*NOTE: Not all links will work as some are from a previously hosted server.

Monday December 20 2004

One more day, guys. Well - I took the video clips down, only because this site almost exceeded its bandwidth once again. If the site does that, that means you guys will have to wait till the end of the month for the site to back up - and I don't want that!

Thursday December 17 2004

Finals and projects are taking over my life! I will be able to update next Tuesday or Wednesday for sure, then everything will be over for a whole month! Keep chatting away at the forum. Also, rotated in a new set of video clips.

Thursday December 09 2004

1:27am A french Tiffani Skyblog has been introduced to the web. It has some interesting things, some information, photos. The aforementioned link is in french; however you can view it in English using the google translator.

The video clips have been changed to zip files, to save bandwidth so that the site doesn't shut down with the overload of visitors downloading files. Some submissions: 3 favorite tiffani roles, 1 caption this! I'm thinking about adding more interaction - any ideas? What do you guys think about a daily poll?

I also added three affiliates on: Christian Coulson, Jessica Harp, and Natalic Coughlin.

Wednesday December 08 2004

Rotated in a new video clip set.

Tuesday December 07 2004

If anybody sent me an email yesterday or this morning, can you please resend it? I know I deleted someone's email by accident.

Friday December 03 2004

Four more Juicy Couture Store Opening photos. Is that a ring Tiffani's wearing? Discuss this in the forum, along with others!

Thursday December 02 2004

10:38pm One affiliate on Shoshana Bean, plus two pictures, the 'other' is from Geno Steaks, a restuarant in which Tiffani cooked food (for I day, I guess). Other celebrities did this, as well. Thanks to Andrea for that and Esther for the other!

I've gotten a few emails stating that the videos I recently added don't work, and so I found out that the file extensions for the coding were wrong. So sorry! All the video clips work. :)

Wednesday December 01 2004

10:44pm Designed five more MSN Icons.

NEWS: Tiffani went to the Juicy Couture Store Opening on November 20 2004! There are currently 15 pictures.

Super Update! We have a little bit of everything today...

One article: Other Reality Hopefuls (not another one?), three video clips, courtesy of Chaz and Cristelle; you'll also notice there are only five clips there, next week there will be another five clips only to save bandwidth.

Bigger and better quality photos here. Three affiliates on Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kristin Chenoweth and Drew Fuller. One caption this!. Finally, I have added three new bits and pieces of info from the Style Book; look for the 'new' icon.

Don't forget to discuss Tiffani in the forum :)

Saturday November 27 2004

Two new affiliates on Avril Lavigne and Jennifer Lopez. Also, some screencaps (created by Chaz) from Lifetime's Intimate Portrait.

Wednesday November 24 2004

11:39pm I've been meaning to clean out the affiliates page, and I just got finished (took hours!). You can see the new affiliates page here. There are now no buttons, only for top affiliates / recommended ones. Hopefully it's more organized and easier to get to a link. There should be no deadlinks!

RAVE's bandwidth limit exceeded earlier and so I've taken down the video clips section, only till the end of the month, so they'll be up December 1st. Some possible updates later today!

Monday November 22 2004

Back, don't have DSL anymore - so I probably won't be uploading anymore videos anytime soon. Sorry, however; I did upload a few high qualities here. Some Fastlane promos (which we have, but they're bigger this time), some clippings, photoshoots.

Friday November 19 2004

Something's wrong with my DSL, guys. I'm afraid I might not be online for a couple of days, or possibly a week.

Wednesday November 17 2004

4:04pm As promised, added the scans (some duplicates only because they can go in two categories), plus some submissions: one caption this, two reasons and two affiliates on "The Notebook" and Caroline Dhavernas.

Added that video clip of TGaaG "The Bear", thanks Chaz! And you may want to notice that the real media player clip is made for people on dial-up (as it's not that big), but the window media player file is a lot bigger with the best file quality. So it's your call :) Scans, submissions and affiliates coming later today!

Tuesday November 16 2004

Got some captures from The Bear episode of TGaaG, thanks to Chaz. Video clips are coming soon and so are some scans I won on Ebay! Speaking of Ebay, Aaron is selling a huge Tiffani Thiessen lot (dvds, vhs, magazine clippings). You may want to check it out ;)

Saturday November 13 2004

12:29am Jen scanned in three magazine clippings.

Tiffani looked wicked on that show! ;) We have screencaps and a video for you, courtesy of Chaz. Let me know if you guys want a transcript in the guestbook or the new forum.

Friday November 12 2004

1:48am The FORUM has been re-opened! Invision Free is pretty stable so I'm pretty sure we won't be having any server crashes in the near future! Go ahead and post, laugh, have fun, meet fans and chat as much as you want! Also one affiliate on Neviah (punk band).

8:08 pm Thanks a millions to Chaz making us four TGaaG video clips all from "War Stories"! And thank goodness I got my DSL or it would have taken forever to upload, enjoy the funny clips ;)

Ladie2002 has just informed us that 50 Most Wicked Woman of Primetime will be re-airing on November 13th at 12pm, November 14 at 6pm and November 15 at 8pm, all EST. Hopefully, I can get a transcript up or maybe some captures up for you guys :)

For today, I have added one affiliate on Billy Talent, plus one favorite tiffani role. Finally, 80+ captures of the TGaaG episode of "War Stories", thanks so much to Chaz!

Wednesday November 10 2004

Katie has just informed us that 'Valerie Malone' came in 4th in 50 Most Wicked Women of Primetime, which was held on E! earlier today. They mainly talked about Tiffani's character, but also had some behind the scenes footage. If this show ever comes on again, I'll be sure to let you guys know!

Sunday November 07 2004

One of each: reasons, favorite tiffani role and caption this! Also, 20 photos (screencaps, scans) here. Thanks so much to Denise, Fred, Jad and April for submitting!

Saturday November 06 2004

Zach's War has been capped with 23 photos. Plus, one article from October: Tiffani's Town. Some 'TGaaG' caps coming and scans this week!

Thursday November 04 2004

I'm sorry guys, I uploaded "The Prom" screencaps and they didn't all work, so now they're scattered here, however I did add about 60 so go look! Plus some Season 2 Promos. Also, I didn't forget about the forum - I'm gonna try to get it up this weekend!

Tuesday November 02 2004

Three new affiliates on Nathan and Haley, Jeremy Sumpter and Britney Spears. Also, Married ...with Children caps from "What Goes Around, Comes Around" episode, thanks to Chaz for capping them!

Saturday October 30 2004

Happy Halloween everyone! Be sure to dress up, have fun and enjoy lots of goodies! I can't update right now, and most likely won't till Wednesday of next week, however; I found this really good graphic challenge in my referres, including Tiffani! Check this site out and you can submit your graphics of Tiffani or take a look at ones already made (which are absolutely beautiful!).

Monday October 25 2004

One affiliate on Allison Janney and CJ Gregg, as well as two reasons, one caption this.

Three episodes capped from SBTB: Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind, Slater's Friend and Screech's Birthday. Enjoy!

Friday October 22 2004

One video clip uploaded: Speedway Junky, thanks Anders!

Wednesday October 20 2004

I'm all done with the She Fought Alone caps! Next to cap: more SBTB. Also, one Just Pray on the set photo, courtesy of R. Dean Johnson and Tiffani.

Tuesday October 19 2004

A bunch of things today: 3 reasons, 3 favorite tiffani role plus one affiliate on Lexa Doig.

Some soft news related to Tiffani wearing this new cell phone trend. Also some more She Fought Alone caps, plus I fixed those broken images in the gallery!

