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Wednesday, December 31 2003

Happy New Years Eve! As some of you may know, the site was down for most of today. But everything is fine now, nothing was lost. I'm sure it was just a little glitch in the server. If I don't update later tonight, then I will next year ;)

Sunday, December 28 2003

Very small update today, I have pictures to thumbnail so I have this whole week to do it! Anyway, I have added 8 pictures into the following galleries (courtesy of Denise): Sweet Dreams, Ace Venture Premiere, The Stranger Beside Me and Kelly Kapowski. I'll be adding affiliates and submissions tomorrow!

Friday, December 26 2003

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a fun time yesterday! You're probably wondering what happened with my idea of having a christmas layout, but I decided not. I will be making a new layout soon, we'll see about that.

Anyway, today I have added 45 screencaps of The Beauty & the Screech, Saved by the Bell episode. I also added 2 affiliates: Christian-Kane.com and Alexis Bledel: The Golden Girl. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 23 2003

24 pictures today scattered in the following galleries; Unknown (I have yet to organize that gallery), Cast of SBTB, SBTB Promos, A Killer Among Friends, MTV Live, Rock Across America, Buried Secrets and Fastlane. Much thanks goes to Denise and the Fastlane Resource for pictures :)

Sunday, December 21 2003

For the holidays, you can catch Tiffani on Greatest Christmas Moments of All Time on Friday, December 26th at 9:00pm EST, check your local listings to make sure! You can see pictures from her on the show here.

Today I added 25 pictures in the following galleries; Speedway Junky, Fastlane, ABC's Tribute to Aaron Spelling and Brian Austin Green's 20th Birthday Party. Thanks to Jen, Denise and the Fastlane Resource for the pics! I also added 2 wallpapers, created by Aaron (check under 1024x768).

Also, Tiffani's birthday will be coming up sooner than we thought (January 23). Does anybody have any fun ideas to do? Usually fansites have a birthday book, but I don't know. I figured I would ask the visitors first if they have anything. Enjoy the updates!

Thursday, December 18 2003

Tiffani will not be on Good Morning, Miami tonight. The next episode she will be on is on January 15 2004 as you'll see over to the right of you at Important Dates. After that episode she will be in another one, which will be her last.

Today I have added 25 pictures! Five in the Ebay Items gallery thanks to Denise and 20 Fastlane screencaps, courtesy of The Fastlane Resource Center. I also added one affiliate, take a look at the Charles in Charge Fanlisting, in which Tiffani made an appearance on way back! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16 2003

The last of the Speedway Junky caps were added, which is 31. Thanks so much Jen! That's about it for today, tomorrow more pictures!

Monday, December 15 2003

Snow day! So I decided to reorganize the filmography page, it was a mess before! Plus, I added 24 Speedway Junky screencaps (the rest coming soon!), thanks to Jen and 1 screencap in the Hollywood Ending gallery, thanks to Mkone.

Sunday, December 14 2003

Want to see Tiffani's brother, mom and dad? View the Beverly Hills 90210 Christmas Special gallery! Also check out photos I've added in the Cast of 90210 and Philharmonica Gala galleries! Thanks to Denise and Esther! I also added one affiliate, visit; Uma Thurman Online.

Saturday, December 13 2003

Last month, Tiffani was seen in the November 2003 issue of Instinct Magazine! You can read the article and photoshoot as well as 4 others in the Magazine Clippings gallery, with thanks to Katie for scanning them! I also added one picture from the Spelling Entertainment Party.

Plus, one article, "Charm's Way" and 2 affiliates: Pure Beauty Network and Leoni Online, dedicated to Tea Leoni!

Thursday, December 11 2003

Tiffani will be on Good Morning, Miami tonight The show moved to Thursday nights @ 8:32pm, so I'm just reminding everyone - I almost forgot myself! And guess what? The style book is OPENED! I would appreciate any of your thoughts on the style book! That's all for today, pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 10 2003

A bunch of pictures added today in the following galleries; 90210 Promos (thanks Denise), American Music Awards, 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit and United Front Gala.

Tuesday, December 09 2003

It's high quality day! I've added high quality pictures into the following galleries; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Charlies Angels 2 Premiere. I also added pictures from the CFDA Awards and some new Magazine Clippings, thanks to Katie for scanning them!

Monday, December 08 2003

Today I added 34 screencaps of the Pinned to the Max episode, off the Saved by the Bell DVD. I also added 2 submissions to the favorite tiffani role and 1 affiliate: Chad Online.

Saturday, December 06 2003

30 pictures added today in the following galleries; Speedway Junky (more caps coming soon), Valerie Malone and 90210 Promos. Thanks to Jen and Denise for sending in pictures!

I also added 1 submission to the favorite tiffani role and four affiliates: Pretty Kate, Bad For Chad, Totally 1th: One Tree Hill and Shannen Inc.

Also, one of Rave's daily visitors decided to create her own site dedicated to Tiffani Thiessen fansites! It's called Tiffani Thiessen Reviews. Check it out! And yesterday I worked on the Style Book all day, it looks great so far! I just have some finalizing to do. Also, I stumbled upon CelebritySims.com and guess who was there? Tiffani! You can see herself as a Sim here. That's all for now, enjoy!

Wednesday, December 03 2003

7 awesome affiliates added today: Anya.org.uk, dedicated to Emma Caulfield; Tyrese Gibson, All About Kevin, dedicated to Kevin Spacey; The Unofficial James Lafferty Website, The Official Kelly Kapowski Fanlisting, The Official Billie Chambers Fanlisting and The Official Zach Morris Fanlisting.

As for pictures, I added 13 in the following galleries; Hollywood Ending Premiere, Unknowns, Candids, Jennie/Tree Fashion Show and Designer Nanette Lepore Celebrates.... Courtesy towards Denise and JennieGarth.com for pictures added!

And last, but not least, I have added 2 reasons and 1 favorite tiffani role. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 02 2003

Small picture update, but that's because I have to make thumbnails for so many pictures! So of course, there's more coming. For today I added 9 in these galleries; Valerie Malone, Photoshoots, Magazine Covers and Unknowns, all thanks to Denise!

Sunday, November 30 2003

Later Looks like Good Morning, Miami has moved to Thursday nights. She will be on on December 11!

15 pictures added today in the following galleries; Jennie Garth's Wedding, Magazine Clippings, United Front Gala and Cast of 90210. Thanks to Denise for some pictures!

I have also added 6 wonderful affiliates; JanelMoloney.net, Maggie-Gyllenhaal.net, BeyonceWeb.com, CateBlanchett.net, Beverly Hills 90210 Netherlands and Hilarie Burton Online. Finally, I've added one reason, enjoy!

Saturday, November 29 2003

I thought it was time for a change and I just couldn't help, but to use these photos. I don't know if I will keep this up for long because it has a black background and some browsers may not be able to see the text. This year, I will be making a Christmas/Holiday layout for the site, so look out for that!

You'll notice a Style Book in the navigation, that is coming soon. I am adding information on how to get her look, pictures and possibly, what you can buy and what not. It'll be fun! Picture updates later today.

Wednesday, November 26 2003

We have new pictures of Tiffani, actually quite a few different ones today! On November 21st, Tiffani was hanging out with the Dan Band, performing at Avalon. Plus, Katie scanned the US Weekly clippings, more on the way! I also added 1 Cannes Interview (thanks to Denise) and high quality Giorgio Armany Receives... pictures!

I also added 5 new affiliates: Paul Walker: Something Infintely Interesting, Dominique Fan.net, Sophia Bush Online, Just Jena and Desiring Hayden.

Tuesday, November 25 2003

It seems as if Good Morning, Miami will not be airing tonight or that Tiffani will not be on. I've checked TVGuide.com, my TV Guide and the official GMM site. In replacement of no new Tiffani episode tonight, I've added pictures (although I would still add pictures anyway lol). Anyway, the pictures can be found in the following galleries; Valerie Malone, Milk Commercial and Just Shoot Me. Courtesy of Denise for the pictures :)

I also added one submission to the favorite tiffani role? and 3 affiliates: Bridgen' My Troubled Water, dedicated to Clay Aiken; HC Base, dedicated to Hayden Christensen; and One Tree Hill Web.

