Tiffani Says Goodbye to White Collar (December 18 2014)

Interviewer: We can't end this! The season finale of USA's White Collar ends six seasons. Tiffani Thiessen is with us. Series finale! I don't like the monality of that.

I know. We're all pretty sad about it. It happens.

Are we going to get what we want though? Because anytime a series ends, I feel like you cannot please everybody.

Of course not. You can't please everybody, but I will say a lot of questions are answered, but there's a lot of stuff that gets left to somebody's interpretation.

You know, it's very White Collar for us to have a little bit of a cliffhanger at the end. It's just the way we are.

Like how the Sopranos ended.

Did you like it?

I loved it!

I was pissed. I was mad.

I (guy): So was I. Breaking Bad, the greatest ending ever of a series that had so much riding on it. I think everybody agrees.

I think everybody was pleased with how that ended.

How did Saved by the Bell end? What was the last thing?

They got married.

Oh you got married. You ended with the wedding.

Yes, then we actually came back and did a prime time thing for a season.

And for 90210, for that finale, were you in that finale?

I'm trying to remember. I think we had a high school reunion or a college reunion. Cause Jason and I left the show early and I think we did come back.

Which one do we want a reunion on? Saved by the Bell, it's been 25 years

(jokingly) Thanks a lot!

I (girl): You look the same.

Awww, you're sweet. Thanks!

I (guy): Why not do that? I mean Mario looks so sexy. He's got the curl out now, he's got the abs. Has there been talk about that?

It seems like there's always been talk about that. Mostly from other people, not so much from us. We see each other, so we don't need a reunion.

Who do you see, from the show?

Mark-Paul, Mario, Elizabeth.

Yeah, they're so fun. Mark-Paul is having a second child with his wife?

Yeah, I just saw their baby last week. So.

How does that do for you? Because your daughter, Harper. She wants a sibling. She wants it now. Someone has to get pregnant. I remember when I was on my third, I really wanted a baby and all my friends kept getting pregnant. And I was so happy for them, but I was ready for it to be me.

She puts more pressure on me than anybody. She is definitely ready to have a brother or a sister.

And the series is coming to a close.

I know, isn't it funny that I'm pregnant on the show.

Oh, so you ARE pregnant?

No, no, on the show.

Okay, so we have so many celebries that come and they don't say they're pregant and then literally, they leave here and they announce to some other organization, People magazine press release. So, you look fabulous. I mean --

No, there's nothing. Happy Holidays everybody! [laughs]

There's gonna be a tweet in about 20 minutes. So, here we are at the finale. Your husband is an FBI agent of course. You are his very solid, right wife and him and Bomer are going against this con ring.

She's a little nervous.

Bomer says, "Big cliffhanger tonight". I know why.


They're setting up for a movie.

Oh there's a movie. Hm. I don't know. I haven't heard about a movie, yet. Interesting. I think about all of us would probably do it. I mean we enjoyed working with each other. It was one of the nice groups of people that we have been able to work with for seven years. I mean truly. I have to say, really.

I mean I would say such a loyal audience. Did you take anything from the set?

I took a couple small things. More of what it meant to me. There's actually a really funny picture of Tim and I in the set which is actually a picture of my real husband, Brady and they literally, superimposed Tim's face onto my husband because they have very similar statures. So I took that cause I thought it was really funny.

Wait, hold up your arm. Is this one of these fake --

Yeah, it's been like over a week! She still has hers, too. We match.

They're the greatest things of all time, but you can't get them off.

You can't. Nope. And I promise, I've taken a shower quite often! She's got a band here and has this one.

Is your show coming back?

Yes, I can promise you. I'm doing something with the Cooking Channel and it comes out this Spring.

Cooking with Tiffani?

Dinner at Tiffani's.

Perfect name. Now do you actually cook or do you just set up the whole, like okay --

No, I actually cook. You will actually see it on the show.

What are we cooking for the holidays?

Oh, uh, this holiday? Actually I'm going to my in-laws so I get a break. I get to do a lot of this.

So is that good synergy? Do you fit right in?

Oh, I love my in-laws. I can say that I absolutely love my in-laws. And it's fun for Harper because she's got her cousins. It's a good time.

You and your mother-in-law. Is it like total harmony in the kitchen like if you're working together?

Yeah, I haven't really done much with my mother-in-law in the kitchen cause when I go, it's kind of like her thing.

That's why you still get along.

[laughs] Yeah, you're probably right!

There's nothing worse than an in-law looking over your shoulder. You're doing some backseat driving a little bit to give some advice.

No, you know I really do have the greatest in-laws. They're the best. And my sister-in-law. We actually just threw a holiday party together. She's one of my best friends. Really, truly.

And you know the key to going to the house. Do the dishes.

I actually enjoy doing the dishes!

You're not in anybody's way. Usually people have a system down. Drink and then clean the dishes.


I think that's the move when you're in anybody's house. If you're caught helping, usually they'll call you off so it doesn't have to last that long. As long as you're caught doing the dishes, you're good.

I think I really won his parents over by doing the dishes on Thanksgiving when we first started dating.

See, great move.

It was good.

Tiffani, will do us a favor?


When you are preggers, please come on back right here. We'll celebrate.

Seriously, the pressure people [laughs].

And I love her name Harper, that's so cute. We're waging a campaign against People magazine. We would now like to become the destination for all baby announcements.

Good to know.

Happy Holidays by the way.

You too!