Monday October 18 2004

Hey guys! I reuploaded those photoshoots in the October 16 update, they should all work for everybody. Also, the accomplishments page now works. And we have a seemingly new photo of Tiffani with R. Dean Johnson (her co-producer and writer from Just Pray). Article + Picture Here, plus another picture of Tiffani, thanks to Jeed for giving us the heads up.

Sunday October 17 2004

I think something is wrong with the server, because I uploaded those high quality pictures yesterday and now they aren't uploaded. Does anyone else notice this or is it just my crappy computer?

Saturday October 16 2004

I wasn't planning on updating tonight - but hey, here's some pictures and a few high quality shots:

click for view click for view click for view click for view

Thanks to Fred for the french scans (in which Tiffani is currently on the French Maxim cover).

Tuesday October 12 2004

A little bit of everything today: some pictures from 'She Fought Alone' and events, plus two more filmography pages: She Fought Alone and The Stranger Beside Me.

One affiliate on Eva Longoria, plus two reasons, one caption this! and one favorite tiffani role submission. Enjoy!

Saturday October 09 2004

As promised, four reasons added as well as four affiliates on Joshua Jackson, Majandra Delfino, Jude Law and Gwen Stefani. Wish I could add more, but I'm tired, good night!

Friday October 08 2004

I am still here, all I can say is two words: midterm essays lol. Anyway, I have added a few photos in the gallery. Lots more pictures on their way, as well as high qualities!

Also, I updated the filmography page with it reorganized! I also added three more pages: Speedway Junky, Buried Secrets and Sweet Dreams. Affiliates and submissions coming tomorrow!

Saturday October 02 2004

13 more pictures added to the gallery. Some of the candids, ebay items and unknowns were switched around, mostly added to their correct categories. Also new high qualities: here and here.

Tiffani can be seen in the new Sophisticated hairstyles using this advertisement, if you are interested in your own. Thanks Katie. Other than that, Tiffani news is kinda slow which gives me time to update this site some more!

Friday October 01 2004

A bunch of event photos added to the gallery. Also some affiliates: TimeK Online, Busted JMC and Jesse Online. Plus, one reason. Lots ahead!

Monday September 27 2004

Around 30 pictures added to the gallery. More She Fought Alone caps and some scans, thanks to April.

One video clip from 'Just Shoot Me', however; it's dubbed in a different language. But hey, thanks to Fred for sending it in! I also added one article: Speedway Junky Commentary, which I transcribed awhile ago! Well enjoy :)

Friday September 24 2004

I've added a slew of clippings in the gallery, the one's from April's auction. Thanks April!

Nine more AIM Icons created (all non-animated), plus I customized the guestbook to match the layout (which also opens up in the iframe).

A bunch of submissions: two reasons, one caption this! and three favorite tiffani role's. Seven new affiliates on Da Brat, Michael Phelps, Pamela Anderson, Rascal Flatts, PSDs, Hayden Christensen and Angelina Jolie.

Thursday September 23 2004

I just got done doing a whole lot of reorganizing; this site definitely needs it. The layouts page has been redone as well as the biography pages with chapters! I also customized the filmography pages to match the layout. Affiliates and submissions coming soon!

Wednesday September 22 2004

Finally, you're thinking right? I must be the pickiest person when it comes to designing a layout for myself...ahh, and my apologies if it had taken long to load. I had to make this into a certain extension or else the layout would look funny.

But I really hope you like it, hopefully the colorful appeal you guys like :) Leave comments in the guestbook? Also, both the filmography pages and the forum (I will be creating a new one) will be back.

Saturday September 19 2004

About 20 more caps added here, plus five really elegant photoshoots of Tiffani here. They look like they are from her Fastlane days... anyway the photos are dated January 1 2003. Enjoy!

Wednesday September 15 2004

50+ more caps from She Fought Alone. I'm really trying to get this layout up, but for now, I hope you are happy with the caps I'm adding! Take care :)

Monday September 13 2004

Once again, more images added in the gallery. She Fought Alone caps and two SBTB Promos, in which I scanned!

New layout should be coming soon. I finally created something that I seemingly like. I'll warn you tho - it's really simple. And also...for those of you Ebay shoppers: someone is selling pictures of Tiffani from this website, and they even have my watermark on them. I would advise to buy them cause you'll probably get the same thing only printed out. All the pictures in my gallery are supposed to be for viewing only. Well..good night :)

Sunday September 12 2004

Lots more images added to the gallery. Thanks to Fred, Esther and Denise for sending in pics! Also, about 50 more She Fought Alone caps.

Two favorite tiffani role submissions and one affiliate on Stephanie McMahon. Also! My friend, April is selling a mega clippings collection on Tiff! (60+) The auction can be found here. Go bid, cause I'm broke! lol

Friday September 10 2004

As some of you may know, the site was down earlier today, but as you can see - it's back up! My host was revamping their site and somehow made rave shut down. But they were really nice about, so if you need a host - go to them!

Also, uploaded some more She Fought Alone caps. I can tell there is gonna be a lot coming!

Wednesday September 8 2004

The first set of 'She Fought Alone' caps have been uploaded here. Tons more coming! Also, two affiliates on Catherine Zeta Jones and Leighanne Littrell. Finally, four reasons and one favorite tiffani role submission.

Sunday September 5 2004

I've uploaded some more pictures to the gallery, the clippings I got from ebay and some more events. The layout is still coming soon, I am having major layout blockage recently, I'll try and get something up soon!

Saturday September 4 2004

Is everybody watching the marathon on Fox? Until 6:00pm, Fox is having back to back episodes of 90210! although, Tiffani's last episode was aired this morning. Anyway, I added loads of photos in the gallery ranging from events to the wallpapers I talked about yesterday. Wanted to thank Denise for the La Kings pictures, and Djed for the wallpaper made!

Friday September 3 2004

More photos added in the gallery under Sept 3 (if you didn't know). Thanks to Mandy for the American Music Awards pictures! I will be also adding the wallpapers into the gallery and making all the affiliates into text links.

To conclude today, I added two affiliates on Avril Lavigne and Lisa Marie Presley. Finally, two favorite tiffani role submissions and one reason.

Thursday September 2 2004

Thanks Dora for updating earlier today! Yeah, I had to go back to college for some more classes, so she helped ;) Anyway, Rave is nominated at the Elite Fan Pages (once again) for the site of the month, which would receive lots of visitors if we win because this site will be on the main page for a whole month! Plus it might get people interested more in Tiffani and maybe become fans! So please vote, it would be great to win! lots of things tomorrow!

Gallery update! I edited the top a little and added some photos such as Hollywood ending Premiere, Fox Winter Press tour. Enjoy!

Monday August 30 2004

I've added a bunch more photos! The candid is thanks to Zena and the Flashback! Clipping was scanned by April. View Updates

Look ahead for some more clippings I got in the mail from Ebay, and the She Fought Alone DVD screencaps!

Sunday August 29 2004

Well I started college, so updates will be a little slimmer. Today I've added some more images to the gallery, which is becoming a hit to Rave's visitors! The Stranger Beside Me, Clippings and 90210 Promos were sent in by Denise, thanks!

I've also added three affiliates on Jodie Foster, Billy Boyd and Ruslana. Some guidelines added to the affiliate page. And finally, one favorite tiffani role submssion.

Thursday August 25 2004

I've added more images to the gallery. The 'True Hollywood Story of SBTB' screencaps were donated by Cristelle and the 'Valerie Malone' and 'CFDA Awards' were donated by Momi. I also added those two beverly special pictures, I forgot to add them before!

