BFTV Video Interview (December 4 2014)


Brittany: Hey Tiffani! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me!

Tiffani: Oh, honey, thanks for having me.

So, I wanna start things off, obviously, I have to ask you about White Collar, but I know that once we get to Christmas, we'll have seen the last episode. So, I'm curious — what was it like for you going through the process of knowingly saying goodbye to Elizabeth Burke after having played her for so many seasons?

I know, it seems like I have been very fortunate to be on shows that lasted for a very long time. Funny enough, I've been used to saying goodbye to a role or a series that has been going on for awhile and this was no different.

It was sad to goodbye. We had an amazing almost seven years, six seasons on that show. One of the most amazing cast, amazing crew. We got to shoot in New York City. I'm a part New Yorker, I feel these days. It was definitely sad to see. I think the fans are going to be very happy with how we ended the show.

So give me a little solice here. Do you have anything coming up that we can look forward to?

Yeah! I can definitely tell you that I'm cooking up something with the Cooking Channel, again, and you'll definitely hear more about it in the beginning of the year.

Excellent news! You know, one of the things that I loved about Elizabeth is that she always seemed to have it together and I can't help but think Christmas would be no exception to that rule, but how are you handling all the shopping madness? I hear, you do a lot of stuff at home?

I do. I think it's really important to actually have a little bit of a homemade feel to my gifts. I think it shows a little more of yourself and I love doing this with my daughter. We go in and we'll make holiday cookies which is what I've done here.

What's really nice is that the US postal service has made it really easy for busy mom's like me where you can go to and you can get all of your priority mail flat rate boxes which are already decorated with the holiday theme or you can get plain ones and your kid can decorate them, like my kid does. You package them up. You can print out your shipping label right at home and they'll come back and pick up your packages and ship them for you! One-to-three days across the country. Now that is easy.

That is! But it also makes me wonder how to pack everything without it breaking. How do you pull that off?

Well, when it comes to edible things, you want to make sure you pack it well. I always like using the tins because they're nice and sturdy without weighing too, too heavy, but that's what's nice about the priority mail. It doesn't matter how much it weighs. It just needs to fit in the right size boxes which is really great.

With these, I actually used shredded paper which is really nice. Depending on what you're shipping, depends on what you want to use it with. You can use Parafin (?) paper, it just depends on what you're shipping.

See, I need to come and hangout at your house because I have that problem every year.

Anytime girl, anytime.

I tell my assistant, I have a thing called playing jenga. I get one of those flat rate boxes and see how many things can I stuff in this box.

I'm telling you, it's so great, right? I'm literally at the postal service, I'm not kidding you, 3-4 times a week.

So, I'm curious, because this drives me crazy. What's the most difficult thing you've ever had to attempt to gift wrap or pack? How did that go?

I would probably say my daughter's Scooter, probably would be the hardest thing I've tried to fold up, undo, package and put in. Yeah, definitely probably the hardest thing, but I did! I got it in there!

There ya go! When I was a kid, my parents bought me an air hockey table and they left it in the box and put it in the garage. Then they kept sending me to the garage and I was starting to get ticked off like, "Why are we doing this?" And they finally went, "Do you not notice the giant box?" Oh wait, no okay.

That is so funny. "No, it's not there. What are you talking about?" [laughs]

So, the last thing I wanted to ask you. You know, I've loved working with you on White Collar all these years. I know our readers love you as well. So, if we were to get your something for Christmas, what is on your Christmas wish list this year?

Oh gosh, you know. It's funny. My husband asks me that all the time. Every now and then I'll ask for a couple of tools for the kitchen I need, but you know truly I feel very blessed. I have a lot of things and I don't really need anything. For me, it's a time to slow down and spend some time with your friends and family. That's what I like.

Well, hey I wish you a Happy and Healthy holiday.

Thank you so much.

Hopefully, we'll talk to you soon.

You too. Have a great holiday sweetheart.

Alright, take care.

Thanks! Bye!