Tiffani Critiques Her 90s Looks (December 4 2014)


She started walking red carpets in 1989, when she broke out as Kelly Kapowski in Saved By the Bell. Then there were her Beverly Hills, 90210 years. Now, the present-day star of White Collar (Thursdays at 9 p.m. on USA) walks you through 20 of her most memorable photo ops from the past two decades.

1989, with Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Tiffani and Mark-Paul GosselaarI remember the early days of getting my photo taken — it feels like it has been an eternity. It definitely took a little time to feel comfortable. I would say Mark-Paul and I were very similar in that regard. Luckily we had each other a lot of the time to lean on for support. As for the sweater, those were the fad back then ...outrageous sweaters. I remember when I bought that, I was so excited that I could actually afford it. It was expensive in my mind.


Tiffani ThiessenI wish I still had those abs. (Thanks, Harper. LOL.) I was totally into boots back then: cowboy boots, combat boots, all types of boots. I think I started feeling sexier by this age [16]. I was a full-blown teenager.


Tiffani ThiessenPlastic, plastic, plastic. And, man, was it uncomfortable. I didn't start hiring a stylist until I was on 90210. Can you tell?


Tiffani ThiessenDo you think we match? We weren't trying to match. We didn't coordinate outfits that I can remember. But you do stupid things when you're in love, so maybe we did. We gave each other compliments, not fashion tips.

Circa 1994

Tiffani ThiessenI was into '90s sunglasses, long dresses, flannel shirts, ripped jeans. When I see someone dressing very '90s today, though, I think, What are they thinking?

1997, at a party for the 200th episode of Beverly Hills, 90210

Beverly Hills 90210
This was a time that everyone seemed to get along and be in a good place.

1997, at the party with Brian Austin Green

Tiffani with Brian Austin GreenI have no clue what Brian is saying. He may have been singing; he did that a lot. And, yes, that's a White Russian. I loved leather jackets then. I didn't keep this one I think I made the right choice. Now it's all blazers for me.


Tiffani Thiessen This is too sexy for the carpet. I remember after I wore this I was like, "Holy cow, I look like Pam Anderson." I had a stylist for this, so I depended on what she thought. She and I were both wrong.


Tiffani Thiessen I love being blonde, and I have been blonde many times throughout my life. I was even blonde at my wedding and I will definitely go blonde again some day.


Tiffani Thiessen I worked really hard and got really into shape during this time. I worked my ass off. I missed carbs very much.


Tiffani Thiessen I look at these pants and I would never wear them now. But they were of that time and very popular.

2002, at the American Music Awards

Tiffani Thiessen Fringe was all the rage then.


Tiffani ThiessenI remember that I felt good in this outfit. Again, I had worked hard and lost weight during this time, so I felt confident.

2004, with then boyfriend and now husband Brady Smith

Tiffani ThiessenYoung love. He was definitely not as comfortable with the red carpet, at least not yet. I always tried to make it fun, especially for him since he hadn't done it as much. The rule [with reporters] is to not get very personal at all.


Tiffani ThiessenI loved being pregnant. Not as much the first trimester because you just feel fat. But after you really start to show an actually cute belly, then I loved it. But I was very uncomfortable in those heels. I remember sitting down right after the red carpet.


Tiffani Thiessen with Mark-Paul GosselaarMP and I have stayed close, so it's always fun to run into each other at events. We constantly get reunion requests. But we are all on the same page with it: We did it once for People magazine, and that was enough in our opinion.


Tiffani ThiessenI had some people go out and grab some of these [Bieber] T-shirts. I thought it would be a funny thing to do. I gave them all to a bunch of preteens who were huge Bieber fans.

2011, with White Collar co-star Matt Bomer

Tiffani ThiessenMatt is always dancing and singing on set.


Tiffani ThiessenWhen I wear something tight, I use Spanx. I should own stock in that company.

2014, with husband Brady Smith and their daughter, Harper

Tiffani Thiessen and familyMy daughter just looks at the red carpet as part of Mommy's work. Some days she likes getting her photo taken and some days not at all. I have to agree with her.