One affiliate on Katie Holmes, plus one reason and one favorite tiffani role. Also, I am working on trying to create a decent Tiffani layout. I have the idea in my mind, just getting it down on canvas will the be tricky part :/ More updates soon!

Tuesday August 23 2004

In the gallery, you'll notice I added those awesome photoshoots, among others. You can see all the last uploads here. I also added a bunch of other things:

- five articles: Clothes Encounters, Rock The Casbah, New Job, Celebs Strike Back! and Tiffani Revamps Image. All thanks to Mandy!

- six new affiliates on The Notebook (movie), Kirsten Storms, Anastacia, Dominic Monaghan, Rob Lowe and Joshua Jackson.

- one reason and one favorite tiffani role submission. Enjoy!

Monday August 22 2004

Lately, all my time has gone into converting the gallery over to the Coppermine format and well...it's all up! VIEW THE NEW PHOTO GALLERY And, Rave has hit the 6000 picture mark! I must admit that the gallery header needs some Tiffani pictures, I'm trying to figure that out, but wanted to get this up.

I seriously have a million things to add to this site - both pictures and content wise. I feel like a horrible webmaster lately, but I really wanted to get this gallery done. Also, thanks to Mojca for sending in better and more pictures from the Juicy Couture Swimwear Launch. Look out for an update tomorrow!

Sunday August 21 2004

Wanted to update you guys on the status of the gallery. There is currently almost 5000 pics converted and about 1000 to go!! The events portion is the only part that needs to be converted (save the longest for last lol). I have all day tomorrow to continue working on it, so I'm betting it should be up either tomorrow or the following day. :)

Friday August 19 2004

12:39pm; I'm currently converting the images over to the coppermine gallery and I'm working my way down the gallery list (from Awards - Etc), so some of the images may not open up when you click on the thumbnails, cause they will be transfering over to another directory.

There's a new article at Tiffani's Official site titled 'New Job'. It's a good article, talks about her production company and upcoming movie.

The Coppermine gallery has been successfully installed, but I still have to add the pictures and albums to go. Also, I found some really really awesome photoshoots of Tiffani. I'll be adding them once the gallery is installed, but here's a preview pic.

Sunday August 15 2004

Actually I won't be able to update until Thursday, so a little change in plans. The forum is still down, I emailed the owner of BBfree.com (they own fanbb.com too) and I'm hoping they will get back to me before I get back! And I'm also thinking about making another new layout, I'm getting bored of this one. Anyway, the updates:

- 1 Video Clip from VH1's Hotties of 1994, thanks Anders.

- 5 more high qualities of Tiffani at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, plus one bigger photoshoot here (thanks Herman)

- 2 affiliates on Summerland and Michelle Branch. Enjoy!

Saturday August 14 2004

3:17pm She Fought Alone is now out to purchase on VHS and DVD! I'm going to be buying one soon and making caps of if for you guys!

Small amount of pictures added (until I get the new gallery installed): 1 Magazine Clipping, courtesy of Maria, 1 Cast of 90210, courtesy of the webmaster from Sip N' Spin. Plus high qualities from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. *Updates may be slim until Wednesday of next week.

Friday August 13 2004

My apologies for not updating the last three days, was in the need for a break from the internet! Anyway, the forum seems to be down, I don't know why at all. It's really disappointing, I don't know anything about fanbb.com's server, but I am emailing the host about this situation. Hopefully it'll get resolved soon.

As for today, I've added a small batch of pictures until I install the Coppermine gallery (I really don't want to install it b/c I like the gallery now, but it'll save time). Anyway, the pictures are in these galleries; SBTB: On the Set and Cast of SBTB, thanks to Carrie. Also, Erika designed one Other Sized Deskpaper.

Finally, two affiliates on Keira Knightley and Despina Vandi.

Tuesday August 10 2004

11:41pm; some exclusives were added only to members of the forum...so what are you waiting for? join the forum! :)

The picture adding process is really getting exhausting and annoying. I have to upload, thumbnail and code every photo I add, so what I'm thinking of doing (before college starts) is turning the gallery into a Coppermine gallery. That way I won't have to thumbnail or code anymore, and it'll be a lot easier. Plus on you guys, the thumbnails won't be as tiny and I'll have more space for other things when I delete all the thumbs. So what do you guys think?

Anyway, I've added 1 reason, plus three affiliates on Destiny's Child, Angela Via and Taylor Cole. As for pictures, 13 in the following galleries; Lady and the Tramp 2 Premiere, Spelling Entertainment Party, Dr. Dolittle 2 Premiere, Fastlane (thanks to Fred) and Charlies Angels Premiere (thanks to Momi).

Monday August 09 2004

Nine more photos added in the following galleries; Unknown, Motorola Event Party, Fox Press Tour, Can't Hardly Wait Premiere, 250th Episode Party for 90210 and Big Daddy Premiere. Affiliates, submissions and more pictures tomorrow!

Saturday August 07 2004

Some more pictures! Seven more high qualities here, plus 10 other pictures found in the following galleries; 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit, Hollywood Ending Premiere, My Tee Fashion Show, Fox Summer TCA Party and SBTB Promos. Plus, one Autograph, thanks to Denise and one reason.

Friday August 06 2004

Small update, compared to yesterday! Two Avatars, made by Katie. I guess they could be whatever you want, I didn't know where to put them lol and I know MSN doesn't allow animated icons. Anyway, also added five pictures (all thanks to Cristelle): Other, Cast of SBTB and Photoshoots. Finally, one affiliate on Avril Lavigne.

Thursday August 05 2004

10:21pm RAVE exclusive! All day I've been uploading high quality pictures for you guys, and they are all here. I also added ten exclusive Photoshoots! Plus, one Advertisement and SBTB Promo, both thanks to Katie. As well as four E! News Live caps made by Denise. Finally, two favorite tiffani role submissions.

On July 31, Tiffani attended the Juicy Couture Swimwear Launch, six pictures so far! I may update later today.

Wednesday August 04 2004

Eek. It feels like forever since my last update! Anyway, yesterday I made three more AIM Icons, plus a few more Link Back buttons. Todays updates are:

- two Video Clips, one of which was already on that page. The FHM Video was uploaded to the site and the other one is the 'She Fought Alone' clip, thanks to Denise.

- one affiliate on Two Guys and A Girl, which Tiffani was on! Plus one caption this!

- finally eight pictures added to the following galleries; Beverly Hills Wrap Party, Glamour Magazine Pre-Emmy Party, LA Kings Hockey Game, March of Dimes, Big Daddy Premiere, Motorola Event Party and Unknown. LOTS more to come! :)

Sunday August 01 2004

Well it seems as if my updating streak ended. :/ although since I am going to the beach tomorrow, again, it would have anyway. Well, the updates today are:

- three, funny caption this!, five magazine clippings (from 'Das Offizielle Magazin, Denise), plus the autograph I got from Tiffani's fanmail address and some premiere photos: Dr. Dolittle 2, Charlies Angels and The Ladies Man.

- As you can see to the left side, Tiffani's house picture! Which is found here along with lots of other information about her house! (thanks Jessi). And finally, I added one Video Clip 'Aiming to Just Shoot Me', thanks to Anders for his help getting them!

Friday July 30 2004

11:53pm Reminder: She Fought Alone can now be preordered at Amazon.com and the DVD is coming out August 10th! Also, I uploaded two more high qualities: here and here.

