee gets Tiffani Thiessen ready to take on her day of motherhood and work.

In celebrating her love of fashion, helping women and coffee, Tiffani Thiessen has joined Eight O'Clock Coffee, as they commemorate bringing back their iconic red packaging by partnering with designers who have created The Red Bag Collection in support of Dress for Success®. The designs for the red handbags and clutches are inspired by Eight O'Clock Coffee's new red bags.

Tiffani Thiessen talks with me about fashion, work, home and most important, her family.

I asked Tiffani how she has stayed grounded since gaining fame as a child actor.

Tiffani spoke with love about how important her family was in keeping her grounded. She was raised by parents who are still married. They are wonderful role models for her own amazing years long marriage to a "normal man who comes from a similar background" and as a mother to her beautiful three year old daughter, Harper, who is her number one priority and passion.

With life rushing by and so many people who have come in and out of her life, I asked Tiffani if she has continued friendships with her past cast mates.

Tiffani expressed her pleasure of keeping lasting friendships with Jason Priestley, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Elizabeth Berkley.

With her friend Elizabeth Berkley to perform on Dancing With the Stars, I spoke with Tiffani about the possibility of her doing the show.

She revealed that she has been asked a number of times to participate in the show, but Tiffani explained that although it looks like a lot of fun it is not for her at this point in her life.

Being busy working on White Collar, I asked Tiffani if she enjoys working on the show and why.

In her immediate response Tiffani stated that it is the "nicest job I have had". She loves shooting in New York giving her a bi-coastal lifestyle.

Living bi-coastal I discussed with Tiffani about juggling work and home.

Home and family is the priority for Tiffani, her daughter is now in preschool and life is centered around Harper. It is important to have bonding time with her young child who travels with Tiffani, but Tiffani is a realist who will see to it that her career will be balanced in order to allow Harper to grow in a stable school and home life, following in the footsteps of her own upbringing.

Being a mom and starting her career as a child actor I wanted Tiffani to tell me what recommendations she has for kids heading into adulthood whether in the arts or another field.

Tiffani simply stated that it is important to "go for what you are passionate about". Getting a college education should surround one's passions in order to go on to a fulfilling career and life.

Fame and money is not everything in life and we all have our own fears; I questioned Tiffani about what she fears most.

Proving that motherhood trumps everything else, Tiffani stated "that my child is safe and grows to be happy and respected".

Being at Fashion Week I had to ask Tiffani what her favorite attire, accessory and home decor items are.

Beautifully attired in a lovely soft ruffled white blouse tucked into simple shorts with boot shoes, Tiffani proves that she has her own style and knows how to wear it. Tiffani is as practical as she is attractive. Her favorite fashion go-to is a blazer explaining that the blazer "looks good with everything" whether it be dressing in jeans or dressier attire. Tiffani immediately answered with heels for her favorite accessory. As a bi-coastal home owner her favorite home decor items are the framed photos of her family and friends that she can easily display wherever home may be.

Of course being at the Eight O'Clock coffee event I asked Tiffani what made her become involved with the Dress for Success project.

Eight O'Clock coffee is now a staple for her to wake up every morning. Tiffani expressed what most other working moms would state, "as a mom I rely on coffee to get going". Partnering with Eight O'Clock Coffee's Red Bag Collection in order to raise much needed funds for Dress for Success is very important for Tiffani as she spoke about it being a vital organization for "making women feel empowered".

Bid on a designer red clutch signed by Tiffani Thiessen with all proceeds going to Dress for Success.

Taking her part in this important collaboration, Tiffani Thiessen has signed a beautiful clutch, the Eight O'Clock Coffee Minaudiere Designed by KiraKira, that is being auctioned off on eBay. The lovely clutch, along with three other beautiful KiraKira Eight O'Clock Coffee designer red bags are now being sold exclusively on eBay with all of the money raised going to Dress for Success. Bidding ends on Sept. 21.