Monday, November 24 2003

21 pictures added today in the following galleries: Giorgio Armani Receives..., Ace Ventura Premiere, Cast of 90210, Fastlane Promos, Magazine Clippings, She Fought Alone, Ebay Items and Valerie Malone. Much thanks to Denise for most of the pictures added! Tomorrow I'll add some affiliates, as I don't have the time right now!

Sunday, November 23 2003

Thanksgiving is almost here! I'll be having around five days off, so maybe I can do something special for the site! Anyway, today I've added 26 pictures all thanks to Denise! Check out: Valerie Malone pictures and Ian Ziering's Wedding!

Saturday, November 22 2003

27 pictures added into the following galleries; Valerie Malone and Ebay Items, thanks to Denise. Have a good weekend!

Friday, November 21 2003

I've added 14 Valerie Malone and 1 Cast of 90210 pictures! Thanks to Denise!

Thursday, November 20 2003

Tiffani is in the latest issue of "Us Weekly" as part of the Look of the Week! Thanks to Katie for letting me know! Maybe I'll have a scan soon! Anyways, today I added 42 screencaps of the Saved by the Bell episode, Cream For A Day. I also added 3 SBTB Promos, enjoy!

Wednesday, November 19 2003

Today I added 3 Hollywood Ending Premiere in NY and 18 Valerie Malone pictures. Thanks to Denise for the 90210 pictures! She sent in lots more so look out for tons of pictures from her! Plus, Tiffani will be on Good Morning, Miami next week. Check the episode guide for details (see important dates).

Monday, November 17 2003

22 pictures added today in the following galleries; Hollywood Ending Portraits, World Music Awards, Pediactric Aids Carnival, 90210 Promos, Kelly Kapowski and Agency Photos. Much thanks to Maria and Denise for pictures! I also added one affiliate: Jen Style, a Jennifer Aniston fansite.

Sunday, November 16 2003

25 pictures added today in the following galleries; Photoshoots, Motorola Event Party, 90210 250th Episode Party, Magazine Covers, If These Walls Could Talk 2 Premiere, Lifetimes Intimate Portrait, Cast of SBTB, SBTB Promos and Good Morning, Miami.

Thanks to Matt and Denise for some pictures! I also added 1 reason and 2 favorite tiffani role submissions. And finally, I've added one new affiliate: The Official NewsRadio Fanlisting (tiffani was on that show!). Enjoy!

Friday, November 14 2003

Just a quick update today to let you know that I've re-uploaded a few pictures from the photoshoots page because the old ones had watermarks all over them! (I didn't bother to remake thumbnails though)

Thanks to Denise for sending me the last 9!

Thursday, November 13 2003

18 pictures added today! One from Name Your Adventure and 17 from Shriek (thanks to Denise!). Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 12 2003

Today I added 3 reasons, 2 favorite tiffani role and 1 affiliate: Evan's World.

As for pictures, I just added 10 today (I have more pictures, just didn't thumbnail them yet!) They can be found in these galleries; Conan O'Brien, 90210 Fan Club, Movie Posters, Unknown, Younger Photos (miss junior), Motorola Event Party, Opening of Lancel Store, Photoshoots and on November 5 2003 Tiffani donated a purse/bag for the Lupas Luncheon. There were no pictures of her at the event, just the bag!

With thanks to Sonny, Andrea, Denise and Mariela for contributing!

Tuesday, November 11 2003

I started to make a more decent update, but I have to go soon. So I added 6 pictures anyway: Cast of 90210 and Valerie Malone, thanks to Denise! Also, Tiffani will be on Good Morning, Miami tonight. Don't miss it!

Sunday, November 09 2003

57 pictures added today in the following galleries; The Substitue (saved by the bell screencaps, season 1), 90210 250th Episode Party, Disney California Adventure Opening, Candids, Shriek and Buried Secrets.

Also, you'll notice in the gallery - I took down some of the awards and events sections down. Mostly the bigger ones with the most pictures. A lot of fansites are being shut down due to greedy photographers and agencies. It's awful. Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, November 08 2003

13 pictures added in the following galleries; Cast of SBTB, Chanel Grand Opening, Hugo Boss Party, Fox TCA Party, Magazine Clippings and 90210 Promos. With thanks to Dora and Denise for sending in photos for use!

Wednesday, November 05 2003

17 pictures added in the following galleries; Hollywood Ending Premiere, Ebay Items, Kelly Kapowski, Out and About (check under september 9 1999 and random outtings) and Fox Press Tour. Thanks to Denise for some pictures!

Tuesday, November 04 2003

23 pictures added in the following galleries; Younger Photos (before she was famous, thanks to Katie for those scans!), plus She Fought Alone and Photoshoots!

Monday, November 03 2003

Later I've added one new affiliate; The Continue Jennie Garth Home Page.

Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween! So I took some time off the site, but I'm back with daily updates. Started off by adding new Tiffani pictures from October 29! She was at the Jennie Kayne Fashion Show. I also added other pictures in the following galleries; Time For Hereos Charity, Lady & The Tramp 2 Premiere, Shooting Stars, Sweet Dreams and 6th Annual Lili Claire Foundation.

I also decided to create 2 new 800x600 wallpapers and more link-back buttons. Finally, I've added one reason and one affiliate: Leann Webbyen. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 30 2003

Today I added one Video, the first one hosted on TiffaniThiessen.Org! So I'll see how I am with bandwidth and what-not, then I could add some more. And if anybody has any snippets of Tiffani on TV, movies, or anything - or would like to make some - I would appreciate them very much!

I also have a few magazine mentions. Tiffani is mentioned in People magazine. She was said to be being cuddly and kissing American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest. This isn't a direct quote though, so who knows. They could just be friends. Plus, in the new issue of Instyle, there was a snippet of Jason Priestly and he said that when he went to get the paper outside, Tiffani pulled in to just say "Hi!" Sweet, huh? Thanks to Katie for this!

As for picture updates, I added 28 in the following galleries; United Front Cancer Gala Arrivals, 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit, Cast of SBTB and Magazine Covers. Thanks to Denise for contributing!

Wednesday, October 29 2003

33 pictures of Aloha Slater, screencaps to Saved by the Bell season 1. I may update later on, but I have things to complete for school tomorrow - enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, October 28 2003

Started off by adding 1 new doll, thanks to Selin for the cool Halloween graphic! Then I added 18 pictures into the following galleries; Photoshoots, Agency Photos, Fox Party, The Stranger Beside Me and new pictures of Tiffani from yesterday! She attended the United Front Cancer Gala. Thanks to Katie, Denise and Esther for sending pictures in!

Also, Tiffani will be not be on tonights episode of "Good Morning, Miami". But she will be in more episodes as she was signed on to do more. Her next episode will be on November 11 2003. Enjoy!

Monday, October 27 2003

14 pictures added today in the following galleries; Magazine Clippings, 90210 Promos and World Music Awards - all thanks to Denise!

Sunday, October 26 2003

Later I added two new affiliates, browse throughout Amazing Angelina and Madonna's Rare Pictures!

13 pictures added in the following galleries; American Music Awards, Charlies Angels Premiere and The Ladies Man Premiere, all thanks to Maria!

Saturday, October 25 2003

I did a bunch of things today! I started off by reorganizing the unknown and cast of 90210 galleries. Some of the pictures were moved into these galleries; Palm Resort One Year Celebration, Post Emmy Party, Brian Austin Green's 20th Birthday Party, Musical 1Sun Party, Chanel Grand Opening and Rising Sun Premiere.

After that, I did a picture re-count as you'll see I was way off in some counts. I don't know how that happened, but we now have 4000+ pictures! And finally, I added 1 She Fought Alone (thanks to Denise) and 21 Charlies Angels 2 Premiere (thanks to Maria!). Videos coming soon!

Friday, October 24 2003

This site is messing up on me everytime I try going to the main page to enter here. It's probably happening to everybody, so I will try and get this fixed. I just contacted my host and found out that other sites hosted on AlwaysWebHosting.com are having the same troubles. I guess I won't update today anyway, I need a day off! I'll update tomorrow!

