Tiffani Talks End of White Collar (December 24 2014)


New Celebrity: We're, I guess, celebrating the end of an era.

I know, we're celebrating something sad.

You know what I mean? It's gotta be bittersweet. It's the finale of six seasons of White Collar.

You know, it is bittersweet. It's something to celebrate, of course. We had such an amazing run. A great cast, a great crew. One of the nicest group of people we have ever worked with, but it's sad. Yeah, it was very sad.

Let's take a look. [clip of white collar shows] Oooh. You're good. You're so good! You are! What a great actress! On tv, but I'm sure you'll be back in something fabulous very, very soon. Do you know what you're doing next?

I am. I actually just wrapped up my first technical season of Dinner at Tiffani's for the Cooking Channel.

Omg, that's so cool. Good for you. Is that an official invitation?


We gotta talk about your adorable daughter, Harper for a second. Omg. You posted pictures of her on your Instagram.

Yeah, she's too cute not to, I guess.

She's a stunner. You just look at her and melt.

Yeah, I just eat her.

How about more?

Yeah, we're working on it.

Do you just say that to everyone who asks? To shut people up.

My daughter gives me more pressure than anybody else. Oh my gosh, she wants a sibling so badly.

Does she want a sister or --

Everyday is different. It just depends on what kind of mood she's in, I guess.

It's funny. Duke, my son, is so young. Just over 2. But the weirdest thing, the other day, he goes, "I want Mom and Dad to buy me a little sister."


Isn't that crazy? I was like, "Here's a doll. Calm down."

Other girl: "I'm like Amazon.com. Let's look that up!"

Now, I'm sure everyone must tell you that you have no aged. Seriously. It's kind of insane. So what is the secret to your amazing skin?

Oh, you're sweet. Well, I can only tell you what I do. I'm religious about getting facials every month. I drink a ton of water like I down myself with water. I really do believe that hydration is the best thing for your skin. I really do.

Whatever you're doing, it's working. I love it when you stop by.

Thank you!