There's another place where we can get Tiffani on TV! Try here for E! Online.com. Click 'Click Here' to visit our customer service Web site. It pops up and I would say go to Question/Suggestion to the left >> Celebrities >> and then you can submit that you want to see more of Tiffani!

Also, in my inbox (which I can't seem to get into cause my ISP is having a maintenance check), there is a picture of Tiffani's house which is up for sale. I'll have to put it up tomorrow. Anyway, I added the classic, Caption This! to the interactive page. It's really popular at my other fansite!

And 14 pictures added to the following galleries; On Tour for a Cure, Fox Press Tour, Fastlane Premiere, ABC's Tribute to Aaron Spelling, Friends Helping Friends, Giorgio Armani Receives..., Agency Photos and Unknown. Thanks to Jeed for some pictures!

Thursday July 29 2004

I made a page dedicated to her production company. Once more of her projects keep coming, I can add a bunch information on them right there! Also, the members at the forum have a great idea to get Tiffani on Lifetime's 'Intimate Portrait', or etleast try anyway. I'm sure if enough fans email Lifetime about her being on that show, which would tell her life story, etc., then they might have her on it! Worth a try, right?! Try writing here or here (click 'contact us') for the Biography channel.

As for the updates today, I added one favorite tiffani role. Plus, Katie scanned many pictures from the Super SBTB Scrapbook! They can be found here and here. Finally, three Pediatric Aids Carnival photos. Enjoy!

Wednesday July 28 2004

The From Dusk Till Dawn 2 page has been added to the filmography. Plus five pictures into the following galleries; Photoshoots, Billie Chambers, Valerie Malone and Fastlane: On the Set. Thanks to Momi and Denise for their contributions! Lots ahead!

Tuesday July 27 2004

I stumbled upon a few high qualities! They are found here, here and here.

- I fixed up the Unknown page and added certain images to their correct categories such as the following: Buried Secrets, MTV Live, Valerie Malone, Spelling Entertainment Party and World Music Awards.

- Plus, I added eight pictures: Magazine Clippings (thanks Momi) and you can find one of the clippings translated here. Plus Sbtb Items + Memorabilia and Photoshoots (thanks Denise).

- two affiliates on Liv Tyler and James Franco.

Monday July 26 2004

I spent a good half hour or so typing up the Rhymes with Rich article, finding out I already had it typed up lol. Anyway, I added the following:

- one quote plus updated the News Wire. Talk about her upcoming film here!

- in the style book, you'll notice there are quite a few things added. Just look for the 'new' graphic.

- five pictures added in the following galleries; Magazine Clippings (thanks Jen), Autographs (thanks Herman) and Fox Press Tour (thanks Denise).

Sunday July 25 2004

11:52 pm: TIFFANITHIESSEN.COM has opened!! Go look at her amazing new site!

Some news for you guys on the left side or you can read it here. Anyway, the updates today are:

- one affiliate on Brittany Murphy, plus three reasons.

- one Cast of SBTB and the rest of the Magazine Clippings I won! Plus, April scanned the whole article from Cosmopolitan magazine! I'll have the article typed up soon. I am going to try and sort out the clippings section and add the magazine covers just like I did with the Cosmo. Any help is appreciated :) That's all for today!

Friday July 23 2004

Updates for today are:

- two affiliates on Emily Corrie and Hot Vibes Magazine! Plus one reason.

- As for the Ebay clippings, they are in the following galleries; 90210 Promos and Magazine Clippings. There's more to come, but I figured I'd add the best ones first :) I also capped another episode off of the SBTB season 1 DVD; The Babysitters. That's all for today!

Thursday July 22 2004

I'm back!! I was expected to get back around 10 hours ago, but gosh traffic is crazy these days. Anyway, Tiffani's Official Site should be open this coming monday, so look out for that! I'm sure it will be fantastic. I got those Ebay clippings in the mail today, I may scan them all tomorrow - so look out for those goodies!! That's all for now, good night :)

Saturday July 17 2004

I'll be gone from Sunday 18-Thursday 22 I'm going to Virginia Beach for a little vacation, so I won't be able to update till Thursday afternoon-ish. If there is any news, then I'm hoping one of the members at Rave Forums will post something.

As for today's updates, I added two Candids (thanks Zena), plus screencaps from SBTB's episode, King of the Hill.

Eight affiliates added on Raven, Kate Beckinsale, Rob Lowe, Stuart Townsend, Charlize Theron, Orlando Bloom, Hilary Duff and Keira Knightley.

Thursday July 15 2004

Where has Tiffani been?! She was reported to have gone to Tori Spelling's wedding, but I haven't seen a one picture of her. In the new issue of People, there are a few pictures of the wedding, but none of Tiffani. I'm on the lookout for any, though! Also, some semi-off topic news for you: the 90210 Pilot episode has just came out on DVD, so hopefully more will be released in the future!

As for updates today, 25 pictures were added in the following galleries; Fastlane Promos, A Killer Among Friends, Photoshoots and Fastlane. Courtesy of Momi and Fastlane Resource. Plus one Video Clip, yet from Fastlane added. Unfortunately, I cannot get the rest of the episode - the girls website is down and I emailed her, but didn't get an answer. I'm sorry!

Finally, three favorite tiffani role have been added.

Wednesday July 14 2004

My internet is going crazy on me, so I can only add this much (whoo!) to the filmography section: Ivans XTC and Love Stinks.

Monday July 12 2004

17 pictures added in the following galleries; Target: A Time for Heroes Charity (thanks: Jeed), Movie Posters (thanks: number2) and Billie Chambers (thanks: Fastlane Resource).

Let's see...the guestbook has a new look to it. Got tired of the orange. One new affiliate: Faded Rainbow, plus one favorite tiffani role.

Last, but not least, Rave is also "Site of the Month" over at Lovely Dakota, thanks Marcela! You can see the spiffy award here!

Friday July 09 2004

Three more pages have been completed in the filmography page: A Christmas Adventure, Shriek and The Ladies Man. Also the style book in the navigation works! Sorry about that.

One reason as well as one favorite tiffani role submission added.

The picture additions are getting low so I'm gonna get back to capping the SBTB dvd like I used to. Anyway, the following pictures were added: 90210 Items & Memorabilia as well as the Opening to Lancel store in NY. Thanks Denise for sending in the photos. Also, I won a few clippings of Tiffani on Ebay, so those should be coming in the mail anyday now :) Enjoy!

Wednesday July 07 2004

8:35pm Also thanks to Kayla (one of our affilates) for making Rave site of the month! Look at the cool award she made!

Hope everyone had an awesome Fourth of July! I started the filmography page with Hollywood Ending. It took me a couple of hours, so you'll see that it will take some time to get the full filmography page info all up.

Two favorite tiffani role submissions as well as four reasons added. One new affiliate on Brad Pitt. Plus four photos added in the following galleries; The Stranger Beside Me, Reception to World Music Awards and Magazine Clippings. Thanks Momi!

Friday July 02 2004

First thing I did was updated the Biography page; it was old! There's a lot updated in there, plus new pictures for that page. The Site Credits page is also updated.

Nine pictures added in the following galleries; Photoshoots, Black Tie Awards, Fox Winter Press Tour, Cast of 90210, Valerie Malone, Magazine Covers, plus a new page: Autographs. Thanks to Fred, Matt, Momi as well as Denise :) Also one new Deskpaper, created by Dave.

Finally, one affiliate on Lindsay Lohan and one favorite tiffani role submission!