Thursday, October 23 2003

27 pictures added today in the following galleries; Burberry Store Opening, Good Morning, Miami, 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit, Giorgio Armani Receives... and Screech's Woman (sbtb dvd caps). Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 22 2003

21 pictures added today in the following galleries; Dr. Dolittle 2 Premiere, On Tour for a Cure, My-Tee Fashion Party, Valerie Malone, Cast of 90210, Fox Press Tour, Rodeo Drive Fashion Gala and Musical 1Sun Party. Thanks to Denise for sending pictures in! I have also added one Favorite Tiffani Role submission.

Tuesday, October 21 2003

Later Tiffani can be found in the November 2003 issue of "American Photo" magazine. I hear there's a picture of her and some little kind of article about one of her photographers. Thanks to Katie for letting me know!

Tiffani IS going to be on "Good Morning, Miami" tonight. I know she wasnt on last week, but she will definitely be playing a major role in tonight's episode! Don't miss it!

Today I added 24 pictures into the following galleries; Photoshoots, The Ladies Man Premiere, NBC TV Press Tour, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, March of Dimes Party, Friends Helping Friends for Cancer and Rock Across America (Tiffani hosted it!). Thanks to Denise for her contributions!

Monday, October 20 2003

A few days ago I added some AIM Icons to promote Tiffani's appearance on GMM. So go check them out and use them! I have also added one reason. In the galleries, I added 23 pictures: 90210 Cast, Married...with Children, Movie Posters, Lindsey Price's Birthday Party, Designer Nanette Lepore and more new images! Two days ago Tiffani was at the 6th Annual Lili Claire Foundations Benefit!

Saturday, October 18 2003

Today I added 1 Reason and 1 Favorite Tiffani Role submission. I also added 72 pictures in the following galleries; The Ladies Man, Two Guys & A Girl (thanks to Denise) and Fatal Distraction, episode off of the Saved by the Bell DVD, enjoy!

Friday, October 17 2003

Later As I promised, I have added a few images, 8 more into the Designer Nanette Lepore event. Tomorrow, I will make a more complete update!

new layout! Does everyone like it? I made it awhile ago and just edited it to my liking. I have also created another layout in the future, so if anyone really really dislikes this layout, let me know in the guestbook and I'll change it quicker than I expected. That's about it, new poll coming soon because it's not customizable with this layout. That's about it, please comment on the layout so I know what everyone thinks :) pictures coming later today!

Wednesday, October 15 2003

Later The guestbook works! I guess it had a bug and removed itself somehow :) So try it out! new layout coming very soon!

Unfortunately, Tiffani was not on "Good Morning, Miami" last night, but she will be on next week for sure! I thought she would have been, but guess not. Yesterday, Tiffani was hanging out with designer, Nanette Lepore who was celebrating the opening of her Los Angeles, Boutique. You can see the new pictures here.

I have also added 4 Hollywood Ending Premiere and 4 SBTB Promos.

Do you remember me saying a week ago that I would have pictures of Tiffani on "The Today Show"? Well, the person who was going to make screencaps for me, it didn't work out. If you could make some screencaps, even if it would be 20 or 2, I would be very greatful. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14 2003

Reminder! Tiffani is going to be on "Good Morning, Miami" tonight, or is scheduled to premiere. Don't miss it! 9:30pm EST. Check listings!

16 pictures added today in the following galleries; Tiffani's 20th Surprise Birthday Party, Valerie Malone, Entertainment Industry Foundation and McG's Birthday Party. Much thanks to Denise for contributing!

Monday, October 13 2003

18 pictures added in the following galleries; Kelly Kapowski, Glamour Magazine Pre-Emmy Party and Hollywood Christmas Parade. I also added one affiliate: Second Time Around, the official Step by Step fanlisting.

Sunday, October 12 2003

Added 4 affiliates, check out Friends Forever: official Saved by the Bell fanlisting, Matthew Net, Emilie Online and Adam Forever.

As for pictures, I added 7 Fastlane Promos (thanks to Denise!), 1 Instyle Magazine Event, 2 250th 90210 Episode Party and 21 Photoshoots (thanks to Matt for most!). That's about it, enjoy!

Saturday, October 11 2003

Later I reorganized the Unknown gallery, and added 13 pictures in there! Thanks to Natacha! If you were wondering where some of the pictures went, well I found out what event Tiffani was at for certain pictures: March of Dimes Party, Fox Press Tour, Pediactric Aids Carnival.

36 pictures added today in the following galleries; Time For Heroes Charity Event, Pediatric Aids Charity Event, Can't Hardly Wait Premiere, Cast of SBTB, Reception for 'World Music Awards', Billboard Awards, National Lampoon's Van Wilder Premiere, Launch NikeGoddess Store, Good Morning, Miami and Aiming to 'Just Shoot Me' (transcription and video coming soon for that!).

Whew! A lot there and I got plenty more to add! Also, I have added a Television Link for Fastlane, great German site w/lots of pictures!

Thursday, October 09 2003

Later I have added The Today Show Transcript, which aired two mornings ago. Read up on Tiffani's appearance on GMM, information on producing her first film, her tattoos and more! Also, if you see above where it says Important Dates and if you click on the GMM link, you'll see there's the episode guide right there for you!

Here's a small, yet big update at the same time! Take a look at 62 pictures of The Gift, Season 1 of Saved by the Bell!

Wednesday, October 08 2003

Today I've added 14 Photoshoots!

Tuesday, October 07 2003

I hope no one missed Tiff on The Today Show this morning, she talked about her appearance on "Good Morning, Miami" and also showed some clips of it. PLUS! She said she will be in 7 episodes of the show total, so we get to see more of her bad boss attitude, which is really funny! AND! She will be producing a film starting sometime next month and she will have a role in it herself. I will have a transcript and pictures soon :)

Monday, October 06 2003

20 more pictures added to the following galleries; Annual Christmas Party, CFDA Awards, Fastlane/Billie, Jennie Garth's Wedding (also you may want to click on the first pic, as I added a larger one) and last, but not least, Good Morning, Miami.

I also added 1 Favorite Tiffani Role submission and 4 affiliates: Official Brian A. Green Fanlisting, ADORABLE: Jesse Bradford Fanlisting, WoofWoof: Peter Facinelli Fanlisting and SENSATIONAL: Mark-Paul Fanlisting.

Sunday, October 05 2003

Today I added 20 pictures in the following galleries; The Stranger Beside Me, Details Magazine Party, Magazine Covers and Environment Party, Auction. I have also added one affiliate: Xtina-VIP.com. That's all for today!

Saturday, October 04 2003

I changed the poll up above and added a Poll Archives page, so if you wanted to see who votes for what then you can go there. And if you have any ideas for a poll, feel free to email them to me.

I have also added 3 new affiliates; Depp Web, Brad Online and Keanu Connection.

As for pictures, I added 6 Magazine Clippings (thanks to Denise), 1 Ebay Item, 3 Out and About, 1 ABC, NBC + FOX Tv, Give Details of programmes and also added 27 of The Lisa Card screencaps. Enjoy!

Friday, October 03 2003

Started off by adding three affiliates: Liv Tyler Web, S Club Seven and Matt Schulze Online.

I have also started adding the caps from Saved by the Bell. Dancing to the Max is the first set I added today, with 43 pictures. I have also added one Favorite Tiffani Role?.

Thursday, October 02 2003

I got some Tiffani news! On October 7, Tiffani will be on the Today Show at 7:00am EST. She will be talking about her appearance on "Good Morning, Miami". If I do get the chance to record the show, I will definitely transcribe it, check your tv guides!

Okay, for the updates. First off, I added one affiliate; Carrie-Anne Photo Galleries. As for pictures, I added 18 pictures into the following galleries; Total Request Live, Friends Helping Friends for Cancer, Hollywood Ending Premiere, Photoshoots, 90210 250th Episode Party and the start of the Saved by the Bell caps, SBTB Promos.

Thanks to Maria and Matt for some of the pictures :).

Wednesday, October 01 2003

Tiff was hilarious last night, I loved her character. She'll be on next week, and the following week (3 episodes), so there's more to come!

Today I added 13 pictures into the following galleries; Giorgio Armani Receives... (thanks to Matt), Magazine Covers and 200th Episode Party (thanks to Maria).

Tuesday, September 30 2003

Reminder! Tiff will be on TV TONIGHT on "Good Morning, Miami"

I hope everyone catches it tonight! Today I started off by adding two affiliates; Hayden NET and Michael-Rosenbaum.net.

As for pictures, I added 11 in the following galleries; Rodeo Drive Fashion Gala, CFDA Awards, La Kings Hockey Game, The Stranger Beside Me, Cast of 90210, Other, Hollywood Ending Portraits and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I also added some pictures into the ABC Tribute to Aaron Spelling gallery, which some of the pics were taken from the Cast of 90210 page. Thanks to Matt for some pics!

Monday, September 29 2003

Remember, Tiff will be on TV TOMORROW! "Good Morning, Miami", check your local listings for times!

Today I added 4 affiliates: Keira Knightly.ORG, Acting Naturally: Julie Stiles, Dedicated to Angelina Jolie and CourteneyFAN.

In the picture gallery, I added two Fastlane Promos, one 90210 Promo (thanks to Katie for those), plus 4 Photoshoots (thanks Chipie) and one of the ABC Tribute to Aaron Spelling (thanks Matt).

Saturday, September 27 2003

Some great high qualities were added, today! Thanks to Matt for them. They are in the She Fought Alone and Out and About galleries.

I also added five amazing affiliates; Catherine Zeta-Jones Online, Sandy Info, Sweet Kisses: Jessica Simpson, Angel Drew and Seann Scott.com.

Friday, September 26 2003

Later Added 7 Link Back buttons, plus 1 1024x678 Wallpaper, 1 Favorite Tiffani Role? and 1 Reason.

Just a few rare pictures, submitted by Katie, today! They are in the Live In (1989), Beaches and Cream Barbie Commercial and Signing Trading Cards galleries.

Thursday, September 25 2003

Uh-oh, I'm getting down with the pictures-to-add count. This weekend I'll start capping the SBTB DVD, so then we'll have tons more pictures! Anyway, today I added 14 into the following galleries; The Ladies Man premiere, Hollywood Ending Premiere, Last Call w/Carson Daly and the Pediactric Aids Charity Event. Thanks to Matt for all the pictures.

Wednesday, September 24 2003

20 pictures today, were added! Thanks to Andrea and Matt for some additions to these following galleries: 90210 250th Episode '98, Alliance For Children's Rights, McG's Birthday Party, Dr Dolittle 2 Premiere and Buried Secrets (promos for the movie).

Tuesday, September 23 2003

27 pictures were added in the following galleries; Burberry Store Opening, World Music Awards, Candids, Hollywood Ending Premiere in NY and Jewels For The Home. Thanks Katie and Chipie for some of the pics!

I also added 5 dolls, created by Selin and added a new affiliate: Kate Beckinsale Online.

Monday, September 22 2003

Later I also added a new section: postcards, just something I thought was cute and fun :)

Today I added 5 Magazine Clippings, thanks to Katie, plus 16 of the American Music Awards. I also added a new affiliate: Allegro Rose.

Saturday, September 20 2003

47 pictures added today! You can see them in the following galleries; Shooting Stars (courtesy of Kellie.com), My-Tee Fashion Show, Fox Upfront Party, Ed Sullivan Show Taping, Motorola Event Party, Rachel Zalis' Birthday Party and Juicy Couture at the Chateau Marmont. Plus one submission was added: Favorite Tiffani Role?

Also, it seems as if Tiffani won't be in the upcoming sequel to "Anacondas". I don't see her name on IMDB.com at all, nor is the movie listed under her name her own section. If anybody has any information about her absense in the film, as to why she's not or if it just happens to be a mistake, let me know!

Friday, September 19 2003

Today I started off by adding three affliates, check out: Calista Scans, Calista Flockhart.tk and KIDMANiacs, dedicated to Nicole Kidman.

As for pictures, I added 46 of the Hollywood Ending Screening and 6 Magazine Clippings. Thanks to Chipie and Katie for some of their scans!

Thursday, September 18 2003

Just a few images today; 1 Lucky Magazine and 6 of the Fox TV Summer Party Press Tour. Tomorrow or the weekend, I'll definitely make a proper update (20+ pictures). Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 16 2003

Just a quickie update today. Added 7 Giorgio Armani Recieves... pictures. More tomorrow!

Monday, September 15 2003

Today I've added 24 pictures scattered among these galleries; Other (there's two pictures of her as a baby, but one is bigger than the other), Hollywood Ending in New York premiere, American Music Awards, Disney's California Adventure Opening, Beverly Hills Wrap Party, Movie Posters, The Ladies Man Premiere, Billboard Awards, Magazine Covers and Just Shoot Me.

Thanks Andrea, Jill, Chipie and Natacha!

Sunday, September 14 2003

Later- I have a change in some news. Tiffani's first episode on "Good Morning, Miami" will be on September 30, 2003 at 9:30pm EST, not october 7. Plus, I hear from Erika that they're playing commercials of the premiere on NBC, and they play it a lot!

Whoops, didn't update yesterday - broke my record of updating everyday. So I added tons of content the other day and today, they are; name meaning, accomplishments, quotations and suggestions. I also updated the trivia and biography pages. Plus, I added the article She Fought Alone.

There's still more content on the way! You can also now submit to the reasons and favorite role as I changed it around a bit so that it'll come to my email address instead of the one that was terminated. As for pictures, I added 12 of All Over The Guy premiere pictures.

Friday, September 12 2003

I was feeling in the mood today to add pictures so I added quite a few! I added 60 pictures into the following galleries; Fox Summer Party, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Charlies Angels 2 Premiere, On Tour for a Cure and Hollywood Ending Portraits. I also added some dolls, created by Selin. There are also some more sections coming to the site, that are currently in the works!

Thursday, September 11 2003

First I just hope that everyone isn't feeling too painful today with what happened two years ago on this same date. Those people will always be remembered :)

Today I've added 35 Photoshoots, thanks to Matt and Chipie, for some of the scans. I also added 2 Karmic Relief (credit) and a few more Giorgio Armani Recieves... pictures, thanks Andrea!

By the way, I bought the Saved by the Bell DVD yesterday. It's looking good, and it has so many episodes! And also the guestbook isn't working. I've been trying to reply to a message and it hasn't worked since last week. I'll try and fix it!

Wednesday, September 10 2003

Guess where Tiffani was yesterday? She was where Giorgio Armani Receives First Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award. You can see 17 images here. Also, thanks to Matt for some!

Tuesday, September 09 2003

3000 pictures everyone! Now I think 4000 would be cutting it, but then again I will be buying the SBTB dvd and capturing it, so who knows? Anyway, today I added 7 90210 Promos and 1 Time For Heroes Charity (thanks Chipie).

Monday, September 08 2003

We got new Tiffani pictures from "Good Morning, Miami"! As usual she looks amazing, how does she do it?? Plus I added 2 If These Walls Could Talk 2 premiere pics, 1 Speedway Junky, 27 Portraits and 2 Cast of 90210 scans.

With thanks to Andrea, Chipie for some pictures and Fan-tastik.com for that adorable Tiffani/Brian scan. I will be fixing some categories since some galleries have two names for some...odd. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 07 2003

Today I added 17 pictures into the following galleries; Lady & the Tramp 2 Premiere, Opening of Lancel Store in NY and All Over the Guy Premiere (thanks Matt).

Saturday, September 06 2003

Rave Exclusive! Thanks to Matt, we have 35 Photoshoots added today! Please do not take them and put them on your site w/o a return link back to tiffanithiessen.org. There are still more to be added. Also, we have a new affiliate visit Michelle Fan. Enjoy!

Friday, September 05 2003

Just a small update today as I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard (lol). Anyway, here are 10 Hollywood Ending Premiere pictures. Look out for affiliates and more pics tomorrow!