Thursday July 01 2004

11:35pm Whoops, forgot to add the news from the sidebar. There's a quote in there that's not on the sidebar.

11:19pm Six pictures added in the following galleries; 90210 Promos, plus Photoshoots and Candids (who sent this?). Thanks Momi and Denise for your contributions!

A whopping eight affiliates added on Angelina Jolie, Ryan Phillipe, Christina Applegate, Goran Visnjic, Julie Benz, Otto Waalkes, Ethan Hawke and Friends. That's all for today!

It's the start of a new month as well as a new layout! I hope you guys like it. I added some news to the left sidebar, and you can scroll down by using the arrows 'up' or 'down'. You'll see I don't have a flash intro yet, I'm still trying to think of something decent to make, so for now enjoy :) Look out for some pictures, affiliates, submissions, etc later today!

Sunday June 27 2004

I won't be able to update Monday and Tuesday, due to a mini vacation. I'm going to be going on these mini vacations every week, so just to let you know. And I'm also trying to create a new layout, but no such luck.

Anyway, two Video Clips added, thanks to Momi and Boocita for them. I reuploaded a bunch of pictures for high quality ones: here, here (both thanks to Matt). Plus these three images (now HQ): here, here and here.

Finally, one Kelly Kapowski and two Magazine Covers were added courtesy of Momi. Plus one News Radio cap. go join RAVE forums!

Thursday June 24 2004

Later That Tamagotchi T-shirt I mentioned in the news page, that Tiffani signed is now being sold on Ebay in case anybody is on the lookout for it ;)

I'm getting a little low on pictures - so if you have any Tiff pics - send them to me! Anyway, I added a slew of 800x600 wallpapers, also they are now uploaded to another domain, thanks to Dora for letting me use her space! Wallpapers thanks to Momir and the rest created by myself. I added an avatar page for the forum.

Plus, one photoshoot added, thanks to Fred. Two reasons and one favorite tiffani role submission added. Finally, two affiliates on Nick Cannon and ER. This site needs a new layout, what do you think? I'll try to come up with something soon!

Sunday June 20 2004


Small update, but nevertheless one :) Seven pictures in the following galleries: 90210 Promos, Pediatric AIDS Carnival, She Fought Alone and Magazine Clippings. Thanks to Denise for the pics and Jad for the scan.

Friday June 18 2004

Later: Three high quality images to Target: A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival added. Plus, two Good Morning, Miami screencaps (thanks Andrea) and three 1024x768 wallpapers, made by Samael.

Also, two affiliates on One Tree Hill and Selma Blair, plus two typed up articles: here and here. Two pieces of soft news added in the news section. That's it, enjoy!

The forum is up!! Join HERE! Hope you guys all like it. I originally had it black and pink, but the black made it difficult to read so here we go! The skin was created by almighty at the If Skin Zone, cause I don't know a thing about My SQL. Join, post, meet new fans at Rave Forums

Wednesday June 16 2004

Well the summer is here and I'm done with school. Updates shouldn't be too slim! The rest of the Target: A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival pictures have been added, which is 10. The quotes page is updated toward the bottom of the page. Also, in the

style book, in the Miscellanious Products section, I added two.

I also added a whopping six articles (some are typed up, which make it sometimes easier to read; I will be typing up all the clippings):
-Police Siren
-Top-Secret Tiffani
-Shocker: They're Pals!

-Kicking It Off
-The most appealing 90210 vet
-Checking In With... Tiffani

Three new favorite tiffani role submissions as well as two reasons, added. We have four new affiliates on Vanessa Marcil, Debra Messing, Paul Rudd and the woman of Buffy - Angel. Forum coming soon!

Monday June 14 2004

Yesterday, Tiffani was at the Target: A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival; she looks great (as always)! There are currently only three pictures added due to time dependencies. Enjoy ;)

Friday June 11 2004

There was something I forgot to mention the other day when I added those posters. Saved by the Bell: The College Years, the first and only season is coming out on DVD August 17 2004! This has all been updated in the news page.

As for updates, three favorite tiffani role submissions have been added as well as two affiliates on Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Also two wallpapers added, thanks to Momi. And 16 screencaps from MTV Live, thanks to Denise!

Wednesday June 09 2004

Later Uploaded the four posters and updated the news page. Coming Soon to Rave visitors: forum and information on each of Tiffani's projects.

It's been reported that She Fought Alone will be coming out on DVD on August 10 2004! You can preorder it June 29 2004. The price would be about $20, which isn't too bad, but there seems to be no special features. More information here or just type "She Fought Alone" in the search. Courtesy of Saved by the Bell Now for this information.

Monday June 07 2004

Updated with three reasons, two favorite tiffani role submissions and three affiliates on Amber Tamblyn, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Orlando Bloom / Nick Carter.

As for pictures, I added 27 in the following galleries; Thanks to The Fastlane Resource for these Fastlane screencaps. Also thanks to Mojca for the following: 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Hollywood Ending Portraits. Plus, thanks to Katie for this Magazine Clipping from some new magazine. I'm not sure what it is from, but I'll find out for you! Enjoy :)

Monday June 01 2004

Well things are finally slowing down, so I'm taking Rave off of hiatus! For starters, I added 13 pictures in the following galleries; Buried Secrets, Photoshoots, Just Shoot Me, Two Guys and a Girl, plus the Jennie Kayne Fashion Show, 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit and Nanette Lepore Celebrates.... Thanks to Desiring Hayden and Jad for contributing!

Affiliates, submissions and other good things coming soon! Also, many people sent in photos the last week or so, THANK YOU! I'm gonna be adding everthing shortly :)

Tuesday May 25 2004

I'm still on Hiatus, but I have some news for you!

First off, I just received an envelope from 'studio fan mail' and there was a picture of Tiffani with her autograph in it!! If you all remember on her birthday, I sent her the birthday link, well I'm guessing she saw it, or I'm hoping! Anyway, it's very exciting!! See the cool autograph here!

Other small news. The NBC sitcoms "Good Morning, Miami" has been cancelled. Let's hope we see Tiffani in that upcoming movie she's producing! (courtesy of SBTB Now!)

Good news for 90210 fans! Apparently the The Pilot episode will be coming out on DVD June 15th! The price will be $14.98, but if you go to Dvd Empire.com, then it's only $9.74! Hopefully as time carries on, there will be episodes where Tiffani will be present! News courtesy of 90210 Online.

Monday May 17 2004

SHORT HIATUS There will be a short hiatus until around June-ish. You see, I'm graduating this year (yay!) and all my teachers seem to think it's the right thing to do to pile us with neverending projects. If there is any important news or appearances Tiffani makes, I'll be sure to update with those, but until June this site will be on a hiatus. But please, keep sending me things! :)

Wednesday May 12 2004

18 Fastlane screencaps added, courtesy of The Fastlane Resource.

Other things added: one reason, two favorite tiffani role submissions. Plus two affiliates on Amanda Peet and Mundo Magico.

Friday May 07 2004

42 pictures added in the following galleries; Where Are They Now? (thanks Denise) and The Zach Tapes, episode of SBTB. I also added one favorite tiffani role submission as well as one affiliate called Starlicious. Enjoy!

Monday May 03 2004

15 pictures added in the following galleries; On Tour For a Cure, Ed Sullivan Taping/David Letterman, True Hollywood Story on 90210, Giorgio Armani Receives..., Fox Winter Press Tour, plus the Fastlane premiere and the American Music Awards.