Thursday, September 04 2003

Today I added 22 pictures into the following galleries; On Tour For A Cure, CFDA Awards and Photoshoots. Some of the photoshoots were contributed by Matt and some from Samael's Tiffani website, saying that I can add some of his pictures to this site. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 03 2003

Great news (for the site!) Rave will featured as September 13 2003's Celebrity Site of the Day! Thanks csotd! By the way, I changed the splash/enter page.

New layout! Do you like? I do! The picture used in the layout I haven't yet added to the gallery. Like I said, I have a ton of great, rare shoots of Tiffani to add (and also more other pictures on the way) so I'm getting them added soon! Anyway, today I added 18 pictures into the following galleries; Motorola Hard Candy Party (thanks Matt), One Hour Special for 90210, Photoshoots (these were originally in the other section) and The Ladies Man.

Tuesday, September 02 2003

Saved by the Bell is out to buy on DVD! I'm going to buy the dvd soon, once I get money - then I can capture as many pictures of Kelly as I want! Until then, enjoy the pictures I added today: 43 Billie/Fastlane, 2 Billboard Awards and 1 Buried Secrets.

Monday, September 01 2003

3:12pm Forgot to mention that I added a link to the fansites page and a new affiliate; Benjamin Fan.

Yahoo deactivated my email account so now I can't login. I don't know why they would do something like that so now I'm trying to figure out how to make an email address on the domain, but it's not working. So if you sent anything in, please email me here. I'm sorry for this, just my luck.

Anyway, today I added 27 pictures into the following galleries; The Stranger Beside Me, She Fought Alone, Ivans xtc., Vanity Fair, Fastlane Promos, Cast of Fastlane, Magazine Covers, Kelly Kapowski and Valerie Malone.

Thanks to Jeed for some of the pictures, again! I also added an article; Inside 'Fastlane's' Candy Store.

Sunday, August 31 2003

Today I added two affiliates, check them out: Jessie Spano fanlisting (sbtb) and Confessions of Christina Ricci.

I also added 22 pictures in the following galleries; Glamour Magazine Pre-Emmy Party, Time for Heroes Charity, Fox Upfront Party, My Tee Fashion Show, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, NBC TV Press Tour, Photoshoots and Candids. Thanks to Jeed and Jill for some of the pictures added!

Saturday, August 30 2003

No real updates today, but I just thought this was sweet (even though they broke up):

TIFFANI THIESSEN: She's in the new Woody Allen movie, "Hollywood Ending." She's also newly engaged (6 months) to actor Richard Ruccolo whom she met on the "Two Guys and a Girl and a Pizza Place." Richard proposed to her by re-enacting the first time that they kissed. It took place in a parking lot. Tiffani also has starred in "Saved By The Bell" and "Beverly Hills, 90210."

I found that here. I'll update tomorrow with some affiliates and pictures.

Friday, August 29 2003

Today I added one affiliates, visit the O.C. central and I added 18 pictures scattered in the following galleries; The Ladies Man Premiere (thanks Jill), The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Cast of SBTB, 90210 Promos, Fox Winter Press Tour, Movie Posters, Greatest Christmas Moments of All Time (thanks Jeed), Fox Summer Party Press Tour, Charlies Angels, Burberry Store Opening and Fox Summer TCA Party.

Thursday, August 28 2003

Today I had some more time to make a complete update, cause last three days I've been leaving everytime I would make an update. Anyway, I added 1 Reason and 3 affiliates; Salma Hayek Fan, Friends On Request and the Official Lisa Turtle Fanlisting.

As for picture updates, I reorganized some of the 90210 Cast page and moved some of the pictures over to these galleries (with thanks to esther for her help): 90210 250th Episode Party, 90210 200th Episode Party, Ace Ventura Premiere and 1996 Fox TCA.

And finally, I added 20 pictures into the following galleries; Magazine Clippings, American Music Awards, Fastlane Premiere, Chanel Grand Opening and the Can't Hardly Wait Premiere. Thanks to Esther, Jill, Jeed, CScan, Katie and Renee for their contributions.

Wednesday, August 27 2003

Yesterday I added pictures of Valerie Malone, some of those pictures were sent in my Jeed and ana. Anyway, today I added 9 Fastlane pictures (more on the way!) and 10 caps, made by Erika, of the McDonald's Commercial.

Tuesday, August 26 2003

Today I added 14 pictures of Valerie Malone and 4 of the Cast of 90210. I also added 4 affiliates, check out: Aaliyah Fans, Absolutely Anne Hathaway, FanVasion.com and This Time Around fanlisting.

Also, next Tuesday Saved by the Bell will be out on DVD! So who's going to get it?

Monday, August 25 2003

Added 21 pictures of Valerie Malone, more tomorrow!

Sunday, August 24 2003

For starters, I changed the guestbook, thanks to Jen for installing it for me. Can you believe that signmyguestbook.com is actually charging for guestbooks now? Awful! Anyway, Jen also contributed 4 buttons for Rave, thanks!

Next on the list, was adding pictures! I added 37 pictures of Hollywood Ending premiere in New York, thanks to Jill for some of those and added 35 caps of Vertical Horizon's "You're A God" Music Video. Enjoy!

Friday, August 22 2003

Welcome to the new domain name! I would like to thank Dora for her creative ideas on this layout. I must admit, I was stuck on making a layout for this site a lot of times and then I finally made one that I liked, but this one was made before that. So go ahead and visit her site!

There are some new features I would like to mention; dolls and audio & video, both of which are not 100% complete. In the picture gallery, everything is complete. You may view every picture that is up! And the Unknowns and Candids were added onto/organized. I guess that's it for today! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 17 2003

Believe it or not, I am still here! I deleted the virus, and prevented it from getting back inside my computer. Thank god! Anyway, today I added 2 submissions to the Favorite Tiffani Role? and 1 Reason. I also added 5 affiliates, visit; Amy Smart Online (which should be coming soon!), Fan Vault, Lucy is Lawless, Krissy Carlson Online and Its Jordan.

I should be getting the new domain name soon, hopefully by the end of the week. Everything is uploaded over at the new server and I have LOADS of pictures to add, 7 pages and counting. So look out! :)

Monday, August 11 2003

Hey guys, I just found out today that I have very bad virus in my computer. 1000s of other people have it, sad to hear. And it keeps making me shut down every five minutes or so. I don't know when I'll be able to update again. The new domain should be up soon for you all. I just hope this gets fixed soon!

Thursday, August 07 2003

Today I added 2 submissions to the Favorite Tiffani Role? and 4 affiliates; Renee's Diary, Always-BTVS.Net, Rich and Beautiful and Slayer Style.

Sunday, August 03 2003

I do apologize for not updating lately. I got this new server and I have been uploading all the pictures of Tiffani to that server. Once that is complete, I will be able to move the domain to that server. Confusing stuff, I know. Anyway, I am going on another one of my mini-vacations until Wednesday. Once I return, I will update with some stuff and any news I may find.

Sunday, July 27 2003

Today I added 1 submission to the Favorite Tiffani Role? and added 2 affiliates; Kristin Sutherland Online and Lauren-Graham.com. In the picture gallery, I added 7 Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place pictures.

Also, I have a question. I'm currently moving servers of this website to another server. I don't really like this domain name anymore, so I might change it to something else. If you have any suggestions, if you could sign it in the guestbook or just email me. That would help, thanks and enjoy the updates!

Saturday, July 26 2003

Even more exciting news! It keeps on coming! I'll begin with saying that Tiffani is going to be in a new movie! It's called "Anacondas", the sequel to the first one. It's about a scientific expedition who sets out for Borneo to seek a flower called the Black Orchid, which could grant life longer. Meanwhile, they run afoul of snakes and each other. This was founded at the IMDB. No word yet about Tiffani's character, but it sounds interesting! The movie is supposed to come out next year (2004). (much thanks goes to Amy)

The second good news I have for you is that Caitlin sent us more information on "Good Morning, Miami":

Tiffani Thiessen: With or without the "Amber" in her name, this is one tube veteran who knows how to draw a crowd. The former Beverly Hills, 90210 vixen signed with NBC's Good Morning, Miami to guest star in three episodes as Victoria Hill, a heartless corporate manager who is so tough on everybody that Jake (Mark Feuerstein) thinks about taking a network job in New York. If David Spade could survive a few episodes with the beautiful actress on Just Shoot Me, surely Feuerstein can stand a little heat around the office. Thiessen will appear in the fall season premiere as well as the second and fourth episodes.

Look out for some more updates tomorrow (affiliates and more!).

Friday, July 25 2003

Great news everyone!! I found this out from both Erika and Beverley at the same time, so that's why I credited both :) Anyway, this is what was founded on Yahoo News:

Former Fastlane/Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tiffani Thiessen will appear in three early episodes of improved NBC comedy Good Morning, Miami, which moves to Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. In case you don't know it, the wisecracking nun is long gone!

And this is what was founded on The Futon Critic:

Former "Fastlane" star Tiffani Thiessen is set to appear in a three episode arc this season on "Good Morning, Miami." She'll play a TV executive who causes trouble among the staff when she arrives at the Miami station."

Both sound great! Keep coming back for more information on this upcoming season with Tiff!

Thursday, July 24 2003

I'm back! Today I added 2 submissions to the Favorite Tiffani Role? I also added one affiliate, visit; Naomi-Watts.net. As for pictures, I added 5 Outfest Closing Night Gala and 1 Dr Dolittle 2 Premiere. Tiffani can also be seen in the new "In Touch" magazine. I added a clipping of that, thanks to Catherine.

Saturday, July 19 2003

Today I added 4 submissions to Favorite Tiffani Role? As for pictures, I added 1 of the Cafe Assafraz, originally founded here. Then I added 18 caps from Vertical Horizon's "You're A God" music video. More caps coming soon from the video. Also, I changed the 'featured', so go and visit All Stars Online. I'm going on another mini-vacation until Wednesday, so I'll be back to update on Thursday!

Tuesday, July 15 2003

Today I added 5 submissions to the Favorite Tiffani Role. I also added two beautiful affiliates; Glamour Reese Witherspoon and Punk Princess: Avril Lavigne.

Not to mention, I added 13 pictures into the following galleries; Dr Dolittle 2 Premiere, Golden Globe Awards, News Club Party, Fashion Awards, 'Friends' Helping Friends for Cancer and Disney's California Adventure Opening. The pictures that were added were contributed by Jill, thanks! Also -is anyone getting tired of this layout or is it just me? I'll try and create something soon!

Saturday, July 12 2003

Just did some small stuff like reogranize the WWW section and added a new section to the site: Favorite Tiffani Role? so submit away!

Friday, July 11 2003

Back, with some updates! First off, I added 7 wonderful affiliates; visit All Alyson, art of being: emilie de ravin, Oh-Jlo.com, Linda-Cardellini.com, Any Old Actress, The Only Way To Be.com: Monique Powell and Kathleen Robertson Online (Tiffani co-starred in 90210 with her!).

I also added 19 pictures of the Opening of Lancel Store in New York. With thanks to Jill for those images. I'm pretty sure she sent me all those. However, if you sent me a picture from the lancel store, please email me so I can give you proper credit. Enjoy everything!

Sunday, July 06 2003

Today I added 12 pictures of the NBC Departures of David Letterman (thanks to Jill for some!) and 8 of the Motorola Event Party. I'm going on a mini-vacation tomorrow till Wednesday. Once I get back, I'll resume with more updates! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Friday, July 04 2003

Also, I changed the 'Site of the Moment', it used to be of the month, but I figured that I like way too many sites. So the 'Site of the Moment' will last about 2 weeks or so. Check out Nicole's Magic!

Friday, July 04 2003

Happy 4th of July! Today I added one affiliate; Good Morning Miami Gallery, about the NBC sitcom. I updated the Trivia page with two tidbits and added 4 Candids and 1 picture from Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 02 2003

Today I added 1 reason and five affiliates; Cruel SMG, Kate Hudson Heaven, Sweet and Talented, Posh World and Dream Creations.

I also added 27 pictures from the premiere of Charlies Angels 2: Full Throttle. With thanks to Erika, Jill and Jeed.

Wednesday, July 02 2003

Ugh! For the past week I could not add anything to this domain! And then I go on a four day vacation so I can't do anything about it! I'm so sorry to everyone, in fact - I'm moving servers again. Thankfully with the new server, I will have quadruple the amount of space I have now.

Well anyway, on June 18th Tiffani attended the Charlies Angels 2 Premiere. I will have images up soon, thanks to those who are contributing! I can't add much right now, I'll be happy if this even uploads.

Tuesday, June 18 2003

For starters, I changed my email address. So for now on, please email me here: thiessenpictures@yahoo.com. My other email address kept deleting emails and it was really frustrating! So if you have emailed me and haven't gotten a response, please email again. This should be the last time I have any troubles.

As for updates, I changed the featured over to the left of the layout. Visit Brittany Web! You can always apply for next month where it says Apply Here. And today I added one reason and added two pictures! I know it isn't much, but etleast it's something:

Jennie Garth's Wedding // Tiffani with Richard Rucculo

Saturday, June 14 2003

I added two articles/interviews today: FHM Behind the Scenes, which is basically the transcription of the video, and the Last Call w/Carson Daly transcript when Tiffani was on February. The Last Call one is really long and really good. From going to high school w/Snoop Dogg to watching one of her favorites, American Idol, read them today!

Friday, June 13 2003

Just wanted to let you know that I filled in these galleries; Magazine Clippings, Magazine Covers, Movie Posters and Other. I ran out of space while adding the photoshoots, so I will be getting more and finishing everything up!

Thursday, June 12 2003

I just finished up adding pictures to these galleries; Around the World, Candid and Ebay Items. In the Fastlane gallery, there's some things I need to fix in there, but I will do that tomorrow. Today I also added an article; Tiffani astonished to be in Woody film and the Trivia page. More coming soon!

Also, some really nice person sent me some Tiffani pictures, that I didn't have and unfortunately, my email got deleted from server having problems, so if you could please email me back, that would be great!

Wednesday, June 11 2003

I finished up the Major TV Shows today. Tomorrow I will do my best to complete the last section and by the weekend (if I don't run out of space), I will be adding new pictures to the site! By the way, I have added one new affiliate Tiffani-Thiessen.com.

Tuesday, June 10 2003

Today I filled in four spots in the gallery: The Powers That Be, Blossom, Married...with Children and Fastlane. I have yet to upload the rest. If you happen to find a mistake in any of the pictures, please email me and I will correct the mistake a/s/a/p! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 07 2003

Welcome to the new and improved site, now as ThiessenPictures.com! The picture gallery is the only section that is not fully complete, but if you look in there you'll see where it says Working ON below, whatever is below that - I'm still adding onto. You can look at all the picture above that marking. Hope you like everything and enjoy!

Sunday, April 13 2003

Today I added 3 Reasons and 1 affiliate; Wild Neve. I also added 22 Fastlane and 11 Greatest Christmas Moments of All Time pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, April 11 2003

Today I added one new affiliate; Amy Jo Johnson.org and added 2 Reasons (however each time i get the submission back in my emails, they always get cut off, but i think/hope i fixed it) and updated the Credits. I also added 24 Photoshoots; the last 12 were submitted in from Jennifer-Online (which is a wonderful site on Jennifer Aniston). Those last pictures of Tiffani are absolutely stunning!

Tuesday, April 08 2003

Today I added 5 Fastlane pictures and 1 Reason. I know I haven't been doing a lot with adding pictures lately, but I'm sure I'll be able to do a lot come spring break (which starts next thursday). Also, I just found out that the host for this site needs your help! She may be losing the domain for anonymous reasons and she needs some contributions, even if it's like a dollar to help save the domain..and this site!

Monday, April 07 2003

I added two interesting News articles; check out Tiffani's dating status and find out an old show comes to dvd!

Sunday, April 06 2003

8:59pm: Added 12 pictures into the following galleries; American Music Awards, The Ladies Man Premiere, Friends Helping Friends for Cancer, Candids, Photoshoots, Motorola and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Look out this week for lots of Fastlane pictures and other events!