Thanks to Denise for the screencaps and Ed photos above! I also alphabetized the 'television appearances' in the gallery, the perfectionist I am. :)

Sunday May 02 2004

I got a job, so I will be working on the weekends for now, but only on the weekends so I have time for school work and of course, my sites! Anyway, today I added two favorite tiffani role submissions and two reasons. I also added one affiliate on the lovely, Jennie Garth!

As for photos, I added six of The Stranger Beside Me (thanks: Denise), one Candid (thanks: Christelle), plus two Photoshoots and two United Cancer Gala pictures. I also designed two more deskpapers (size 800x600). And finally, the pictures I added yesterday were actually from Just Shoot Me. Sorry about that!

Friday April 30 2004

Five affiliates have been added on Audrey Hepburn, Jaime Pressly, Emma Hermiona, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Amy Acker. Plus more reasons and favorite tiffani role submissions have been added.

In the gallery, Jad submitted more Just Shoot Me screencaps. And that's all for today, more pictures coming soon!

Thursday April 29 2004

Ahh, I'm so excited to see this actually up! I've been staring at the layout for the past few days, trying to get it perfect. I originally tried something different for the navigation, but it didn't work so I had to use this navigation (as in previous layout 12). If you want to see what I HAD go here and hover over the navigation. It looked cool, but jumbled up.

Anyways, enjoy the main sections that I redid. And also if you haven't seen the Flash Intro yet, go see it! There is no sound because (to be honest) my Flash program canceled out before I got the chance to save it, so that's what I got! Well, enjoy and I'll update tomorrow!

Friday April 23 2004

Omg! A week without updates? It feels like just yesterday since I last updated, my apologies everyone! Tons of pictures coming up soon to add, but for today I added the last 29 screencaps of Love Stinks, plus Denise sent in three SBTB Promos. Affiliates, submissions coming soon; enjoy!

Saturday April 17 2004

I just took a look at intertopics.de once again, there are about 100 rare Tiffani pics there and I can't get them! :( I just thought I would let you know, incase someone can get them for me? Or just for the sake of looking at them. When you go there, click login, a pop up pops up and then you can search for Tiffani. If anyone can please get the bigger versions, please email me.

Anyway, today I added one reason, one favorite tiffani role submission and three affiliates on Thora Birch, Erika Christensen and Bricharre.

And finally, 30 Love Stinks screencaps were added, more are on their way!

Tuesday April 13 2004

One reason, one favorite tiffani role submission and one affiliate was added. Plus, twenty-two screencaps, that I made, of Love Stinks, were added. Tons more on their way, plus Momi sent in two A Killer Among Friends caps.

Saturday April 10 2004

Last night, I double-checked all of the affiliates to see if there were any broken links and uploaded newer buttons! Today, I added two affiliates on Christina Ricci and Ashley Judd. I also added one reason.

As for photos, nine screencaps of Two Guys and A Girl were submitted by Jad! Plus one photoshoot was submitted by Mark. I got tons of pics to add coming up!

Friday April 09 2004

FHM 100 Sexiest Woman for 2004 Tiffani is featured in the new FHM magazine as one of the 100 sexiest woman for 2004! Thanks to Jen for scanning the picture to your left, Tiffani looks awesome, but when does she ever fail to do that?

Be sure to check out the clippings section, one extra clipping thanks to Denise. On the other hand, I have added one affiliate on Friends show plus three favorite tiffani role submissions and two reasons.

Thursday April 08 2004

Spring Break! Hope everyone is having a fun time! Anyway, today I added eight pictures in the following galleries; 90210 Cast, Sweet Dreams, If These Walls Could Talk 2 Premiere, 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit, Hollywood Ending Premiere and Hollywood Ending Portraits. Thanks to EvanWorld.net and Cristelle for contributing!

Plus, thanks to Mojca, we have a new HQ! Click here to see it. Plus, six new wallpapers were made by the following people: Aaron, Jay and Momi. Look at the 1024x768 and 800x600 sections. That's all for today, affiliates and submissions tomorrow!

Sunday April 04 2004

Three more "Until There's A Cure" Advertisements added, beautiful! They were all found at the official site. Also one reason and one favorite tiffani role submission was added!

Saturday April 03 2004

Teen People / May 2004 Tiffani is in the May 2004th issue of Teen People! You can see the image to the left, it was also seen on her official site. Apparently, she is wearing "the bracelet", which is to raise money for HIV/AIDS care services! Click on the picture and you can find out how you can get one just like Tiffani :)

Also, I have added six new Brady Smith Art Show pictures, thanks to Mojca. I also added one reason, one favorite tiffani role submission and one affiliate on Thalia.

And last, but not least, Andrea has let me know that the bag of Tiffani at the My Tee Fashion Show was actually made by Anya Hindmarch, it was changed in the Style Book!

Thursday April 01 2004

Remember that bag that Tiffani had with her at the My Tee Fashion Show? It was her customized bag with a picture of her and Richard on there, well (thanks to Erika for letting me know), you can now get your own personalized photo on a bag! Visit Ebags.com / Gina Alexander for more information. This has also been added to the Style Book.

As for updates, today I added eleven Buried Secrets pictures thanks to Denise plus two reasons and two affiliates on Lindsey Lohan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Enjoy!

Monday March 29 2004

Thanks to Kris for letting me know that Tiffani has come in this years UK FHM 100th Sexiest Woman as #94! If you remember last year, she was #25.

Anyway, small update for today, I have to thumbnail some more pictures again! So for now, enjoy the submissions; four favorite tiffani roles and one reason.

Sunday March 28 2004

Hey everyone! Did you all see the flash introduction on the intro/splash page? I was playing around with KoolMoves (which is pretty much, flash!) and that's what I came up with! And turn up your volumes! I'll try to get some updates in soon :)

Wednesday March 24 2004

I added some animated and non AIM Icons, hope you like! I also got some news, well some information on Tiffani's style.

Celebs who are rejoicing over the new water-resistant lip gloss? Megan Mullaly and Tiffani Theissen have it in their purses (or on their puckers!) at all times. Read the full article.

Monday March 22 2004

One video was submitted by Momi, watch Tiffani at the The Ladies Man Conference. Plus, Katie notified me of an unaware project that wasn't aired on Tiffani? If you go here, down towards Trivia it talks about a TV show called Reality Check. Interesting...

Sunday March 21 2004

Last night, Tiffani and Brady were at the Brady Smith Art Show, they look adorable! There are currently four, thanks to Natacha. I wish I could get more, but some sites that I could get from don't work for me. I'll try and get more though. Anyway, I also added two Ivans XTC caps from Orro.

Snowmonkey made some more wallpapers for us (in the 1024x768 section), and he also made his own Tiffani site! Yesterday, I added the poll so go and vote. Last, but not least, I added four affiliates on Katherine Moenning, Clea Duvall, Kirsten Dunst and Jamie Stevens.

Saturday March 20 2004

If you haven't noticed by now, there's a new layout here! Personally, I think it's easier to read both the navigation and the text, so I hope you feel the same way. If you can leave comments in the guestbook, then that would be wonderful! I will try for some updates later on, or tomorrow.

Tuesday March 16 2004

Added one favorite tiffani role submission, plus 14 Valerie Malone pictures thanks to Denise. Look out for a new poll soon!

Friday March 12 2004

Some updates for you guys today! (i'm sure you missed them): 14 90210 Christmas Special photos, thanks to Denise! Plus one Bangkok World Premiere of "Spartan" courtesy of Jeed!

Plus a few reasons and favorite tiffani role submissions added and one affiliate; Shia Fan. Enjoy, and if you have any pictures I would love to add them, always looking for new pictures of Tiffani!