Small update: Added 5 Reasons and 2 affiliates: Christina Aguilera.to and Missy Peregrym Online.

Also, two days ago my email server crashed and had deleted 50 emails. Some reasons that were submitted and a few emails from people asking about the site, tiffani, etc were deleted as well. I was hoping they would all pop back into my account, but ...it's been two days and I doubt that they will. If your reason isn't added in there or if you haven't gotten email back to me, please re-email. Sorry bout that!

Wednesday, April 02 2003

2:59pm: I also added one new affiliate: Nicole's Magic.

Today I added 9 Photoshoots and also reorganized the Gallery a bit. I also added a new section: Reasons. You can now submit as to why you're a fan of Tiffani and be appropriate when you submit. Keep explicit material, ya know, enjoy!

Tuesday, April 01 2003

Welcome back! As you can see, the new layout! Let me know if there's something wrong with any page, or anything at all, or just in general, let me know what you think! Also, if you look at the bottom of the layout it says "Return to Updates >>>" etc., well just click on that to get back to here. I forgot to add the "main" in the layout.

I added these two sections; Biography and Filmography. The Biography took me a day to write up! As for picture updates, I added 63 Valerie Malone. You'll see where it says "new" when you go there; it makes it easier to tell which ones I added. Enjoy!

Monday, March 24 2003

Added 20 high quality pictures in the following galleries; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Chanel Grand Opening, NBC TV Press Tour, Fastlane Premiere and Time For Heroes Charity (thanks to Jennifer-Online).

Sunday, March 23 2003

I did a bit of reorganizing starting with the Articles section. Yesterday, you may have noticed that the links were blue - that's because I was getting ready for the upcoming layout, however, it remains on hiatus. Thiessen Pictures has a new affiliate: Always Blue 4ever.

Today I added 7 pictures of Tiffani totalling 2000! The pictures can be found in these galleries: 'Disney's California Adventure' Opening, Motorola Event Party and MyTee Fashion Show.

Thursday, March 20 2003

Today I added 80 captures from the FHM Photoshoot Interview. You can watch the video here. I'll also be transcribing the video for you later in the week! I also added 3 Unknown, 2 Wallpapers, 1 American Music Awards and 1 Just Shoot Me. And finally, updated the Credits page. I still have like 100 more pictures to add this week - along with some very rare ones that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Some upcoming plans for this site will be a new layout soon along with some new content like biography, filmography, videos and a few more things will be added to enhance this site. I'm going to be turning Thiessen Pictures to a full Tiffani site, but mainly specializing in pictures. Hope you like the upcoming plans. If you have any suggestions on what else I should add, drop me an e-mail or you can fill out the Feedback form as well. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 16 2003

Yesterday I added a lot of articles and some news, but totally forgot to mention anything. As for articles I added one, two, three and four.

In picture updates, I added 3 of the Ladies Man Premiere and 1 Buried Secrets.

Saturday, March 15 2003

Wow! Fastlane was really good last night, next week looks pretty cool too. Anyway, today I added 15 pictures into the following galleries; 2002: Aiport De Nice in France, Charlies Angels Premiere, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Fox Winter Press Tour.

Thanks to Jennifer-Online, April and Andrea for the above pictures. I also added 9 Billie Chambers (Fastlane) pictures. And updated the Credits page as well.

Wednesday, March 12 2003

Ugh, so sorry for not updating lately! I do have quite a few pictures to add yet! Anyway, today I added three new affiliates; Magnitude: Hayden Christensen, Ryan Merriman Online and Room For Two: John Mayer. I also added 2 Candids and 2 Magazine Covers.

Friday, March 07 2003

Fastlane should be on tonight, cause two weeks ago Bill Bellamy and Peter Facinelli came on before Fastlane was originally gonna come on and said that the show was on a two week's hiatus, so...it should be on! Anyway, today I added 16 pictures into the following galleries; Speedway Junky, Shriek, Valerie Malone and Photoshoots.

Tuesday, March 04 2003

Tiffani was at the Lucky Magazine Launch of Down Dog Couture by Juicy on February 27th 2003, you can view 8 images I added here. Thanks so much to Jen (who also owns hold-on.org). Thiessen Pictures also has a new affiliate; visit Jennifer-Online, a Jennifer Aniston fansite.

Sunday, March 02 2003

Today I added 43 Billie Chambers (Fastlane) images. That's about it!

Saturday, March 01 2003

I added a few random pictures today; 1 Candid, 1 Magazine Clipping, 2 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (thanks to April for scanning one in!), 4 Ebay Items and 5 Kelly Kapowski.

I also added two new affiliates; After The Makness, a personal website and The Razor Blade, soon-to-be A door fansite. I have a few ideas for this site about converting everything into tables. A few examples of tables are: About Julia and Kate Bosworth Fan - some of my favorites! I really like that 'busy' look on websites so I'm thinking of that appeal. Tell me in the Guestbook if you like/dislike that idea. Thanks!

Thursday, February 27 2003

9:03pm: I added 25 Total Request Live pictures courtesy of Saved by the Bell Now. I still have a few affiliates to add later in the week and, like always, more pictures!

Do you all like the new layout? I do! I found a slew of awesome pictures on Tiffani lately, so I'm going to be adding them day by day. I'll try and update a little later on with some pictures!

Monday February 24 2003

I got two tidbits to share with you; Tiffani is on the McDonald's commercial! (thanks Only SMG) I haven't seen her yet, as I don't really watch a lot of TV. I'll try looking for any pictures from the commercial. Also, Fastlane won't be on this Friday. Last Friday it wasn't on either. Just wanted to let you know ahead of time. Today I added 30 pictures from when Tiffani was on The Last Call with Carson Daly and added one Friends Helping Friends for Cancer. I have tons more pictures to add later on in the week!

Saturday February 22 2003

Thiessen Pictures Exclusive! I added 16 Photoshoots and 8 Fox Summer TCA Party pictures thanks to Brittany Murphy Web, Alavigne.com and Wire Image.

Friday February 21 2003

I added a few images today; Dr. Dolittle 2, If These Walls Could Talk 2, My Tee Fashion and Glamour Magazine Pre-Emmy Party. Look out for exclusive pictures coming soon!

Thursday February 20 2003

9:30pm: Uck, I just had a blonde moment. I thought that Tiffani was gonna be on tonight and she was on last night :( That's so sad. So I guess no transcription, unless they play reruns of it; I hope!

This is not a real update, just a reminder that Tiffani will be on The Last Call with Carson Daly at around 1:35-ish tonight (after Conan O'Brien), so be sure to watch it! I'll be transcribing the event and hopefully getting some pictures for you as well!

Tuesday February 18 2003

I've been thinking of a new layout for this site, cause I said I was going to create a new one since the current one up now is just a temp. Anyway, I added the last of The Powers That Be caps, thanks to James - they look great! I also added 6 Ebay Items and 4 more of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week exclusively thanks to Brittany Murphy Web and A Lavigne.com. Thiessen Pictures has a new affiliate; Starkiss.org.

Friday February 14 2003

Happy Valentine's Day! I filled up two spots today in the gallery: From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money and Shriek: If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th. I also added 2 new pictures of the Fox Winter Press Tour and 2 more from The Stranger Beside Me. Word has it that Tiffani will be on The Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday, February 20th! I think it's right after Conan O'Brien, I'm not sure. I actually found this information from Saved by the Bell Now; Erika also has pictures there from when she on TRL a few days ago as well.

Thursday February 13 2003

So what did you think of Tiffani on Conan O'Brien on Tuesday night? I was surprised I could stay awake that long, cause I was nearly falling asleep. Tiffani was beautiful as always! And if you've missed it, I transcribed her whole appearance here and I also added 49 caps of her on Conan O'Brien too. We got some more brand new pictures of Tiffani! Tiffani went to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Monday, February 10th 2003, thanks to Marty and Jen. I also added more pictures of The Powers To Be thanks to James.

Monday February 10 2003

Another new layout! This one is made specially for Valentine's Day. I know it's pink and since mostly guys come here - you probably won't like the color, but think of it this way: it'll be up until around Saturday or Sunday (cause that's when V-Day ends). But I hope you like it! So anyway, I added 25 The Powers To Be caps thanks to James. I also added 9 pictures of Fastlane. Don't forget, Tiffani will be appearing on Conan O'Brien tomorrow night; check your listings for details!

Sunday February 09 2003

Today I added 29 Blossom pictures thanks to James for capturing them! I also added 7 Billie Chambers pictures. I got tons more to add this week! And I'm also thinking of another layout, there's something bugging me about the current one up now and I just don't like it.

Friday February 07 2003

Great news everyone! Fastlane isn't gonna be cancelled AND they're hoping for another season PLUS there's all new episodes coming up. There's also a rumour going around that Tiffani is now single. I found this information from the Fastlane Message Board. The girl who posted it didn't state a source so I'm not posting it here because right now it's a rumour to me. If it's the truth, she'll probably say something about it on the Late Show with Conan O'Brien on February 11th (hint, hint). I also added a news article here (thanks to Erika).

Anyway, I added 26 pictures into the following galleries; Candid, Etc., Can't Hardly Wait Premiere, Two Guys and a Girl, Ebay Items, Charlie's Angels Premiere, American Music Awards, Hollywood Ending Premiere, Burberry, Photoshoots, Magazine Covers, Cast of SBTB, Cast of 90210, Hollywood Ending in NY, Fox TV Upfront Party and Valerie Malone. Wow! Look out tomorrow for more goodies!

Thursday February 06 2003

Today I added 25 pictures in the following galleries; Fastlane/Billie Chambers, Fastlane Promos, Magazine Covers, Cast of 90210, Promos of 90210, The Stranger Beside Me, She Fought Alone and Hollywood Ending Premiere in NY.

Tuesday February 04 2003

9:26pm: I pretty much reorganized the whole site except the image gallery simply cause there's nothing to organize! As for picture updates, I added 6 Valerie Malone pictures and 4 Cupid. It would be great if you could tell me what you think by signing the guestbook.

New layout! I still have to add the articles, extra, online and book in the navigation, but you get the idea for now. I'll try and add a few pictures for you after I'm done getting this site back together! Hope you like!

Sunday February 02 2003

I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick of this layout! I love it, but I'm tired of purple. So I'll try to make a new layout for this site soon. Last night I did some reorganizing of this site; put the Unknown pictures into the categories, fixed some pictures around; that stuff.

Today I added 36 pictures into the following galleries; Ebay Items, Hollywood Ending Premiere, Video Music Awards, Opening of Lancel Store in New York, Fox TV Upfront Party, Clippings (thanks to April!) and, of course, Fastlane.

And to top all that off, I added 5 Past News Articles; A Breakout for Tiffani, Tiffani-Amber Talks Back, A Teen Success Story, Celebrity Romance and Instyle Interview. BIG thanks goes to Katie for those! Enjoy!

Saturday February 01 2003

I'm still here! I've been really busy lately, but thank god it's the weekend so I can update! Unfortunately, this is gonna be small. I have Fastlane pictures and articles to add tomorrow. But anyway, I added two new affiliates; Reese.nu and Fave 4.de. I also added 4 pictures from Around the World.

And another thing, about Tiffani being on Conan O'Brien on February 5th, I hear that it is being rescheduled. She is now going to appear on February 11th, thanks to Catherine for the info.

Tuesday January 28 2003

Sorry for not updating later that day, but I found quite a few rare pictures! So today I added 11 pictures in the following galleries; Valerie Malone, Late Night with Conan O'Brien (this one was back in 1994), Billboard Awards and Just Shoot Me.

Sunday January 26 2003

So far today I added a news article. I'll be updating later!

Friday January 24 2003

Purely Elegant has two new affiliates, please visit; Saved by the Bell Now and Lunatic; The first Murphy Lee Fansite. I also added 32 Cast of SBTB pictures, found here and here.

Thursday January 23 2003

Happy 29th Birthday Tiffani! Today I added 32 Fastlane pictures as well as 12 Hollywood Ending Premiere in NY ones. I also updated the Credits page. And we got some good news! Tiffani will be on Late Night with Conan O'Brian on Wednesday February 05 2003. Thanks to Catherine for the info. I'll keep you all reminded so you don't forget!

Wednesday January 22 2003

7:44pm: Small update, but I figure why not? I added four Photoshoots, one Dr. Dolittle 2 Premiere picture and two Magazine Clippings.

I may update later, but if I don't I wanted to wish Tiffani a Happy Birthday! Tomorrow is her birthday and she'll be 29 years old! She's come far in her career and I hope she never stops doing what she loves!

Monday January 20 2003

I really wasn't planning on updating today, but then Pete was nice enough to send me this link filled with Fastlane pictures! So anyways, I added those pictures into the Fastlane gallery. I also added a new article here.

Sunday January 19 2003

Today I added 53 pictures into the following galleries; Cast of SBTB, Fastlane, Magazine Clippings and Kelly Kapowski. I also added one more Fansite.

Saturday January 18 2003

Like I promised, I updated these two sections; Fansites and Credits. I also reorganized the Unknown section and put them into their categories such as; The Ladies Man Premiere, Valerie Malone and Outfest Closing Night Gala: Red Carpet - thanks Strawberry for your help! Don't forget to check out our newest affiliate; Closet Space (personal site).

I also added around 50 pictures into the following galleries; American Music Awards (Credit), 90210 Promos, Cast of 90210 and I created three Wallpapers. Enjoy!

Wednesday January 15 2003

Wow! Today I went picture hunting and I found over 100 pictures to add this week! So anyway, I added 21 pictures in the following galleries; Fastlane, Magazine Covers, Photoshoots, Movie Posters, Instyle Magazine Event, Married... With Children and the Fox Summer TCA Party. And I also updated the Credits page.

Tuesday January 14 2003

9:55pm: I added a Video/Transcript. It's kind of new!

Since I've been promoting this website more recently, I added some Promotional Affiliates also including Rose McGowan Web. Today I added 15 pictures in the following galleries; Ebay Items, Clippings and Mall Outings. Later in the week, I hope to add fansites as well as websites in those sections and reorganize the "Unknown" gallery.

Sunday January 12 2003

I added 14 pictures in the following galleries; Candids, Instyle Magazine Event, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Around the World, Etc., Cast of SBTB, Motorola Event Party, 90210 Promos, and Speedway Junky.

Saturday January 11 2003

I added 16 Photoshoots and 55 Valerie Malone pictures.

Friday January 10 2003

We finally have 1000 pictures! Maybe we could get 2,000...wouldn't that be great? Anyway, I added 38 pictures in the following galleries; Speedway Junky, Fastlane, Just Shoot Me, Valerie Malone and Ebay Items.

I also added three affiliates; Obsessed: Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson Online and Samael presente Tiffani Thiessen. And finally, I created a Link-Back button. Enjoy!

Sunday January 05 2003

I've added 26 pictures into the following galleries; The Ladies Man, Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place, Photoshoots, News Radio, Candids, Kelly Kapowski, American Music Awards and Hollywood Ending. I also added two new affiliates; Starring Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt. US.

Saturday January 04 2003

With my new Capture Card, I captured 62 stills from Hollywood Ending. This site almost holds 1000 pictures! Well that's all for today, enjoy!

Thursday January 02 2003

6:54pm: I added one new affiliate; Dazzling Denise Richards.

Today I added 65 pictures of Sweet Dreams.

Lately I've been posting with these people who are a fan of Tiffani's new show, Fastlane at this message board. If you'd like to join, it's here. It's really fun! There's general discussions, a Billie (Tiffani) discussion and more on the show! Anyway, on January 10th, Fastlane will be moving over to Fridays @ 8:00pm, so keep watching if you have! And if you haven't, I'd suggest you do - it's a great show!

Wednesday January 01 2003

4:43pm: I added a News Article, kind of old, but interesting!

Happy New Year! Today I've added 11 pictures in the following galleries; Hollywood Ending, Unknown, Magazine Covers and the Fox TV Upfront Party.