Thursday March 11 2004

My apologies for the lack of updating. The computer I use to update my Tiff site crashed and had to be deleted, so in the meantime I'm using my laptop. I'm trying to get everything re-installed and once that happens, I'll try to create a new layout for this site. Anyways, Denise just notified me of Tiffani Thiessen's Official Site which is coming to a screen near you in Spring!

Sunday, March 07 2004

Later Over at the EliteFanPages.com, RAVE is nominated for March site of the month...care to vote for this site? Just go here. I appreciate it if you do :)

In the gallery, you'll see I put anchor links there, just click on the link for it to take you to that particular section. Personally, I was frusted with having to scroll all the way down, so I hope it makes it easier. Anyway, pictures added in the following galleries; Rock Across America, Valerie Malone, 90210 Promos, Candids, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, plus Buried Secrets and 90210 200th Episode Party. Thanks to Denise and Benjamin for sending in pictures! I also added one favorite tiffani role submission; oh and the Quotes Archive has been updated!

Friday, March 05 2004

Not much going on with Tiffani lately. So here you go: two affiliates added visit on Vanessa Marcil and Eva Mendes. Also, two reasons have been added.

18 pictures added today in the following galleries; Ebay Items, Valerie Malone, She Fought Alone, Cast of SBTB, Fox Winter Press Tour, The Ladies Man Premiere, Lady and the Tramp 2 Premiere, plus Out and About (look in the random outtings). Thanks to Momir and Denise for contributing :)

Monday, March 01 2004

Happy March! I wasn't planning on updating, but then I stumbled upon a few quotes so I added them in the quotes page; look under Beverly Hills 90210 and Tiffani Thiessen. I also updated the fansites page. Plus, Tiffani is seen in the latest issue of Instyle magazine; I'll try to get scans soon!

Sunday, February 29 2004

Just a few things here and there added today; one affiliate, pay a visit to Vern Yip Studio. Plus two favorite tiffani role submissions have been added.

Thiago Luiz sent in one 800x600 wallpaper, thanks! In the wallpapers section, I added two of my own (look under 1024x768). By request, in the guestbook, I made about 20 more MSN Icons, enjoy those. And finally, I added 10 more Jennie Kayne Fashion Show pictures, courtesy of Mojca!

Saturday, February 28 2004

Two affiliates added, check out: Dido Fan and GlitzNGlamour.com, a network. One favorite tiffani role? submission added, as well.

As for picture updates, I added 19 in the following galleries; "What is Art?" opening, 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit and the Jennie Kayne Fashion Show (more coming soon of these!). Thanks to Mojca for contributing!

Wednesday, February 25 2004

Today I added one affiliate; SBTB Zone: The Legal Download Site, plus one reason and one favorite tiffani role? submission. As for pictures, I added three Younger (from her modeling days) and four Swimsuit pictures, courtesy of Mark for those. I also added five Total Request Live pics. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 24 2004

Today I added 8 pictures; I know it's small. I have to thumbnail lots of pictures, yet! Anyway, the pictures are in the following galleries; Fastlane Promos, Anya Hindmarch Boutique, Photoshoots, 90210 Promos, Giorgio Armani Receives... and The Stranger Beside Me. Thanks to both Katie and Denise for sending in pictures!

Sunday, February 22 2004

Later: Sorry, I forgot to add these: one affiliate; Shannen Dream, one reason and one favorite tiffani role submission.

Today I added 18 screencaptures of The Election, off of Saved by the Bell DVD, plus I added four new affiliates; Blue One Love, Planet Jillian, Exquisite Keira and The Glitterati Network.

Saturday, February 21 2004

I fixed some sections here and there on the site, the splash I added the requirements. I also added two new sections; Free Layouts and PSDs. That's about it!

Tuesday, February 17 2004

31 pictures added today in the following galleries; Save That Tiger, episode off the Saved by the Bell DVD, plus Ebay Items and 90210 Promos (thanks Katie for these!). Also, thank you very much for your guestbook comments guys :) They're all very nice!

Monday, February 16 2004

Today I added 3 affiliates; Holly Web, a Holly Valance site; plus Emotional: Ultimate Shinhwa Fansite and Deeply Depp.

As for pictures, I added seven Rock Across America screencaps, plus six Magazine Covers (thanks Katie and Denise for those), one Hollywood Ending Premiere. I also updated the Quotes and Trivia pages, feel free to submit your own!

Sunday, February 15 2004

Later Updated the layouts, site credits (in the layout credits depart.) and also added the Internet to the navigation. I accidently forgot to add that! Pictures tomorrow!

I like this layout. It's crazy! If anyone can not see anything, or something is hard to see, please let me know and I'll try to make any adjustments a/s/a/p! Also, let me know what you think in the guestbook, enjoy!

Tuesday, February 10 2004

Today I added one reason and one affiliate; TyraFans.com, dedicated to Tyra Banks. I also added four more Bangkok Internation Film Festival photos and two Black Tie Awards pictures. The RexFeatures.com pictures were courtesy of Naomi and the other one was thanks to Irini!

Saturday, February 07 2004

Today I added 39 screencaps of The Mamas & the Papas, off Saved by the Bell DVD.

Friday, February 06 2004

New! New! New! Tons of new things! On February 1st, Tiffani went to the Bangkok International Film Festival and the "Spartan" World Premiere. There's also a new quote on her found here:


And Tiffani Thiessen, best known from TV's Saved By The Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 is continuing to make the most of the trans-Pacific trip with her new boyfriend, actor Brady Smith.

It is their first vacation together since being set up four months ago by Thiessen's best friend, actress Jenny Garth.

"We are going to do a little hiking and ride an elephant," she shares. "It is going to be so much fun."


I also added two affiliates; Simply Streep and There For You: FRIENDS. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 05 2004

Later Updated news page with all the news that's been happening lately with Tiff.

Tiffani is in the new issue of People. (originally found here):

Jennie the Love Connector
Being a guest star on "What I Like About You" has gotten many actors new series, but in Brady Smith's case, it got him a new girlfriend: actress Tiffani Thiessen.

Smith, who played Jack in the WILAY episode "The Odd Couple" (he was one of the speed daters), was introduced to Thiessen by series star and good friend Jennie Garth. "I thank Jennie every day," chirps Thiessen, quoted in the new issue of People.
Today, I added one video of Tiffani on 'Rock Across America', it's hilarious; watch it! Thanks to Mark for the video! Caps will be coming soon on that. Plus I added one affiliate: Glamour Girl: Halle Berry and four Ebay Items.

Also, the other day I mentioned her new boyfriends name was Grant Smith, it's not. Where I found the pictures, they stated his name was Grant Smith, but they were wrong. Just wanted to clear that up :) New layout coming soon!

Wednesday, February 04 2004

There are four good pictures of Tiffani at RexFeatures.com, unfortunately I can't get the bigger sizes, so go view them there! And apparently, Tiffani was one of the "Best Dressed" at the event. We loved Shu Qis white gown with small boots and the curvy dress of American actress Tiffani Thiessen. Source

As for updates, today I added two affiliates; Hilton Sisters Online and Menalicious. I also added the rest of the Kelly screencaps courtesy of Paul! And finally, I added a few 800x600 wallpapers I created.

Monday, February 02 2004

I found two more pictures of Tiffani at the Black Tie Awards, one of them says that she's with boyfriend Grant Smith. The face is very unfamiliar, but if you go to Imdb.com, you'll notice he was on in a few episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. Of course, I don't know for sure that they are dating, it's just what was read as the caption for the photos. More updates coming this week!

Sunday, February 01 2004

Happy February! Yesterday Tiffani was at the Black Tie Awards, there are 9 pictures in there! I'll try to find more. I also added one linkage button (100x35). That's it for today!

Saturday, January 31 2004

Thanks to Paul for these screencaptures of Tiffani on Saved by the Bell. The first twenty have been added here, more will be added within this week! Today I also added four affiliates; Avrilholic, Sbtb Corner, Enfluxuate.org: britney spears and CelebrityPictures.com.

I also received an email from number 2 about Tiffani:

"I work at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas and my boss just happened to be in baggage claim around 4pm local time and called me to tell me that the lovely Ms. Thiessen was just arriving. (He described her as 'smoking hot'.) She was with a bunch of gal pals, so it looks like she'll be partying up Vegas style for her 30th. I'll keep on the lookout for her in case she wants to have one of those 55 hour Vegas weddings.

Sounds like fun! Enjoy guys!

Friday, January 30 2004

I have news regarding Good Morning, Miami's hiatus. This news was found at TVTome.com:

"Good Morning Miami has not been cancelled. Due to a recent lawsuit made by the producers of the show regarding "Will & Grace", NBC replied to the lawsuit by saying they would unfairly advertise and schedule Good Morning Miami. It will be absent from the schedule many times this season, but it is still active. The show had a sucessful move back to Thursday nights, and ratings have improved in the few times we've actually seen it since the time slot change."

Thursday, January 29 2004

This is really cutting it close, but it seems that Good Morning, Miami has gone onto a hiatus. You can check the official site.

Tuesday, January 27 2004

Later I added more submissions to the Birthday Book!

Today I added one favorite tiffani role plus three affiliates; In Hell: Van Damme, CelebsPlus and Stunning: A Sophia Bush Fan Site.

As for picture updates, I added 19 more Fastlane screencaps, thanks to The Fastlane Resource!

Monday, January 26 2004

I added about 21 more AIM Icons, they're just so fun to make! Pictures, affiliates and submissions tomorrow!

Sunday, January 25 2004

I have a bit of news for you concerning upcoming Saved by the Bell DVDs. Lions Gate Entertainment are planning on releasing Seasons 3 + 4 of the show on DVD! The planned date is April 27th, so look out for that! Thanks to both The Max: SBTB and SBTB: Now! for this information.

As for updates today, I added one reason and one affiliate; Adorkable Adam. I also added 19 screencaps of Fastlane, episode "Wet" courtesy of The Fastlane Resource.

Friday, January 23 2004

The Birthday Book is up!! You can still submit your wish, I'm sure it'll take some time to get to her (if it really does happen). On a second note, I added one reason and one affiliate: Mischa-b.com, enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21 2004

We have four new affiliates, visit; Glorious SMG, Fresh-Beats.com, Seeming Simplicity: Ashley Judd and Michelle Pfeiffer, The Face.

Thanks to The Fastlane Resource, we have 13 more pictures in the Fastlane gallery!

Oh and also, it's wonderful that people are participating in the Birthday Idea! So far I got 14 greetings to send to Tiffani, don't forget to send yours in too!

Tuesday, January 20 2004

I have a media update for you guys! 16 AIM Icons were added, as you'll see most of them are kind of plain so you can add your own text and what not! I also added 3 MSN Icons. Both sections, including the wallpapers you can submit your own designs here!

Monday, January 19 2004

One affiliate added; Boombustic.com, dedicated to Aaron Carter. I have also added 12 pictures scattered in the following galleries; Musical 1Sun Party, Rising Sun Premiere, 90210 Promos, Valerie Malone, Hollywood Ending Premiere, Burberry Store Opening, Rodeo Drive Fashion Gala, Sweet Dreams, Buried Secrets and 90210 Fan Club, all thanks to Denise!

Sunday, January 18 2004

We have a new layout! I honestly did not want the old layout to go, I liked it a lot, but I guess everyone needs a change. The font has been enlarged 1 pixel because a few people last time couldn't read! Let me know your thoughts on this layout in the guestbook. I may add a few pictures later today, we'll see! And participate in the birthday idea!

Saturday, January 17 2004

Today I added 30 screencaps of The Friendship Business, off the Saved by the Bell DVD. I also added two affiliates; Depp.ca dedicated to Johnny Depp and Chris Klein Central, plus one reason!

And I also took a look at TVGuide.com and TVTome.com for Tiffani, plus a frequent visitor emailed me about this. Tiffani seems to not be on Good Morning, Miami on January 22nd! I wonder why...

Wednesday, January 14 2004

A small update for you guys today! I have been working on the upcoming birthday layout for Tiffani, which is done. I'll be putting it up either this weekend or tomorrow, depending on if I have off or not. Anyway, I added 12 Valerie Malone pictures, courtesy of Denise.

Also, I have word on more episodes with Tiff on Good Morning, Miami. Not only will she be on January 22 and January 29 but February 5th and February 12th! Affiliates and submissions will be added tomorrow!

Sunday, January 11 2004

Later There has been a news change! The next Good Morning, Miami that Tiffani will be on is on January 22nd, not the 15th!

20 pictures added in the following galleries; Billboard Awards, Photoshoots, Shooting Stars, Beverly Hills 90210 Christmas Special and Magazine Clippings. Thanks to Herman and Denise for the pictures added! Plus, Aaron sent in two 1024x768 wallpapers, thanks and enjoy everyone!

Saturday, January 10 2004

Nothing seems to be going on with Tiffani these days, other than an upcoming episode of Good Morning, Miami. If you have any news whatsoever, please send it to me!

Today I added 17 pictures of Valerie Malone, thanks to Denise for some pictures! Also added one affiliate; Lindsay Drama.

Thursday, January 08 2004

I starting off by adding 2 submissions to the favorite tiffani role? and 1 reason. I also added 2 affiliates; So Divine: Debra Messing Fanlisting and Michael Vartan Online.

As for pictures, I added 18 pictures scattered in the following galleries; Billboard Awards, Giorgio Armani Receives..., If These Walls Could Talk 2 Premiere, The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Can't Hardly Wait Premiere, plus some high qualities in the 6th Annual Lili Claire Benefit and Out and About (under chatting on cell phone) galleries. Some more pictures in the Hollywood Ending Portraits, My Tee Fashion Show, 90210 Cast, Magazine Covers and finally, Ebay Items. Wow! That should keep you busy for awhile ;) With thanks to Denise for sending in some pictures!

Sunday, January 04 2004

Today I've added 2 articles; A Night Out With Tiffani (full article) and Tiffani cast in Woodys "Spring Project". Lots of pictures coming soon, promise!

Saturday, January 03 2004

I found 5 new photoshoots of Tiffani from October 2003. That's about it for now, I have to go soon. Enjoy!

Friday, January 02 2004

Happy New Year! Did everyone have a fun holiday? I am back with updates, got lots of pictures to add! Today I started off by adding 27 exclusive pictures of Tiffani in the photoshoots gallery. Also in there, you'll see Herman sent in some pictures too, they're the 4 ones before the exclusives, thanks!

I have also added 9 affiliates; Saved by the Bell Club, Portrait, Unofficial Claire Danes Page, SarahMichelle.Org, Colin Firth Online, Dedicated to: Scarlett Johansson, Absolutely Sophia Myles, Ashton Kutcher Network and Gena Online. And finally, I added 1 submission to the favorite tiffani role. Enjoy!